Sequential Circuits Prophet 600


Condition is Used. Works well but…………………SOMETIMES…………

Does have an intermittent fault on some start ups, the Synth goes into edit mode at times, this clears after 5/6 re-starts, maybe in need of a service.

The Synth was gigged regularly throughout the 80’s and early 90’s but has not been gigged since 1993. Only used occasionally at home.

No updates or modifications have been applied.

It was serviced by “Synth Repair Services in Stoke -on -Trent on 26th Nov 2012. (Copy of Invoice in Photos)

All the keys work, as does all the Knobs and Pitch Wheels.

It comes with the operation manual, the condition of this is well used., I do not have the original tape to upload the original patches.

There is a flight case that was made for the synth, which comes with it.

The condition is well used, with cosmetic damage..See photos. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

ARP Axxe

“ARP AXXE Vintage Analog Synthesizer Early Model 2313 Newly Serviced And Detailed by Bell Tone Synth Werx Philadelphia. Condition is Used. Had fresh bushings recently installed for a smooth action. All sliders are functional and smooth.

Amazing condition. Comes with dust cover.”
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ARP 2600 Project Machine

“For yourconsideration is an ARP 2600P (Version 4.0) analog Synthesizer (nokeyboard) for restoration. Judging by the writing on the inside ofthe cabinet near the spring reverb unit are the markings 4P. I haveevery reason to believe that this is the original cabinet which datesthe manufacturing year to be 1974. During this time ARP was using the4012 Low Pass Ladder Filter which was essentially a copy of the Moogdesign. This led to a patent dispute forcing ARP to change their LPFdesign for use in later models. Back in the early 1980’s I designedand built my own analog synths and had an absolute blast using them.Then interests shifted and I moved on to other hobbies. Several yearsago I got the “bug” to get back into analog synths and I acquiredthis 2600 with the intention of restoring it to it’s full beautyafter I retired. During that time I found and builta beautiful modular synth I know now I’ll never part with. I’ve beenretired almost 2 ½ years and now that I have my “dream”modular synth I have no motivation to restore the 2600. I would loveto see this instrument go to someone who will bring this classic backto it’s full potential. I never powered up the synthesizer since Ihad it so I don’t know it’s current electrical condition. With thatbeing said the synth should be restored by someone who is experiencedin this type of vintage equipment. The wood cabinet is in good shapebut the tolex covering will need patching or replaced. The frontpanel is also in great shape however please look very closely at thephotos. There are some sliders missing the caps and also some of the stems are broken off flush with the panel. The slider controls willhave to cleaned and possibly replaced. All of the circuit boards,wiring harnesses and the spring reverb assembly are intact. There’sno carrying handle and I have some of the hardware removed to takephotos of the inside of the cabinet which will go back in place. ”
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Modor NF-1m

“This NF-1m is in excellent condition and working perfectly. All controls have great feel and respond accurately. All lights and screen fully functional. All ports and jacks in great shape and connect without issue. Sound is strong and clear from all outputs.

Sale includes the synth and original power cable. No original box. Synth has been factory reset, upgraded to most recent 06 firmware, and loaded with all 13 banks of presets available from the Modor web site.

Unit is in excellent physical condition. Please view photos carefully. We take lots of photos under 1000 watts of camera lights with no filters or post-production. What you see is what you get.”
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Siel Expander 80

” Siel EX 80 Synthesizer with PS 80 Power Supply and Case – Great Condition.

So, what’s this?! The Italian company Siel released their DK80 synth keyboard in 1985, which was a 12 voice analogue bi-timbric (2 sounds at once) synth. The Expander 80 was also released at the same time (costing only £399, the cheapest instrument in it’s class by a long way) being essentially (but not just) half a DK80 – 8 voice polyphonic and one sound at a time. Originally the Expander 80 was not supplied with a power supply, as the DK80 one was designed to drive the pair (Siel expected the DK80 owner to be the typical owner of the Expander 80). The Expander 80 still retained the 300 event two track sequencer, although both tracks have to play the same sound. Similarities to the Korg EX800 cannot be ignored, especially as the voice architecture and front panel layout do have similarities. The Korg EX800 was released a year earlier in 1984, so the Siel Expander 80 definitely followed it. Internally, they share no common electronics – so it’s no surprise they sound different.

