Korg MS-20

“This is an original late 70’s Korg MS20 Mk1 with the Korg-35 Filter chip.

The condition is exceptional for its age. Every aspect of the synth is fully working. There are a few very small marks on the top of the unit but the face plate is more or less blemish free. All of the keys are free from marks, fully aligned and responsive. All original knobs etc. Tuning is stable and tracks very well on both Osc’s.

This is also a UK 240v model so no voltage convertors are needed.”
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Korg Poly 800

“korg poly 800. Condition is Used. Usual wear and tear for it being a 35 year old keyboard. Kept in smoke free environment. It’s a little dirty. Has some 2 way tape adhered on the top left corner from music chart being taped on due to a windy gig.”
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Korg MS2000R

“Got a really good looking and perfectly fine MS2000R from Japan for sale. Cosmetic wear is really minor. Comes with the original box (which is a cardboard box basically, as shown on the pictures), got an original Japanese 100 volt adapter (9v out) with it, but of course it works on other local 9v adapters as well. Also comes with the unused screws to fix the rack with, and a Japanese manual – if your Japanese is too rusty, you easily can find the manual in other languages online. Shipping from Seoul, South Korea.”
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Korg Poly 800

“This Poly-800 is an eight-voice synthesizer with 64 memory patches and up to 50 editable parameters. It is undeniably fun to play and is in great shape! Works perfectly, does not come with 9v AC battery adapter but it does come with its original case. Only thing to watch out for would be a few minor scratches it has received throughout time. ”
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Yamaha DX7

“Vintage Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer.

Condition is used. The only issue is that the headphone socket isn’t working – apart from that, everything is in excellent working order. Keys all clean and scratch-free. Please see pictures for signs of wear and tear – most notably on the back (scratches due to being used on a stand – however, no dents or breaks in the casing). In picture 8 you can see that it is missing the plastic casing for the “data entry”, but this does not affect its use.

Comes with two cartridges, a sustain pedal and a stand, if you want it.”
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Yamaha DX7s

“Here’s your chance to allow me to thin out my vintage keyboard collection, and my loft insulation, and for you to benefit from owning a classic bit of 80’s kit at the same time!

Up for grabs is this original 1987 Yamaha DX7S, in full working order, and with the original factory patches installed.

I have owned this synth since new, and in that time, it has never missed a beat.

Cosmetically, it is in very good condition, with only a couple of marks. All keys still play perfectly, velocity and aftertouch work as new, and the semi weighted feel is very even and reliable. The display is still bright and legible after all these years.

The only reason I’m selling it is that I have 10 other keyboards in the collection, and very little space to actually set them up to play – so in preparation for that inevitable point in time where we “downsize”, I have to make a tough call.”
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Yamaha SY77

“Vintage Yamaha SY77 61 Keys Synthesizer Keyboard

– Used, in very good condition
– Basic Test:
All keys working
Display working as shown in pictures
No errors on display
Sound tested with earphones and outputs
All banks tested
Pitch and modulation tested
No further tests were made

– New battery installed
– Battery holder installed for easy battery replacement as shown in last picture
– Floppy drive in working condition as shown in pictures
– Normal signs of wear
– Review pictures as they are part of the description
– Zoom pictures to see details and condition”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet VS

“Here is a vintage Prophet VS. The synth exhibits some light cosmetic wear and is missing the Data Entry slider knob but is in clean overall shape. The keyboard does have a few electronic issues such as the sound which comes through is a little noisy/distorted and the arpeggiator not working correctly. The arpeggiator is not stable, depending on where the Waveform Mix knob is positioned, the rate either increases or decreases. It does this very slowly and does not stay locked in one setting. All other functions and presets work. These synths are powerful and quite rare. Now is your chance to own this awesome synth and restore it back to its full glory!”
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ARP Odyssey

“Vintage ARP Odyssey Original – Rev 1, Whiteface.

Although this is an excellent example of a classic synth, it is not 100% operational…

VCO1 has instability in tuning and does not output a clean sound.
VCO2 however is absolutely fine.
Some sliders are noisy and need replaced.

It has been partially serviced by Jim McKenna of Singing Cat Services – look him up!
I’m sure he would be happy to give further details if you need more info.

He couldn’t find a fix to the VCO problem but did service some other areas of the synth.
(Please see below for description in quotations of what he has done and suggestions for future servicing)

This is NOT a Korg version
Cosmetically in perfect condition.”
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ARP Pro Soloist

“This iconic analog synthesizer with its fat ladder filter and expressive assignable aftertouch effects is the sound of 1970’s Genesis. This synthesizer is in pristine condition, includes a vintage tolexed case, and has just been lovingly restored by Synthchaser, the expert on these instruments.

