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Akai AX-80 Project Machine

“I am offering a Preowned Vintage Akai AX80 1980’s Analog Synthesizer. Please understand that it is being SOLD AS IS WITH NO GUARANTEES AND NO REFUNDS. Also understand that this is a very large item and shipping costs will reflect this. I have no control over shipping costs. Here is what I know. The unit powers up without issue and produces undistorted sound. I was able to produce different sounds by adjusting controls. Pitch bend works as it should. I was never able to affect sound with the modulator wheel or the master control knob. One key is broken, but still produces sound. Another key, “A”, is depressed and doesn’t spring back. It does not produce sound. The following, “D” note does not produce sound. Some of the keys had been written on with a marker. I removed most of it with some remaining. I believe it will all come off with additional effort. The tone knob is missing. The exterior in general shows scuffs and scrapes/scratches. AGAIN, THE PIECE IS BEING SOLD AS IS FOR PARTS OR REPAIR.”
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