Of course, people realised pretty quickly that if you didn’t need yet another set of keys, the EX 80 was actually probably a much more useful and versatile instrument, as part of a wider rig.

Over time, this has become a) rare as hens teeth and b) quite sought after as a seriously quirky (and with some tweaking, surprisingly aggressive) monosynth, with a real analogue sound, digital control, and a lot of character. The other major issue with these is the ludicrous power supply which is very hard to find indeed, and which have started selling for silly money on their own (and which can power both a DK 80 and EX 80 at the same time, if needed – two outputs). Luckily, this listing includes an original power supply, so no trouble in store with that.

I’m also selling this with the case it’s currently living in – it fits it well (minus power supply, which could handily double as a boat anchor) – it’s a good solid well-padded case, so that’s a nice bonus.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Multivox MX8100

“The Multivox MX 8100 is a rare note entry step sequencer. It is similar to the roland CSQ series but incorporates the keyboard within the unit. The coolest feature of it is, that it can control both a Roland standard cv/gate and a Korg standard hz/v and s-trig independently and simultaneously. The keys have yellowed.* 220 VOLTS* POWERS UP* UNTESTED* SOLD AS IS – NO RETURNS !” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai AX60

“Akai AX 60
Vintage Analog 6-Voice Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer
Upgraded with Version 1.2 Operating System

Very Rare Akai Synth.

good condition – all working.
Includes Original Owners Manual, Service Manual, and Parts Price List.
Anvil Forge II Hard Case also included. ”
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Casio CZ-1

“Selling a Vintage Casio CZ-1 with cosmetic wear. All buttons, keys and wheels work. Included are some pictures to illustrate the following:

It’s missing the slider caps.
Scratches on the back.
A dent in one of the keys (works as it should anyway).
A spot of dust on the screen (can be removed with a vacuum cleaner).
The ‘Alt’ button comes off easily. Will ship it in a bag separately so it doesn’t get lost inside the package.

I don’t have a MIDI device or cartridge to test those functions. Due to the nature of this listing (vintage/used) there is no returns!”
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Ensoniq ESQ1

“This keyboard is not far from total restoration at a minimum of cost. I got this from a guy in the early 90s after mine died. But by this time, we were all getting into the latest breakthrough…recording with DAWs (however primitive) with ‘unlimited’ tracks vs. 8. And this ESQ faded away. I don’t recall using it that much. But that’s how I got it.
ABOUT A YEAR AGO: I wanted to get it cleaned up and functioning again, so I took it to my 40-year-long-repair man….who is quite elderly now. He suffered a heart condition while he had it and never got around to fixing it. Many months later, when I picked it up, I did not realize most of the screws were not replaced. So I had to deal with that issue today, when posting. (See below for those kinds of details). I know there are several things wrong with this device, so I’ll walk you through everything you need to know:

1. UNIT POWERS ON, and basically ALL* of the buttons function as expected. Pictures show various sections of this instrument selected so you can see this. (See #4 for *—one button may not be working)
2. There is no audio coming out of the L/R output jacks at this time…though I never remembered that being an issue, so something could be lose, or upon being moved around a few times over the past 30 years, simply maybe have broken something.
3. This sequences had the expansion memory card installed, which alone, was worth $, and some folks still look for those today!
That was installing hardware, which was very reliable. I can’t vouch for the condition of the card, but I would assume it works.
4. * The CARTRIDGE section (or the cartridge button, or the cartridge itself?) is not reading the cartridge that you see inserted in the pics. I would assume that after all these years, that cartridge may be bad. But if that were true, I remember (?) that the ESQ would at least ‘see’ the cartridge and give an error message, etc. So I’m assuming the problem could be that section of the circuit board also. Or the BUTTON that selects the cartridge is not doing it’s job. That would be the easiest, cheapest fix. But I don’t know what’s causing this.
5. In one picture you can see some pink substance on the black output/foot-pedal jacks. This was always on there when I got it, and I have no clue as to what it is or why someone put that on there, but it never affected anything when I played the instrument…it was just fine.
6. In order to ship the keyboard and not have movement of the actual physical keyboard section itself, you can see in two pictures that I stuffed plastic bags in there to safely wedge the keyboard so it would not move. I have no screw to replace the ones that were missing when I picked up the instrument from the repair shop.
7. You will see that there are approximately 3-4 yellowish keys on the lower left hand side of the keyboard. I had these replaced a long time ago, and the guy had no matches, so we used 3 keys off of some other ensoniq product/compatible product and those keys were different color-wise… but I didn’t mind that, so notice the three off white keys.
8. The memory back up battery is low. These are extremely cheap and available.

