Oberheim SEM

” For sale is one of the all time greats of synth sound and history…

Vintage Oberheim SEM module! 100% working. Face is in great shape!!!! All knobs, functions work great. The housing shows wear (bottom and sides). The output for low was modified to 1/4 inch. The unit appears to have been recapped properly- the original tropical fish caps are still there (never swap them unless you MUST… you will hear a difference) There has definitely been some work done inside- the 1/4 mod, recap, some wiring looks non original. BUT I always took it as it was serviced. The unit sounds and performs as it should but it has NOT been calibrated. Assume drift.

It tunes awesome and HOLDS tune, unlike my Minimoog LOL… which btw it was MADE for. As an expander for a mini, its ridiculous. And theres a mod you can do on your mini for CV out and you can control it from the mini!!! (It was called the “S”ynthesizer “E”xpansion “M”odule LOL) Thats how I’ve been using it and it kills. But I’m so tired of multi tracking chords note by note LOL!!!!

This is an actual SEM not a rehoused module from a 2, 4 or 8 voice.”
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Metasonix S-2000 with Future Retro Mobius Sequencer

“Sad to see these go… By far the juiciest synth tones out there.

The Metasonix S-2000 is an early one, #22, and in perfect working condition. The brushed black aluminum gathers dust and fingerprints very easily, but the only wear is on the rack ears.

The Mobius has CV outputs for V/Oct and Hz/V and midi outputs and pairs perfectly with the S-2000. No visible cosmetic flaws.

The Mobius is discontinued but Future Retro are still operational.

Will not sell separately. Working adapters for both included. Thank you for looking, bid with confidence.”
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Ensoniq VFX-SD

“VFX-SD upgraded with SD-1 version 4.1 firmware

Has the added Piano, Vibes, “Hip Drums”, etc. waveforms

Includes power cable, nice shape VFX-SD manual, and SoundEngine.com’s VFX-SD library of 9500+ VFX sounds (delivered after purchase via d0wnload)”
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Moog Rogue

“Moog Rogue Vintage 80’s Monophonic Analogue Synthesiser Synth. Condition is Used. Collection in person only.

Fully working with power supply, this has given me decades of use with no problems. its not in perfect cosmetic condition as you can see, viewing would be recommended, and collection is preferred. Versitile but relatively simple. Great for lead sounds and bass.”
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Moog Rogue

“Moog Rogue BEAUTIFUL vintage analog mono synth w/ power mod!. Condition is Used.
Original,hard to find, power supply is no longer needed; This unit has been modified and has a modern, IEC cable power supply built in! No more forgetting or losing the very expensive wall wart! This unit has been cleaned inside and out, including the removal of the notoriously rotten black foam dust liner. Everything works as it should and it sounds AMAZING! True vintage Moog flavor; strong and fierce! As can be seen in the last photo, there is a small crack in the left end cap: this in no way affects the performance of the unit at all. I am only selling this as I have restored a Pro One and have sadly decided to let this one go.”
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Moog Memorymoog Plus

“This is a Memorymoog Plus that I bought directly from Moog when I worked there as Marketing Manager. I had Don Besecker of DBM Tech install a better MIDI implementation system, while keeping the original Moog hardware. I had Wes Taggart of Analogics do a complete restoration about 10 operating hours ago. All factory patches and sequences are in memory. Everything on the instrument operates at, frankly, better than original factory quality. I include the owner and service manuals and the oh-so-rare cassette interface cables. There are some scratches at the top of the front panel, as you can see in the photos, but I doubt you’ll find a better-sounding Memorymoog anywhere.”
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Roland CR-5000

“I am selling my Mint Condition Roland CR-5000 Drum Machine. Works. All buttons are there and function. Very clean case. Few minor surface scratches on top case. Original color has not Yellowed over time. Please see the photos. Good Luck.”
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Roland U-220 Project Machine

“Estate sale find Roland U-220 RS-PCM Sound Module. It powers on but further from that I DON’T know its full functionality. Power button seems to be loose as well. Item shows some scratches and scuffs from normal use. NOT sure if it will work with a fix so I am selling it for repair or parts ONLY.”
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Roland Alpha Juno 2


cleaned and tested by a sound engineer, everything is working 100%

All parameters, presets and wave editing functions work properly.

