# Alesis Andromeda A6

Alesis @ 07 March 2017

a6 “This A6 is in excellent cosmetic and functional shape (it still has the plastic on the LCD screen)
besides a little dust in the crevices it is basically mint cosmetically.

The ONE issue it has is that the main outputs are not balanced, one channel is considerably quieter. This can be adjusted with the balance on the synth or on your mixer, but the difference is enough that it should considered an ISSUE in functionality.

The head phones follow the same signal path and experience the same. The AUX output is not affected, but the signal path is different (I think the effects are bypassed in the aux signal path).

The synth was like this when I got it (the seller didn’t bother to mention it) and it never got any worse, in other words it is stable. I bet an experienced tech might be able to fix this, but it was no issue for me, I just used my balance controls.

It comes with a power cord, the original manual, sustain pedal, and box (the box has some minor damage).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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