or knows how to themselves; or for someone who wants to part it out.
But like I said, I think this unit is not far from workable restoration, but I’m not a repair guy. I say this because it was working fine at one point, and it seems to me like the odd things that go out here and there are normal things that also went out when they were brand new and taking them to the repair shop.”
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Akai VX600

“Up for sale is our Akai VX600 matrix synthesiser.

It’s in excellent condition – minor marks only – and is fully working. All switches, knobs and sliders work as they should.

A new backlight was fitted as part of a recent service.

The synth is a 100v model so is supplied with a small good quality UK made stepdown transformer.”
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Casio CZ-1

“CASIO CZ-1 Vintage Analog Synthesizer 61-Key Keyboard W/ Cartridge. Condition is Used. Works great comes from a clean smoke free home, this keyboard comes in a case, but the case does have a few markings on it”
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Moog Prodigy

“So it’s a Moog, and it’s the workhorse for all cash-strapped synth bands of the early ’80’s, The Prodigy. 2 oscillators, no patch recall, no sequencer / arpeggiator, but a great sounding piece of kit, as you know. Basically, it’s a stripped down Minimoog (and also provided the guts for the fantastic Liberation keytar) and, even if it didn’t sound great, it looks a dream, too. Depeche Mode used it all over Speak & Spell, and it’s been tinkered with by Blur, 808 State, Howard Jones, Fatboy Slim and others. ”
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Moog MG-1

“Moog Realistic MG-1 Synthesizer Excellent Serviced. Condition is Used.

I inherited this synth and spent over $300 having IC’s replaced and the overall unit serviced recapped and bright back to original glory .

Sounds awesome .

I’ve been running it with no issues over 6 months however recently the lowest F has started periodically not responding. I spoke with the repair shop and they believe this is be a minor issue with the contacts .

Otherwise excellent and holds great tuning .”
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Roland TB-303

“Roland TB-303 Bassline Keyboard Synthesizer, original vintage. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
The TB-303 is in great condition and works perfectly. The only flay is some cosmetic damage to the bottom of the unit. Only visible when you turn it over (see photos). Comes with power supply.”
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Roland TB-303

” Original Roland TB-303. Condition is used. A few scuffs here and there. Some buttons need a bit of a push to get a response but for a 30+ years old machine it’s to be expected.

Still in working condition and making those lovely squelchy bass lines. No box, manual or power lead supplied (DC 9V). ”
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Roland MSQ-700

“I inherited this and hoped to fix it but I’ve too many other projects on at the moment!

It powers up okay and the display works which is good news however the PCB has a nasty crack in it. Fortunately, as it’s a vintage bit of kit, the tracks are spaced far apart and I think some scaling and bridging will get it going again. ”
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Korg DW-8000

“Korg Dw-8000. Hybrid analogue. It’s a sound beast!Condition is Used. Comes with power cord. Powers on and emits audio. Some keys are not as sensitive as they could be, but work none the less. There is a outward bump near the power supply, I tried to photograph it as best I could. Does not affect function. No returns.”
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Korg Poly 800

“You are bidding on a korg poly 800 Synthesizer. It powers on but was not further tested. The power supply included is a replacement. I am including the two tapes i found with it and also the hard case. This synthesizer still looks very nice but since i am unable to test it i am selling as is.”
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