Moog Prodigy

“Moog Prodigy vintage analog synthesizer synth keyboard. Condition is Used. Everything works perfectly. All keys are good to go. A scratch on one side (see pic) normal wear for a keyboard this old. I don’t like to see this baby go. Produces the perfect vintage sounds that Moog is known for.”
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Roland SH-101 Project Machine

“Roland SH-101 Analogue Vintage Synthesiser . Condition is For parts or not working.

Lets be clear from the beginning that this is in bad shape!
I’ve had this in a cupboard since the 90’s. It was in bad shape when I got it back then.
But it is wasting a way, when someone out there may need the parts.
The colour of the plastic is yellowed massively.
Large gouge out of the plastic in one corner making a hole.
Keyboard does not work.
It has one rotary cap missing.
The tune pot is detached in some way.
Four slidercaps are missing
Pitch bend is broken off completely.
Some of the plastic that accepts the backing screws are burred out.
Generally dirty.
There may be other faults that I’m not experienced enough to know.

But….. It survives, powers up and it makes noise.
I rigged the cv to my Keystep and was able to get some comperable sound out of it.
The sliders seem to work. A couple were a bit crackly but nothing that sounded like a serious fault.
I don’t have much experience with this kind of classic synth.
I recorded some video of it working. I can share it if you get in touch, I think!”
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Roland TR-707

“Roland TR-707. Condition is Used. If you’re viewing this drum machine then you probably know about this classic.
Drum machine works! I’ve added electrical cleaner to the knobs and slides so no crackling. There are some scratches and stains see pics. Other than that it’s in nice shape. It has battery cover. I repaired this device. I installed a new power plug and got a replacement power supply. This power supply was specifically bought for this unit to meet specs. Do not use other. Technical note: this drum machine uses a reverse polarity power supply so use the one I will send with this.”
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Roland D-20

“Roland D-20 Multi Timbral Synthesizer w Full Manual Set and Disks.
Excellent Condition.

Includes full original manual set – both Synth manuals, Service manual and folded Quick Operation Sheet.
Also 4 D-20 Sound disks.

The only issue with this synth-
The floppy stopped working in the past year and needs to be replaced. A replacement floppy (uses the same DD floppy as the Roland MC50/300/500) which can be bought on Ebay for $15-$40. Or you can replace it with a USB floppy emulator.”
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Roland SH-1000

“This unit is cosmetically pretty clean apart from some obvious nicks, dings, and chips that one would expect of a synthesizer of this age. Please check photos as I’ve tried to point out the main blemishes.

Unit has been thoroughly checked and is nearly 100% fully functional with some minor crackling of pots and switches here and there . . . this is a 46 year old synth after all. All knobs, switches work and feel solid and keyboard triggers reliably. The following are minor things I noticed while testing that should be mentioned . . .

White/pink noise switch can be a bit fiddly at times, but is mostly no problem.

Portamento can be a bit dodgy in terms of pitch tracking sometimes. . . again, mostly no issue.

The C# key in the middle octave sticks up slightly higher than adjacent keys. It triggers just fine and feels good to play, but is uneven compared to the rest of the keyboard. Please see photo.

I am not 100% sure if the VCF ADSR tab is working properly. When engaged, the ADSR does not effect it. The VCF ADSR pot will simply produce a positive offset to the cutoff frequency regardless of how the envelope is set. However, when both the VCF & VCA ADSR tabs are engaged, then the filter will respond to the envelope controls as you would expect. I believe this is the proper behavior considering there’s only a single envelope, but I’m not 100% certain. You’ve been informed.”
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Roland Juno 106 with Kiwi-106 Mod

“Roland Juno-106 Keyboard Synthesizer with Kiwi Upgrade.
Mint Condition.
This special Kiwi 106 was built by Syntegrator, the author of all the Kiwi upgrades pc and mac editors.
It has Jupiter style Kiwi 106 graphics and custom wood ends and front (under keys).
You can download the editors and manual from Syntegrator’s Kiwi-106 website.
The Kiwi 106 has many upgrades including 8 patch banks instead of the original 2.
This unit is wired for US 120 volts. Power cord included.”
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Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter

“Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter Sound Module in good condition.

Flawless operation for over 30 years.

In a quiet room, I’m noticing a slight ambient hum not associated with the (clear) audio signal. Never noticed it in working situation but am hearing it while listing the item in a quiet room. Again, it’s not in the audio signal.

Cosmetics (see pictures): Some scratches on top worst one of which is shown in a close-up picture.

Includes original manual – complete but worn and marked up.

Includes Roland floppy disc with original MKS-80 programs.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Korg Polysix


This has been fully serviced professionally with a lot of care and attention. The synth is not the best example cosmetically but is insound working condition and I’m confident it’s in considerably better working order than a lot of other polysix’s out there.

Imperfections: the output volume control is a little bit scratchy, see video. Some keys occasionally double trigger when pressed lightly.The polysix is by reputation quite a noisy synth; there is a noise floor, it is an old synth.

If you bought a car from 1980 you’d expect to pay to run and maintain it, the same applies to vintage synths. As detailed above this synth has been invested in (servicing, clone PCB, MIDI kit) so a very good deal in that respect, but I’m not selling this with any kind of long term warranty or support contract.”

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Korg Poly-800

“Vintage Korg Poly-800 Synthesizer
Very good condition, with some minor scuffs.
Tested and working great. Sliders and knobs are clean with no static.
All keys work. All buttons work.
Includes plug-in power supply.
Internal back-up battery tested and has good voltage (3.3V).

This is a very cool vintage synth from the early digital days. It has digital waveform oscillators with an analog filter. It includes a joystick controller for modulating the DCO (Digitally Controlled Oscillator) pitch and the VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter).

