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Akai AX80

” Vintage Akai AX80 8 Voice, 32 Oscillators (24 DCO + 8 SubOSC) and killer Analog Curtis Filters (CEM3372)!

Running Tauntek O/S so controllable via MIDI (using CC#s) and Sysex capable! Running Rev I2 ROM specifically.

A classic, great, nice cosmetics synth, needs a slight bit of love but playable now.

Will not ship this due to its fragility! In fact, it should be serviced.

Working 100% Except for the following imperfections:

3 Keys do not work (high B key, high G#, C key 2 octaves down from high C)
Some membrane switches are slow to respond, esp #32
Wood sides show moderate wear ” Click here to search for synths on eBay