Yamaha CS40M

” This 1970s Yamaha CS-40M Analog Duophonic Synthesizer is in great shape and working condition. The CS-40m is a duophonic (2-voice) analog synthesizer! It was recently serviced in January 2019 to repair a broken trace in VCO 1 and reconstruct/remount broken PC boards. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha CS5

“Vintage Yamaha CS-5 monophonic synthesizer. Other than a small paint chip at the top edge (see pic) – excellent cosmetic condition. Tested – works great. Used very little, on the order of a few hours at most.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha SY77 Project Machine

“Hey, eBay! Up for grabs is a semi-working Yamaha SY77 61-key FM synthesizer, listed in “for parts or not working” condition. She powers on, the LCD works (though the backlight has gone out), and all 61 keys sound when depressed. Technically, she does work. The issue is that the microswitches beneath the panel buttons all need replaced, which is typical of Yamaha gear. The same thing happened to my Yamaha RS7000 and Yamaha Motif ES6, so my assumption is that Yamaha uses the cheapest and least reliable tact switches possible in the manufacture of their gear. I don’t have time to disassemble, desolder, and solder in new switches, so I’m passing this project on to you and selling her at a loss! Also, I have no way of testing the 3.5″ floppy diskette drive built-in to the unit, but I’m sure most people will replace this with a USB FDD emulator. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha DX21

“YAMAHA DX21 DIGITAL PROGRAMMABLE SYNTHESIZER KEYBOARD PIANO . Condition is Used. Been in my possession for 30 years. Has recently become temperamental with voices loading on power up and as of now they always eventually load. Also temperamental with individual tuning, not all voices load to A/440. All keys work and all factory voices load. New battery and battery holder. Sold as is.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Sequential Circuits Pro One

“Super clean, unmolested/unmodified original Sequencial Circuits Pro One model 100 !
This is the real deal, Vintage and powerful SCI PRO ONE! Not a modern day clone made from Chinese parts.
Made in the USA in San Jose, California.
Only 7,000 Version 2 Pro One’s were ever made total!

*** Fully restored and serviced! (details below) ***

This is the very much more desirable “J Wire” version 2 of the Pro One.
SERIAL # 7689″ Click here to search for synths on eBay

Multivox MX-75

“This is really cool. You are looking at a Vintage 1978 Multivox MX-75 Synthesizer Keyboard. Awesome Sounding and Playing Synth. Made In Japan.

This is the Multivox MX-75 Dual Voice Synthesizer, also known as the Hillwood Pulser M75 Dual Voice Synthesizer.

Unlike other Multivox/Hillwood synths you never seem to see the rare MX-75 for sale.

The Hillwood Pulser was developed and built by Hillwood (aka Firstman) in Japan. These synths were then rebadged as Multivox and sold in America. This is a very early example: the Multivox name was on stickers placed over the Pulser name on the front and back; later examples had Multivox painted directly onto the case.

This synth has some scratches on the case but other than that is all-original and in 100% working condition. It sounds amazing. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Casio CZ-1

“very clean for age, all keys / wheels tested, screen is clear and looks good. box has wear but is complete with original foam inserts, unit comes from closed music studio storage, will be shipped double boxed. see photos.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Micro Q

“Hey, eBay! Up for grabs is a used, tested, and confirmed working Waldorf Micro Q Synthesizer Rack Module in “classic blue” color scheme. All the buttons and LEDs are working. In good condition all around, except for a little rack rash on the top [see pictures]. One generic, compatible AC12V/1.5Amp power adapter is included, but unfortunately no manual, literature, or packaging. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Linn 9000

“Linn 9000 Drum Machine and Sequencer. I am the original owner. This machine has appeared on many records. Fully functional and recently serviced by Forat. The internal battery was replaced, as were any faulty caps and electronics. Complete with large screen, smpte reader and a/d converter card, this is running version 7.09. Use the disk drive to load samples into any of the pads. Keypad and transport buttons are still springy and work without issue. Due to its age, sold as is, although it is working flawlessly and has been rock solid. Excellent condition, always taken care of, a fine example of this iconic machine. Nothing else matches it for its feel. US buyers only.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Drumfire DF-500

“Drumfire DF500 Five Channel Synthesizer Mixer Remote Contacts 80’s?. This mixer is in good condition. It has been fully tested and works like it should. It comes with the 5 remote contacts. The wires have some residue on them from the styrofoam sticking to them. The box is in very rough condition. Look at all pictures to judge the condition”
Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Quantum

“Waldorf Quantum 8-voice Hybrid Synth MINT. Condition is Used.

