# Akai AX-73

Akai, AX-73 @ 19 October 2010

“The Akai AX-73 uses the CEM3394 ‘synth on a chip’ like the AX60. The sound is different though. I think the 73 is more refined sounding. It’s cursor entry but it’s got the larger velocity sensetive keyboard. I guess it’s the only one with dynamics other than the SCI Multi-trak so as is typical in the analog world there are trade-offs. But this and it’s VX-90 rack version are solid sounding analog synths. Those real VCO’s VCF’s and VCA’s give you a signal path uninterrupted by the sterile domain of digital. Highly recommended for someone who has need for a machine they can use in conjunction with a computer as a controller PLUS have a real analog synth on tap to mix with virtual synths or feature in your productions.

This one is cosmetically ok with a couple small scratches. One of the sides I repaired but if someone wants something without that minor cosmetic issue I actually have another side from a scrap unit I could stick on it and will do so if you ‘buy it now’. As always with Sound Doctorin’ you’re buying a unit that should anything fail, I’ll do what I can to help along the way**(see note). I will only per sey warranty that the unit works on arrival and if not contact me and we’ll discuss repair options. If you immediately instead run to paypal then you’ll wind up paying the return shipping as is their policy and I won’t fuss with it. It has only happened once but I just want to warn people that it’s cheaper to avoid causing *me* more trouble when I’m already trying to help you. Shipping is always risky on these old things so let’s work together if anything comes up. Not create meaningless work.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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