Blast from the past this type of keyboard had been used by many talented musicians

Mundo Muzique, Vince Clarke, Matt Megaton Haines, Paul Hardcastle, Fatboy Slim, Massive Attack, Bomb the Bass, The Prodigy, Faithless, Youth, Joey Beltram and Human Resource.”
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Korg MS-2000R

“Korg MS-2000R Great Condition.

I’ve gotten some great timbres out of this synth over the years. It has a certain digital quality with a fantastic Korg filter and effects. It also has a vocoder input which has seen quite a bit of use.

In all honesty, for digital sounding synths of this era I think the MS-2000R does it best. Check out some demos of the sound if you don’t know what it sounds like. Excellent for any genre of electronic music but the tech house community seems to really love this thing. No surprise. ”
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Korg Poly-61M

“Works great. Tunes up in 5 minutes like it should. Stays in tune. All arpeggiation , chord hold, pedal midi etc works as should. Programable, all original, except one side panel which are particle board, was coming apart, so I re-fashioned a solid wood piece and re-built it. It’s sturdier than new.

Nice synth. Very very clean on the inside.

It’s been in AC storage, over the years whenever I pull it out it worked as it should.

It’s in good shape on the exterior. It will not pass for new, but it’s a good-fair looking, outside, and very good on the inside.

It’s truly a great sounding piece, u can can really get all the typical poly synth sounds, plus it’s got it unique cool sounds when u tweak parameters sounds u will never find in any synth due to unique architecture.”
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Korg DW-6000

“Pre-owned, in good condition. Fully tested and works perfectly. One of the keys is bent/stuck, as shown in the photos. Cosmetic dirt and scuffs from prior use, as well as some discoloration from age. All sliders and buttons work perfectly well. Includes attached power cable. Does not include a case. Does not include instructions, though they can readily be found on the internet. Does not include any other cables.”
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Korg Polysix

“The CPU/battery board was replaced with a good used board. All Key bed contacts cleaned. Power supply rebuilt. Photocoupler replaced. Recapped, calibrated, cleaned and professionally serviced by Analogics in Cleveland, OH.

All functions working except arpeggiator led light isn’t. No big deal. All CV in/outs working. Arp CV syncs as expected. VCF CV works awesome. Overall great condition inside and out, ready to play and sounds massive. I love this thing but I gotta let it go.”
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Yamaha DX7

“Item is in fair/good cosmetic shape and has normal wear from use and storage. The 2 slider switches are in great working order but are missing the caps for easy use. All keys work and have the spring action. The keys feel weighted much like a piano so it plays like one. This is a very high end machine and was top of the line when it was released. The cartridges included are #3 and #4 and a protect able write rewrite cartridge for your own sounds.”
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Yamaha DX7

“For sale very nice YAMAHA DX7 digital programmable algorithm synthesizer and Unitec case. This unit is in very good condition and functions as intended. With Heavy Duty UNITEC case. This is a heavy unit and shipping will reflect it.”
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Yamaha DX9

“Well used shape as seen, one broken key, that key as well as all the other keys are working. Display reads well.

Powers on and has some strange voiced programed in. does not seem to have the factory voices installedall keys working. Pitch and MOD wheels working but one is broken as seenplastic on frame back corners broken. missing the slider caps, the volume tine for the slider is broken but you can still slide it up and down.

needs a battery. ”
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Yamaha CX5M

Vintage Yamaha CX5M music computer with Extras. Condition is Used.

one of a kind and looks shiny still

Works fine

Has box (beat up)


Data memory udc-01

2 fm sound synthesizers units

The actual computer in super shape”
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Yamaha FB-01

” Yamaha FB-01 FM Synth Module USED Syntheizer Rack Tested Works MIDI WAY COOL. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Neat FM Synth module from Yamaha here. I’ve owned it for over ten years and it’s been a blast to use. Unit has some scratches typical of use over time and handling. Sometimes a few of the buttons will stick a little when trying to change some of the settings. Please see photos for details. ”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000

“Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 Sampler, analog Filter Near Mint Condition!. All Items I am listing were tested and photographed in 2012. They were then wrapped in plastic and stored. I will test EVERY unit before shipping and will reach out to buyers if there are any issues.This is my personal museum collection, which I have been building for 30 years, and it is painful to sell but we need money.Most items have manuals and I will be digging for those as well…I would never intentionally deceive anyone and will endeavor to make sure ALL buyers are happy”
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