Roland TR-909

“1980s Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer (Drum Machine). No issues. Works perfectly. All buttons and knobs work as they should. Well cared for and maintained by Bruce Forat.

**Also a very special mod by Bruce so I can have Rom Version 1 and 4 (Rom version 4 does not allow a factory reset). He made a switch in the battery compartment (see photo). The best of both worlds. You can switch between Rom version 1 so you can do a factory reset and Rom version 4 for midi timing correction. This machine is probably a one of kind. This mod does not effect the sound at all. It’s a costly upgrade.

See photos for cosmetic condition. Comes with power cord and a copy of the owners manual.

High serial number which will have all the Roland revisions to the 909. Great sounding machine. ”
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Roland CR-68

“Up for sale is a Vintage Roland CR-68 CompuRhythm Drum Machine. This package includes the foot switch and a photocopy of the owner’s manual. I have tested this unit for the following. First, the unit powers up when I plugged it in and turned it on. I plugged my amp into it and tested every button and dial. Each of them produced a unique sound and rhythm. I also tested the foot switch, which stops and activates the sound. I don’t know what the other input/output like “trigger out” or the switch is for, so I left them alone. Please check out the provided images for the cosmetic condition. As a vintage item, expect normal wear and age, but I think you will be impressed overall.”
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Roland System 100 Model 101 and Model 102

” The classic, there’s nothing like it. I know, that’s a tired phrase but if you haven’t heard the thundering bass and filters on these, you have to. There’s something about gear from this era, they definitely got the low end right.

Having both the 101 and 102 is phenomenal – 2nd FAT oscillator, another phenomenal filter set (HP and LP), snappy envelope and VCA, PLUS … Ring Mod, Sample and Hold, both weak and strong oscillator sync that sounds insane, and more!

You’ll find some System 100 101’s online, without the 102, and they’ve usually got serious problems. To find both, in great working condition? Rare. This is a special opportunity as both of these units are in very, very good condition.

Many used 101/102’s are missing sliders, slider caps, pot caps or switches are broken. The sliders and pots are noisy and deteriorated. Very often the 101 keyboards have keys that are dead, no action, or the key bed contacts are intermittent or non-functioning, etc.. Not here, all working and solid.

To make sure before selling, I had both recently completely inspected and serviced, including calibrated, fully recapped, and had all pots, sliders checked, by Three Waves Music in NJ. I have the receipts ($800+) and you can call them to confirm and ask any questions. If you’re serious, I can send you the full receipts for your review, and if you purchase, I will email you the receipts for your records, but for privacy I prefer not to post them online here.”
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Roland D-10

“ROLAND D-10 MULTI TIMBRAL LINEAR SYNTHESIZER powers on needs work . This synth powers on and produces clean sound, but it has keys that stick in the upper range. Needs to be serviced. Found in storage. No information on history of this synthesizer. It needs to have a thorough cleaning of the electronics. SOLD AS IS.”
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Roland JSQ-60

“Seller description: Roland JSQ-60 DCB recorder for use with a Juno 60 synthesizer only. Included is an adapter designed as a proper replacement for the Roland/Boss PSA.

Notes on use (from the manual): Only use it with the included adapter as using any other adapter will cause malfunction or even break down. Don’t turn the JSQ on before plugging the adapter into it. (I’ve always hooked up the DCB with both devices turned off as well)”
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Korg Polysix

“Korg polysix, excellent condition, everything fully working

The only cosmetic flaws are the missing veneer on 2 of the wooden end pieces (see photos)

Battery has been replaced, by a previous owner, photos of boards showing where the old battery would’ve been

uk plug

Has midi retrofitted also by a previous owner, however they are mislabelled, I don’t know which way round they go as I don’t use midi. The photo of the wiring inside should answer it.”
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Korg M1 Project Machine

“KORG M1 for parts or repairs . Condition is For parts or not working.

Keyboard turn on and display.
I loaded in the original sounds.

Keyboard is for parts o repairs.
I think the mother could be damaged.
Also the body and sides panels
Are scratchy…”
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Korg MS2000R

“Korg MS2000R Analog Modeling Synthesizer

Korg MS2000R Rack mountable Sound Module comes with Original Manuals and Original Power Adapter.

Sound Module is in Excellent condition and fully working.

