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Alesis Andromeda A6

“Very good condition, only two issues I am aware of:
(1) MIDI-IN does not work
(2) Parameters/filters/envelopes *maybe* making small adjustments on their own. This is my first Andromeda, I’m not an Andromeda aficionado, so maybe this is totally normal behavior for the Andromeda. As an example, if I load a patch, adjust some of the dials/press buttons effecting the various parameters/filters/envelopes/etc., and then leave for 5 minutes and come back, the sound will be slightly different than it was when I left 5 minutes prior. I also notice on the LCD screen, parameters will sometimes make very small adjustments back and forth, but this seems consistent with a functioning oscillator/filter. I don’t know what else to say about this, it may be totally normal in how the Andromeda is programmed. Its just different than many other synths I have played where you adjust a parameter and the sound/effects stay fixed to the adjustment you made. Since its kind of unusual in my experience, I thought I would mention it. To be clear, the adjustments are relatively minor, its not like the sound is drastically different due to this, it just won’t have the exact profile as you left it. Maybe this is something you can address by consulting the owner’s manual (which I have sadly never opened).

Otherwise, the Andromeda is in very good condition, esp considering its an approx 30 year old synth. The ribbon controller functions without issue, the LCD brightness is good, and its generally cosmetically good and clean and well taken care of. Its one of my favorite synths I have ever played, let alone owned, so I truly hate to sell it, but money is tight and I can’t see myself spending the money to get a tech to fix the MIDI-IN anytime in the near future. I don’t want any project synths I can’t immediately use taking up space, space is a premium in my situation. I would like to get an Andromeda in a few years when I have a better situation.

Sale includes the power cord, original owner’s manual and Alesis pedal.” Click here to visit listing on eBay