Alright everyone my loss is your GAIN. Moving this Quantum for another purchase and I’ve got to make room on the stands. I’ve purchased this new and she’s gotta go. Updated to the latest OS. Version 2 is out soon.

No screen issues at all. She’s ready for you to go down the rabbit hole of sound development.
No blemishes and used on just a few projects. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Kawai K1

“Kawai K-1 61-Key Digital Synthesizer Keyboard. This one comes with a after market power supply only. It does work. Every single key was tested. See video link below. The high bidder will own this synth” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Drumfire DF-2000

“This auction is for a used and working Drumfire DF-2000 2 voice rack mount analog percussion synthesizer module.

This fully analog electronic drum sound module can be triggered via drum pads, drum machine trigger outputs, or any other compatible voltage trigger input. This unit produces a distinctive palette of classic syn-drum sounds from high pitched noise sweeps to low booming bass rumbles with hands on controls to carve out some unique tones. Each voice can also be used in a preset mode for quick recall. Between the two sets of controls and two voices it is possible to switch between two sets of sounds using the front panel or a footswitch remote.

The unit is working, it powers on, both voices produce sound and all controls are working. The unit is quite old and has been stored for several years (clean and dry). It exhibits the typical case of noisy pots and audio crackles when adjusting controls and would benefit from a servicing. All original knobs and buttons are present. The unit is heavy and rugged, the case has some marks and scratches from use and age but is in good condition.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Casio CZ-101

“Condition is used. Missing ram card door and strap hooks on side, previous owner had drilled three small holes into the back adjacent to the card slot, has a fair amount of scratches and scuffs, likely missing a couple screws, but otherwise should in good working order.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

EML Electrocomp 500

” This is one of the coolest pieces of gear my dad ( original owner ) had! This is a super rare Electrocomp EML-500, only 300 were ever made ( compared to the EML-1* series where 1000 were made ) and rumor has it there’s far less still in existence. I don’t know how to gauge “perfect working condition” in these old synths, but I do know it powers on and I saw it played within the past few years.

It could use a little cleanup but is overall in nice condition with one major flaw. One of the slider top pegs has broken off ( shown in photos ) The tops are a little plastic cap that goes over a plastic peg, and the peg snapped off some time ago. This could be a really easy repair for someone who is handy with epoxy, as the two pieces fit clean together and the small plastic peg could be removed from the cap and glued back to the other piece. Beyond that, some of the markings have started to wear, there’s a little rub of the steel finish in a spot or two, and the wood has some marks on the back ( also shown ). Remainder of wood is actually nice with only minor flaws. If refurbished, this would truly be a show piece.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Kawai SX-210

“Excellent condition, well cared for
Battery changed when last maintained.
No issues, everything works, looks good, sounds amazing
Great tone, great feel
Nothing needed, no issues
Some bumps to composition board corners, see pix
Missing one of the hooks on back to wrap power cord
Stable crack in one key, see pic” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Teenage Engineering OP-1

“Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer Sampler & Sequencer OP1. Bought from PMT Music on the 7th of July so there’s nearly 6 months fuss free warranty should you need it.

Full disclosure – I’ve hardly used this item. It’s a thing of beauty but I’m nowhere near qualified to use it and regrettably I don’t have the time to learn. My loss is your gain! Paid £1148 for this and it’s basically as new as the day I got it. I really look after things.

It’s the latest model, 2019. Comes with lead, rubber bands, quick start overlay and the carton as shown in the pictures. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

EML Electrocomp 200

“Vintage 1970’s ElectroComp EML-300 blue face controller unit.

The ElectroComp 300 from EML is a controller unit with a basic synthesizer, sequencer keyboard with numeric buttons and control knobs.

The 300 is divided in 3 sections. On the left is a switch patch panel. the mid section has a VCO with envelope generator, and the right side has 16 numerical buttons that trigger notes as an alternative to a keyboard.

The 300 needs to be used with one of the EML models such as the 200 or 400 models. It draws it’s power from the connected model. EML offered the unit as an alternative to using a keyboard with their modules.
Overall in good shape, it does have scratches on the wood casing, mostly on the back, sides and corners.

I did have them checked out, and had the necessary repairs\cleaning done to make them functional.

The unit was cleaned and tested. All the jacks, connections, and potenciometers were cleaned and checked.(Per the repair technician)” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Oberheim Matrix 6

“Oberheim MATRIX-6 Analog Synthesizer. Classic analog synth from the 1980s.

Never left my home studio. Been in a Calzone case in a corner all this time and recently took it back out, plugged it in and still sounds great. Ran through all the keys and programs, worked perfectly. Excellent keyboard with aftertouch, great as master controller. Hate to part with it and all its fond memories but I don’t have the time anymore.” Click here to search for synths on eBay