Korg M-500

“Rare Korg M-500.

Banks 4 through 6 work fine, but synthesizer one, synthesizer two, and brass do not. The selector switch works great, which is incredibly hard to replace.

See pics for cosmetic issues.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha DX100 Project Machine

” Yamaha DX100 Mini Keyboard – Not working – For parts only – As Is . Condition is For parts or not working. We used this keyboard for over thirty years in our music act. It stopped working so we replaced the backup battery but that did not fix it. It is non functioning but could be used for repair parts. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Micro Q

“Waldorf Micro Q Synthesizer. Condition is Used.

A compact but handy and affordable synthesizer with huge power in a “classic yellow” all metal housing.

Its synthesis and its basic sound descends from the Waldorf Q series, but we did not only implement its first-class sound, but also the powerful arpeggiator and the clever Drum Map, per the original Waldorf advert.

You can see in the pictures that the OS is updated.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Emu Emax Project Machine

recently I tested this emax,it works fine
220 volts model
as seen on the pictures I connected the cables and sampled the sound from my computer.
all works fine.
pich and modulation wheels work fine.
filter ssm also works properly
disk drive also
one floppy disk with operation system included
display brightness could be better,probably because of time
this is very old vintage monster

missing parts are one black volume button,volume potentiometer is bad needs replacement,two keys need replacement-all these parts can be found on ebay…so this emax need some care” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Kawai K5m

“This is the increasingly rare K5M synth module from back in the day. Makes complex, amazing sounds. I have had this beauty in my studio for ages, but it is time to let it go. Turns on. Functions. Has some scuffs on the front panel and side panels (pictured). Cap for the volume slider is missing. Great synth. They do make rack ears for these if you are lucky enough, you might find them!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

PAiA 4780 Sequencer

“If you are a PAiA Phan you know what this is and how rare it is! There are a few scratches on the face plate, as you can see. Also my beefy power supply kept blowing the 1/8W 47 Ohm resistor so I am including a few 1/4W for your DIY hands to replace. My eyesight and unsteady hands would only make matters worse! Last time (before it blew) it was working fine as were all the LEDs.

If you are not familiar with the PAiA 4700 series of modules this is not the sequencer you seek. It is not Eurorack (it’s not even FRAC and PAiA invented FRAC!). The power this puppy uses is +18, +/-9V and Ground. Those are not banana jacks for the CV and trigger outs. And because the pin jacks are not grounded, you would need to run a ground wire between the sequencer and whatever you are sequencing (Unless – of course – you are mounting the modules in a PAiA system cabinet using a common ground).

Having pointed out all the caveats, this is an incredible device. It is expandable with other 4780 sequencers. I has 3 running at one time. It’s a maximum of 12 stages. This turns it into an amazing envelope generator or LFO.

I will include some pin jack cables and I think I may even have pin to 3.5mm. I will also included the using and assembly guides.”
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Oberheim OB-Xa Project Machine

“2 years ago when I plugged in the keyboard it made one sound that was constant and unalterable. Today there was no sound. The keyboard was unattached to the base but it only needs two screws. The keyboard was also unattached from the rest of the circuitry. I reattached it with no discernible results. The glass over the led light on the left upper corner of the keyboard is broken but the light works. There is no power cord for this keyboard but it is the same type of cord that’s used for a computer monitor which is easy and cheap to obtain. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Teisco SX-240

“This an 8 Voices/2DCO+ 1Sub OSC with a VCF section controlled by a VCF envelope, VCA section control by a VCA envelope.
A lot of modulation possibilities and and amazing ensemble effect.
This underated and underestimated synthesizer could be compared to a Jupiter 8 mixed with a Juno 6 in terms of sound possibilities.

This synthesizer is in excellent condition, almost flawless, it has the original Tape factory presets so that you can load the original sounds again.
It also has the Original soft case.

The Teisco SX-240 is fully working, have been cleaned and refurbished.
All the knobs have been cleaned and lubricated.
The keyboard has been cleaned, every keys are working correctly without double triggering.
The back-up battery has been changed before any damage or leak happens.”
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Oberheim Matrix-6R

“This Oberheim Matrix 6r is in great condition cosmetically, functions perfectly and sounds awesome! The 3v internal battery has been replaced with a fresh battery and is slotted as well for easy access and replacement (which won’t need to happen anytime soon). Current patches loaded are the String patches. Operating system on this unit is 2.13.”
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Moog MG-1

“Realistic Synthesizer by MOOG Music model 42-4000, MG-1. It comes with the manual pictured. I hooked it up and tested it and the functions seem to work. They change the sound coming out BUT I have no idea if it is working correctly or not. It is therefore being sold AS-IS.”
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Moog Micromoog

“Moog Micromoog Analog Synthesizer. Condition is good used. All keys and controls are working and audio outputs.

The keyboard action is in fair to good condition with a few keys offset. With some basic restoration this unit could be returned to excellent condition ”
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Roland SH-101

“Will be supplied serviced and with our standard warranty. In near mint cosmetic condition with minimal signs of wear or age. The battery cover is slightly out of place but is clean inside with no signs of battery leakage. See photos for more information on cosmetic condition. PRICE INCLUDES 20% VAT – CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION PLEASE USE BEST OFFER TO BUY AT TAX-FREE PRICE OF £1200. VAT-free sales possible to businesses and individuals in the EU (outside UK) with a valid VAT Number – see listing for details.”
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Roland JX-8P

“ROLAND JX-8P Vintage Analog Synthesizer. – This synth has nice fat warm sounds, probably one of the nicer sounding synths from it’s day and the prices keep climbing on this model. Not only is the population going down but popularity still exist so yeah I have seen them going for $900 up to $1200 so take that for what it is worth.”
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