Sound processing includes three digital envelope generators, a noise generator, an LFO, and a chorus effect ”
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Korg VC-10 Vocoder

“You are bidding on a vintage Korg VC10 in moderately fair condition. I found this in a pawn shop basement. The bottom of the synthesizer has rust. I just had to buy it! Alas! My studio is overfull and my wife is angry! My loss is your gain.

I replaced some components on this machine to make it work. I tested it and everything works. It sounds lo-fi and angry, gritty and powerful. The ensemble effect works well. I love it! It sounds like analogue happiness.

It passes audio and does what it is supposed. It may need tuning and possibly a bias adjust. Keep this, the age, and the nature of the beast in mind when bidding.

Condition is Used. I will guarantee that it will arrive in the pictured condition. Other than that, and as with all vintage gear, no warranty is expressed or implied due to age.”
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Yamaha FB01

” YAMAHA FBO1 MIDI MODULE (SPARES OR REPAIR). Condition is For parts or not working. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class.
Has been unused for many years, was working last time used but is now unresponsive, has not been tampered with/”
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Yamaha CS10

“Up for sale is our Yamaha CS10 vintage monosynth.

The synth is in fully working condition, has been thoroughly tested.

All keys contact correctly, all knobs work as they should and are free of crackles, switches function correctly.

Cosmetic condition is excellent, with some minor marks and blemishes only.

It’s a 100v model so a step down transformer may be required depending on your location.”
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Yamaha DX7II FD

“Yamaha DX7 II (2) FD Digital Programable Algorithm Synthesizer Keyboard.

Good condition. Functions as it should. Power cable looks like a custom job; it’s 10 feet long. Actually, very convenient. Show signs of ware. Two “melt” marks on keys (see picture). See all pictures.”
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Yamaha TX81Z

“Offered for sale is a very nice looking Yamaha FM tone generator synthesizer TX81Z, Made in Japan. I have tested this by plugging it into the mains and ensuring that it powers up. That is the extent of my test as I know nothing else about these nor as to how they work. Am therefore selling as is and as you see it. I will not accept any returns since I am selling as is and as you see it and have stated my facts accurately. The unit is in excellent cosmetic condition and has been well looked after by its owner. There is also a pull out card at the bottom of the unit as can be seen in the last photo. Good luck and happy bidding.”
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Yamaha SK15

“YAMAHA SK-15 vintage analog string organ synth arp solina Powers Up Parts Repair. Condition is For parts or not working. This unit is Untested you need to hook it up to a power speaker like amp or something it does power up and lights come on other then that unsure if it works this unit was made in Japan and is heavy ”
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Yamaha DX-7 II FD

“Yamaha DX7 FD2….The unit powers on and works fine…There are no issues…The power cord to the unit was professionally shortened to make it fit better….You can always attach an extension cord to it….This comes with a soft case, ready to be played at home or at the gig….”
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ARP Solus

“The Synth was tested and it is in good working order. No issues. Sliders all function. Sounds really cool and you can get some pretty amazing tones out of this thing…

Cosmetically the synth looks amazing with no major wear. It is however missing the travel lid. (see pictures for details on condition)”
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ARP Sequencer

“Behold a vintage synth classic! This is an ARP Sequencer Model 1613, and chances are you already know what it is and what it does or you wouldn’t be looking. The ARP Sequencer was so cool, these days it’s getting cloned!

This is a little like the synth version of the classic car field’s “barn find,” except it was NOT ever stored in a barn or outside or in a shed…no, this all original unit has been stored in a safe hobbyist home studio environment, smoke free, since it was purchased from its first owner in 1981. After that it mostly sat on an Ultimate Support rack and for the last ten years on a shelf.

Model 1613

Serial Number 16130253 (0253)

Included: Original User Manual

US power cord built in

The good news is that this is not a “Lazarus Project.” The unit powers up and clearly it works. Tested with a “drifty” ARP Axxe and Arturia Microbrute. I can “step” through a sequence and hear the connected synth’s sound. However, there are some minor problems – for instance, I believe the slider contacts need cleaning. When stepping through the sequence, you get the same tone no matter where the sliders are located (maybe I’ve forgotten something!). All the LEDs light up and blink perfectly in sequence and random mode, with one exception – I think the Clock LED is out. All the slider caps are present and accounted for. There are NO broken sliders or loose jacks.

Physically, the unit is in outstanding shape for its age. There are a few scratches on the bottom panel, there is a small ding on the lower front (not the operation panel), and there are some weird pry marks underneath (see photos). There is an inch-long scrape on one wooden side panel. It’s missing 3 of the 4 rubber feet. That’s pretty much it on the negatives.

A good cleaning under the hood should revive this cool piece of synthesizer history. I hate parting with it, but I would love to know it’s headed to a loving new home where it can make music once again. I have no doubt that a tech-minded collector, hobbyist, or pro will be thrilled with this piece of ARP synth history. Selling AS IS with no returns.”
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Akai AX-60

“For sale is my beloved AKAI AX 60.

I love its analog sound, better than the Junos and Jupiter IMO. Sadly I have no time or skills to service this baby so I guess I’m going digital. All keys, sliders and buttons work, with the following exceptions:

The note sustain on the Envelope Generator seems to be permanently routed to pitch. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s probably a faulty capacitor but as I said I don’t have the knowledge to know which one. The way I used to overcome this was by using a sustain pedal and activating the VCA gate. I recorded a small video to demonstrate this behavior:

It could use new switches on the preset buttons (number 4 on the second row doesn’t work sometimes).

It’s missing two slider knobs.

Aside from that, it’s in good condition. ALL VOICE CHIPS WORK AND STAY IN TUNE. ”
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