Yamaha SY77

“Yamaha SY77 61-Key Synthesizer – Vintage 1980s Sounds

Note: Available for collection only due to weight. It is very heavy. Item located in Leeds but can deliver within a 50 miles radius of Leeds for petrol cost.

Okay, the bad first:
– The D# on the first octave is stuck. It can be lifted by hand so it is not playing the note, but it will fall back down if let go. It will need a replacement key (can find for cheap on eBay).
– It crackles on playback more often than not. It occasionally plays nice, but don’t expect this to last for long. I suspect this may be the battery that needs replacing (common issue with these units). But I may be completely wrong. I don’t want to mislead, and it could just as much be a chip issue.
– I don’t know if the floppy drive works as I have no means of testing it.
– The rotating selection dial is wobbly and loose, but does still work.
– The text on the SHIFT, F6, F7, F8, EXIT buttons are faded due to use.
– The casing is quite heavily scuffed on all sides so please inspect the photos. It hadn’t been particularly well looked after by the previous owner.
– All its nooks and crannies need a good clean. I’ve given it a wipe down, but could still do with a bit of TLC.
– And not quite a ‘bad’, but it retains its original LCD screen which is fully working and functioning, but you may prefer to upgrade it to a newer brighter one.”
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Yamaha Tenori On

“Item is in as new condition but has been used a couple of times, hence listing as used. I planned to learn how to get the most from this, but lack of time means I never seem to get the opportunity so I have decided to sell it.

Great piece of kit, which I have tested before placing this listing and all seems in working order.

Comes will everything photographed, midi cable still sealed and charger is included in its original box.

Also included is a printed version of the full Yamaha User Booklet.

Original card outer box has a couple of areas where printing has come off (as photographed), but doesn’t detract from the overall condition of the item.”

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Yamaha TG77

“YAMAHA TG77 Tone Generator Sound Module

Tested by a local electronics repair person and was told it may need a new internal battery but otherwise operates properly.

Includes manuals. I am not an expert on this item but I will certainly do my best to answer any questions you may have.”
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Yamaha FB-01

“Yamaha FM Sound Generator FB-01 MIDI Digital Synth Module, an 8 part multitimbral digital FM synth module. The FB-01 has many organ, piano, brass, bass, guitar, percussion and lead sounds. It’s a good source of typical FM-sounds. It’s a 4-operator synth. I bought the unit used and quite honestly did nothing with it. I tried it out to hear the sounds to test its functionality. It does work, but I don’t really need the unit nor do I want to put the time in it.. Rather than let it sit, someone could put it too good use. It is in good condition There is no manual, but you can get it off the internet.”
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Yamaha FB-01

“Yamaha FM Sound Generator FB-01 MIDI Digital Synth Module Works .Tested.. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. A long scratch on top right hand side. The top seems to have a slight warp in it.hard to photograph. I plugged a midi keyboard into it, used midi channel 1 and I ran through all 4 sound banks. worked well. Thanks for looking.”
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Sequential Circuits MAX

“Sequential Circuits MAX Analog Synthesizer. 6 voice synth with built-in sequencer that is up to 6 parts multitimbral. Everything is in good working order, but the case on this unit has a little light rust. This has the memory upgrade from Tauntek/Bob Grieb installed. This gives you more presets, more sequencer notes, the ability to save user presets in NVRAM, and better MIDI control. This is a big improvement over the original, and it’s worth noting that this mod is no longer available. The MAX is very similar in function and sound to the 6-Trak, but without the knobs.”
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Sequential Circuits Pro One

“Sequential Circuits Pro-One 80’s Vintage Monophonic Synthesiser.

Please read carefully ;

I bought this synth completely refurbed it is very tidy however a few of the keys are now not triggering and will need to be serviced.

Any buyer is welcome to try the synth but it will be sold as seen I have tested it out and to my knowledge there are no other faults at all. I intended to get a service and keep it but now I’m needing funds to refurb my house so I decided to sell it as is.”
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ARP Axxe

“Model number 2321
Serial number 23210981
UK mains powered 240 volts

It has a few scuffs & marks, & the facia & wood sides have faded (see photos).
Please note that I have 2 of these for sale with close serial numbers (see my other listings).
The main difference between the two is that the other one has an additional switch & control knob on the left-hand side, but this one has not (see photos).