I (Synth Chaser) have extensive experience repairing these instruments and have seen more than my fair share of Pro Soloists. This is hands down the nicest Pro Soloist I’ve come across to date. It is in excellent condition inside and out, and I’ve given the electronics a thorough and detailed restoration to make this a worthy addition to the most elite collections of vintage analog synthesizers. Restoration work included:

* New sliders

* All original slider caps present! A rarity in itself!

* New aftertouch sensor – The original aftertouch sensors are a common failure point and the aftertouch effects are what makes this synthesizer so expressive–I replaced the aftertouch sensor with a new long-lasting one to ensure the aftertouch will work for years to come.

* Power supply recapped

* All reasonably accessible tantalum capacitors replaced

* New power cord

* New key bushings

* Keybed leveled, bus bars and key contacts cleaned and adjusted, keys ultrasonically cleaned

* All voices working and sound correct!

* All touch sensor effects working!

* 1/4” Phone Jack output made “high”. These synthesizers originally came with a RCA jack as the high output and a 1/4″ jack as the low output. As most of my customers do not use RCA cables and prefer the high output, I’ve made the 1/4″ jack output high as well which is a common modification requested by my customers. This modification can be undone by cutting 1 wire.”
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ARP Axxe

“Selling this great vintage MK1 analog synthesizer with the Moog filter design that has just gone in for a several hundred dollar tune up at a local specialist here in town last year.
This synth is the brother of the Arp Odyssey.
Here’s what I had done to it:

Recapped Power Supply
Brand new keyboard bushings
Cleaned and Restored Sliders
Tuned and Calibrated

Cosmetically it has the wear expected from a 45 (!) year old synthesizer but it sounds and plays great.
There is cosmetic wear to both the wood side panels and the screenprinted graphics on the synth face.
Since the keys had the inevitable yellowing they were painted flat white to look more uniform as photographed.

PLUS throwing in photocopy of the original manual and blank patch sheets from my files.
PLUS throwing in 2 11×17 prints advertising the Arp Axxe!”
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EMS VCS3 MK II, TKS Keyboard, Brookside Electronics Expander

” You are bidding on a fully restored EMS THE SYNTHI VCS3 Mk II

Unit is just out of service

All rotary pots including the Vernier dials replaced and unit calibrated.

This VCS 3 has several modifications including

Osc Sync across all 3 VCO’s with added rotary dial per VCO

Octave range toggle switch on VCO3

Gate toggle switch on Env generator

Trig In/Out added to rear panel

TKS Keyboard has additional ‘Brookside Electronics’ breakout box which adds additional functionality to the Sequencer including Audio and Trig inputs as sync sources.

Modifications are of very high quality and were carried out by Nigel Vivian who held a senior design position at EMS

Restoration recently carried out by Keith Kniveton at Lucid Sound UK.

Physical condition overall is excellent with very little wear, graphics are tip top

comes with original manual and original dust cover ”
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Chimera bC16

“Chimera BC16 Portable Modular Synthesizer. Condition is Excellent & Functional, but the output volume is low on this as compared to other BC16s, so offering this rare synthesizer for a good deal.

Includes Signal Inverter, Patch Cables, a Box for the Cables, 1/8” TRS Cable, and a Hex Wrench.”
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Ensoniq ESQ1 Project Machine

“this is a cool vintage analog synthesizer that powers on normally but when I plug my headphones into audio out I get no sound . It could be funky old headphones or some switch or output feature I am operating incorrectly but selling keyboard as is , not working for parts or repair. The keyboard shows no signs of corrosion and is in good general condition”
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Teenage Engineering OP-1

“Teenage Engineering OP1 Synthesizer in Excellent Condition with some small paint wear around the edges and a nick on the top right corner as seen in the pics.

This OP1 Passes all function tests, has been factory reset and Includes new aftermarket USB cable, Crank(w 2 knobs) & Custom Lockable Gun Case with current firmware 235 installed.”
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5U Modular Synthesizer

“Up for sale is my beloved 5U modular synth system. This consists of the following modules:

Club of the Knobs


Voltage Controlled Oscillator


Voltage Controlled Amplifier


Voltage Controlled Filter

STG Soundlabs

Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filter

Moon Modular


Voltage Controlled Modifier


Quad Voltage Controlled LFO





22-Space Studio Cabinet


44-Space Studio Cabinet


Power Control Module


Oscillator (VCO)


Oscillator (VCO)


Oscillator (VCO)


Power Interface Module


State Variable Filter (VCF)


Envelope Generator


Envelope Generator




Amplifier (VCA)


Amplifier (VCA)


Quantizer Bank


Quantizer Aid


Noise Source


Trigger Bus


Sample and Hold


Sequential Controller


Ring Modulator


MIDI Interface


Midi Interface Aid


4-Channel Mixer


Slew Limiter


Sequencer Interface


Sequential Switch




Transistor Ladder Filter (VCF)

Moreover, the modules are housed in the Synthesizesrs.com Studio-22 and Studio-44 walnut cabinets, each which contain their own separate power supply units.”
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