# Alesis Andromeda A6

Alesis @ 14 March 2017

a6 “Sadly, I have to let my awesome Andro’s go. I have had this unit for 12 of it’s 14 year life.

There are many resources on the interweb about the Andromeda so I’m not going to fill this with all the specifications – do a google search if you want to find out how amazing this synth is.

I originally bought the Andromeda as I wanted a do-it-all analog synth, a synth that could sound like a Moog, or a Roland, or an Oberheim, or a Yamaha CS, and even a large scale modular – and the A6 meets all those expectations and more, it really can sound like a minimoog or an OB-8, and yes, it even gets very close to a CS-80!

This unit is in excellent cosmetic condition, I have raised the shadow level on all these images so you can see the quality of the black plastic and the panel fascia.

Here are the list of the very few marks on this 15 year old instrument: – some marks are to be expected, it is used.

The LCD, Ribbon and laminate panel are perfect.

The metal front and back chassis are near pefect, only a slight mark by the IEC power outlet (as to be expected where plugs are plugged in and out) and there is a small chip on the white paint of the E of the Alesis.

The plastic side cheaks are in excellent condition, these take a real beating (why Alesis used plastic and not wood I don’t know, I guess cost-cutting!), naturally there are a few small marks but this is one of the best examples I have seen, and I have owned 3 units over the years!”
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