Bought this unit Brand New, has never left my home studio and has always been in a Smoke free, Pet free, Air Conditioned environment. ”
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Yamaha CS-15

“YAMAHA CS-15 Vintage Analog Synthesizer. Condition is For parts or not working. Dispatched with Other 48h Courier.bought as part of a lot from an old club clearance where it was found stored safely in a cardboard box have only tested in so much as powering on which it does as can be seen in the pics haven’t linked up to amp or tested any functions as haven’t got a clue about vintage musical items so selling as untested spares or repairs to prevent comebacks maybe working fine or brilliant restoration project for someone with the knowledge,cosmetically appears to be in good condition considering age few chips case paint here and there and usual age related wear and is missing the portamento and pitch bend slider and one of sliders on eg2 panel has snapped off still goes up and down and do have original slider as this was taped to the unit low start no reserve so happy bidding.”
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Yamaha TX216

“This Yamaha TX216 has been fully restored by Synhouse, including 2 new lithium batteries in 2 new battery sockets for easier replacement (and because soldered-in batteries are 100x more known to leak, don’t know why), and it has the Synhouse/Synclav com TX216/TX816 power supply upgrade, in fact it is the very first in the world to have this, and has been worked on day and night here for 16 days to finish off this power supply upgrade kit and installation.

Synhouse has engineered (2016-2019) a massive power supply upgrade that puts a Synclavier power supply into the Yamaha TX816. It’s a little more than that, it’s actually a custom +5v digital power supply and +/-15v Synclavier analog power supply that goes into the TX816 with upgraded wiring, improved grounding, and additionally gets rid of that ridiculous donkey tail AC power cord (only 2-prong, it isn’t even grounded), putting a normal, properly grounded, IEC AC inlet on the back so that it can use a standard computer power cord. ”
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Yamaha DX100

“yamaha dx 100 synthesizer. Condition is Used.

Middle D key is hard to press and the sound doesn’t come out easy, but works. Battery was replaced and everything works good except the D key.

You get the keyboard shipped in its box, along with all the manuals. ”
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Yamaha FB-01 Project Machine

“This auction is for a Yamaha FB-01C synthesizer desktop module. It is not in working condition and will be sold as-is, for parts or repair.

Exterior surfaces, including screen, show various signs of wear, scratches and damage, as shown in pictures.
LED screen is legible and fully functional.
Some of the front panel buttons tend to stick when pressed.
The module does power on and emit sound from outputs when receiving midi notes.
Audio quality is highly distorted and crackles, even at lower volume settings. I don’t know what might be causing this, so I don’t know how to repair it myself”
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Sequential Circuits Pro One

“Sequential Circuits Pro-One 80’s Vintage Monophonic Synthesiser. Condition is Used.
This very nice example of the classic synthesizer comes with a bound copy of the user manual from the USA. The synthesizer has been fully serviced by Cyberwave EMS this month and the JWire keyboard fully re-bushed. It has a few signs of minor wear on a few keys and minor scratches and scuffs on the underside and side wooden planels but nothing that can’t be repaired or rectified.
It is fully functional and plays to full specifications. It is a really lovely instrument and will last year’s to come having been thoroughly cleaned internally and externally with a full professional service.
A good investment and very nice instrument.
Cosmetically 96% perfect and 100% operationally. ”
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ARP Odyssey

“Vintage ARP Odyssey 2800 MK III Model 2823. This synth has just had a full service and is ready to go! It works flawlessly and will cut thru any mix. Pure funk at it’s analog greatest, this vintage synth blows the re-issue Odyssey’s right out of the water. Nothing sounds like an original 2800 and this one is superb.

Functionally this synth is perfect. It does have wear on the side panels and bottom panel. The front panel cosmetics are perfect.”
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Kawai K4




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Oberheim Matrix 1000

“This vintage rack-mount synth module has some amazing sounds. If you love the sound of Oberheim synths, this is far less expensive and in better condition than any Matrix-12 you can find.

The Oberheim Matrix 1000 is the rack module second from the top in the photo. This sale includes only the Matrix 1000 module. The rack and other modules are not included with this purchase.”
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Kawai K3

“Tested Kawai K3 Vintage Hybrid Wavetable Synth RC2 memory cartridge included

in very good working condition

has a couple very small knicks (see photos)

The rc2 memory cartridge is also included”
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Casio SK-1

“Mint condition With the exception of one key wobbly but still works. See pics. i Used 6 doubleA batteries with the device and works great!. Works with normal dc 7v plug (see pics) not included but typically easy to find ..”
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