The synth was the property of my late brother & I am selling it as part of his estate.
Unfortunately, I have little knowledge of this sort of equipment & I have only been able to carry out some basic checks as follows:

When plugged into an active speaker & powered up it makes an oscillating noise, which can be varied using each of the sliders.
It also responds to each individual key on the keyboard.”
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ARP Avatar

“Deep throbbing to sweetest flower Vintage Arp sound. Included is Hex pickup, and spare cable, big book of manual/schematic, foot pedal, patch cables, spares (test cable, 1/8 – 1/4 connectors, service parts)”
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Alesis Andromeda A6

“You are looking at the auction for a used but in excellent great condition ALESIS ANDROMEDA A6, a modern true real Analog synthesizer that is no longer in production today. There were not many of them produced before Neumark acquired Alesis and discontinued production of this awesome analog synth. So you can think it as a polyphonic “Mini Moog” of modern times but with much more advanced features”
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Teenage Engineering OP-1

“*LIKE NEW* Teenage Engineering OP-1 Keyboard Synthesizer WITH CASE. Condition is Used.

Op-1 ($1300 NEW) with Portable Carrying Case ($60 NEW)

So easy to take wherever you want. AMAZING has drum and synth sampler and recorder! A great tool to take a simple idea closer to a finished product. Quick and can go anywhere. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Micro Q

” Waldorf Micro Q Lite Synthesizer. Screen says Version 1.25 on power up.

Made in Germany. Age unknown, serial number P 1 310050 008406. Powers up and all knobs and functions seem to be working as they should, although I don’t have a keyboard or any other MIDI gear to connect this to. The demo plays through an amplifier.

This is the “Lite” version. According to what I’ve read on a forum, should you wish to, “any Micro Q Lite can be upgraded with free Software/OS to a full Micro Q with 25 voices at the Waldorf website”. I don’t guarantee this to be true, but that was what was posted over a year and a half ago on a forum.

Very good + cosmetic condition, a few minor scratches, mainly on top and bottom, the control panel is nearly perfect. I’m not an synth expert, so please ask questions before bidding.

Uses a 12 volt DC 1.2A center + power supply (not included, I used a universal power supply to test the unit).”
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Octave Cat

“Here is a vintage Octave Electronics Inc – Electronic Music Analog Synthesizer – Model 1853 The Cat. I believe these were made from 1976 to 1981. The serial number on this one is A1047 which seems pretty low compared to some of the others I have seen. If you are looking at this listing you probably know way more than I do about this synth. I spent about an hour with it hooked to an amp playing around with it. It does work – all the knobs and sliders will effect the sound depending on how other controls are set. It will produce some very very strong low tones that I was surprised with. I did finally get something that sounded musical out of it, it will make lots of very strange Pink Floyd-ish sounds as well. The only issue I noticed is there is no sound from key 35 (top black key) and key 34 has to pressed harder than the rest, the rest work ok. Some of the pots and switches have to be jiggled a bit to get a good contact, I think it would probably benefit from a good cleaning and service, its probably been a long time. Over all in good physical condition for its age – missing two of the gray slider tip knobs and could use a good cleaning. A neat machine from the early Analog era. Hope someone can give it a good home……”
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Moog Prodigy

“I have for sale a completely and professionally restored Moog Prodigy Synthesiser dating approximately from 1980s, this is the 336A model before CV and Trig outputs were added to the back.

Restored and re-calibrated with a new U.K. Power Supply Transformer (240V-24V) (original US transformer is supplied and can be fitted for US/110V customers) and new axial electrolytic power supply capacitors, no other major parts on the board needed replacing and the motherboard as you can see is in excellent condition with all pots offering a smooth transition and shiny solder points meaning little chance of dry joints now or in the future.

No cracks on the pot solder points.

The unit is Serial #6993 and additionally has a safe and correctly fused IEC inlet added with isolation boot and properly earthed chassis. A U.K. power lead is supplied.

All keys are functioning and responsive and have had little signs of wear and tear, needing only a little contact cleaning and dust removal using compressed air and switch cleaner.

All but one knob has its original felt bases and all knobs are original and clean. Travel is smooth on all pots with little sign of variance in their sweep/travel.

Modulation wheel rests at indented centre as it should with no drift and pitch wheel correctly travels the semitone/whole tone range. Pitch stability after warm up is excellent, again with no discernible or measurable drift.

Red 5mm LED is original. There is slight wear on the rear case logo (due to previous owner spraying the back black), but this has been successfully removed and cleaned along with the entire top metalwork steam cleaned and 40 years of grime removed.

This unit is unmodified and gently restored and ready to use in any Live or studio setting.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland SH-1000 Project Machine

” This listing is for a vintage Roland SH-1000 Synthesizer. The power light does come on when the switch is flipped with but we do not know if it is working so it is being sold for parts or repair. It is in fair condition with age appropriate wear including broken parts per the pictures shown, and is being sold as-is without return privileges. It has a slight musty odor from being stored in a basement. Thank you for looking.”
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Roland TR-909

“1980s Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer (Drum Machine). No issues. Works perfectly. All buttons and knobs work flawless. Well cared for and maintained. See photos for cosmetic condition. Comes with a copy of the owners manual and power cord. Rom version 1 (this version does factory reset).”
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Roland TB-303

“Up for auction is the Roland TB-303

The unit powers and all buttons and functionality works as expected….except the sound is very faint. You can the pattern following along with some noise but it is not outputting anything as you would expect.

I am not an engineer, technician or electronics expert by any means but I suspect it may be something easy to fix.

The unit is in good cosmetic condition however there is a slight crack on the rear of the unit and a small chip on one the of bottom corners.

I cannot find the adaptor for this synth but I tested it using batteries. The Roland PSA adaptor is very easy to find or you could also almost any 9v centre negative adapter.”
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Roland JD-800

“Roland JD-800 Synthesizer Works Fine Needs A Little TLC. Condition is Used. As you can see a few of the buttons have been removed for God knows what reason. So those are gone. The far right key is the only key with an issue and it’s a minor one no pun intended. The key probably needs a spring replaced. Also a few of the metal bars underneath the keys are missing.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Juno 60

“Roland Juno-60 Keyboard Synthesizer. Conditi
on is used. New slider and switch felt, upgraded to solderless battery holder and new battery, replaced 1 faulty toggle switch. All Soldering has been repaired professionally. Detailed pictures of the wooden end caps and a scratch near power button show the only cosmetic damage on the keyboard. The sliding switches feel a bit stiff but all work and sound good.
Tested and fully functional. Reprogramming the memory keys is needed but not difficult.”
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Korg MS-20

“Korg MS-20 Original Vintage Semi-Modular Monophonic Analog Synthesizer.

Some bumps and scratches, to be expected for age, but well loved and used in the time it’s been with me.
Resonance is a bit peaky before its warmed up with a bit of a wiggle, which in itself its a great sound!”
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Korg MS2000R

“Korg MS2000R Rack mounted analog modelling synth / vocoder / analog sequencer.

This is an excellent synth. Easy to use. Great fun to tweak. Wonderful korg analog sound.

Comes with original korg power supply.

It’s got two oscillators which you can sync or ring mod. It also has a noise source.

It’s got distortion and delay effects.

It can work as a vocoder with an external input!

It also has an internal 16 step, 3 row analog style sequencer which you can route to all sorts of parameters. For instance the first row could set pitch, the second could set the filter cutoff, while the third selects the wave form of oscillator 1.

It has a keyboard mode where the row of buttons at the bottom can be used as a keyboard which is great fun when using this as a desktop synth.

It’s in perfect working order. It’s got a bit of rack rash around the rack mount holes and a couple of small scratches on the ears which you can just about see in the photos. ”
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Korg MS2000

“If you’re looking at this, no doubt you already know what it is!

In good condition, with no scratches or chips to the body or the wood panels on either end. The keys are in equally good condition with no chips.

This has not been gigged (since i’ve owned it), and I don’t think the previous owner did either.

Original PSU included. There is a slight crack to one of the knobs (pictured). This doesn’t affect performance, but the purists may want to swap out with a replacement, which you can find online.”
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