Roland JX-8P with Roland PG-800 Programmer

“Roland JX8P Vintage Polyphonic Synthesiser Digitally controlled Analogue. Condition is Used.

This is a uniqe collectors vintage Roland JX-8P originally owned by the 80s Rock Band “Bite the Bullet”. The synth comes with the memory card containing the sounds created by the band using the PG-800 controller, which is included in the sale and featured in their first album released in 1989. The PG-800 controller is an essential editing tool for the JX-8P and can also be used during live performance.
A copy of the CD “Bite the Bullet” is also included in the sale.
Don’t miss out on this unique and exiting opportunity to own one of the most iconic synthesizers of the 80s.
It is in good working order and recently serviced. As with much loved vintage equipment, it shows many battle scars and these are shown in the photos. I personally think it adds to the kudos of this fantatic synth.
Due to the vintage and value of this item, it is collection only and I may be willing to deliver within a reasonable distance & cost. We can discuss and agree this during the sale.”
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Roland Juno 106S

“Roland Juno 106s in working condition. All 6-voices are functioning. Sliders and knobs are all working including the 2 set of speakers. In very decent condition cosmetically despite its age. There are certain sounds that crack when played. Not sure if it has to do with the sound board (amplifier) having issue. All keys/notes are working.”
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Roland SH-1000

“Here’s a beautiful Roland SH-1000. There are some obvious signs of age because this is Roland’s first synthesizer and is almost 50 years old.
Completely functional. All sliders, pots and stitches have been cleaned. No scratchy noises!”
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Korg DVP-1 Project Machine

“Item condition: Effects sound distorted/ major attenuation problems. Direct output does not work (works through the mix).

Seller description: Korg DVP-1. Parts or repair, comes as shown. The power cord is not included but it accepts a Roland/Korg 2 prong cord. Internal waveforms come through ok. Programs/menu/data encoder work. ”
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Korg Polysix with Kiwisix Upgrade

“KORG Polysix W/Kiwisix Upgrade, Restored W/ PSU upgrade and synthgraphics overlay.

It is fully functional and has been recently serviced, and sounds fantastic.

This a nice example of a Korg Polysix, with those sweet 80’s graphics and wood sides.

There are some small scratches here and there and some wear on the wood sides including on chip on the right hand check in the back by PSU (see pic), but overall for a synth of its age, it looks great!

All pots have been cleaned, PSU was upgraded, unit calibrated, synth graphic was overlayed and firmware was upgraded to latest release, and it sounds fantastic.

Here’s what it adds:

-New KLM367 Board

-512 storage presets upgraded from 64

-MIDI capability

-Key Transpose

-Internal Master Clock

-Internet Upradeble

-Upgraded arpeggiator mode

-Sequencer mode

-Much more reliable stable power supply board “
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Korg X-911

“I’m selling a fully tested and working used Korg X-911 Vintage Analog Guitar Synthesizer. It’s in great condition and has been played and tested recently. The pictures show how nice a condition it’s in.”
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Korg M-500 Micro Preset

“Up for auction today is a Vintage Morg M-500 Synthesizer. I got this at an estate sale. I plugged in a pair of headphones and the keyboard played. It appears all the knobs function except for 1. It is the Monentary / Portamento on switch is broke. (See pics) I have no other way of confirming if the keyboard can play thru an amp. Dusty and used. Made in 1977. Thanks for looking!”
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Korg PSS-50

“Original owner, barely used. All buttons work like new. A vintage classic. Rumor has it that Joe Jackson wrote parts of ‘steppin out’ on this. Great, cheesy 80’s sounds. Comes with original power cord, works with batteries too!”
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Yamaha FB-01

” Yamaha FB-01 FM Sound Generator – MIDI Connectivity – VINTAGE!
Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Think: “Big Hair”, “Glam Rock”, “Glitter”… The FB-01 is Deep in That Zone. If you are mining the Sound That Was The 80’s, You Need 80’s Vintage Gear!

This Is It!”
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Yamaha DX7 II D with Grey Matterr E!

“This DX7 is the IID model with Grey Matter E! installed. Fully tested to the best of my ability. I don’t have access to a breath controller, but everything else is confirmed working.

There’s a hole drilled in the top left corner and there are 2 places on the front panel that the paint was repaired. See the pictures.

4 cartridges and an adapter are included. All of the cartridges work and are loaded with great sounds!”
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Yamaha DX7

“auction for YAMAHA DX-7 SYNTHESIZER —61 KEYS—$45.95 S/H U.S.A. Insured # 17361

Cosmetics: Good Condition, 1 key was cracked and glued , end plastic corner is cracked— May show normal wear. See all pictures

Operational Condition: Tested all works Great!” Click here to search for synths on eBay 

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000

“Hello and thanks for reading this listing for my truly beautiful 1985 Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 sampler. I really do think this one of the best 12-bit samplers of the era due to the flexible multi-timbrality, build quality and that fantastic rich Curtis resonant filter (as used in many a classic analogue synthesizer, as I am sure you know).

This Prophet is near as damn it in PERFECT condition. Barely a mark on it. I have recently serviced it, and cleaned every key contact ensuring every velocity-sensitive key works and also does so over midi, controlling other modules as required.

The fantastic futurist membrane-buttoned panel works perfectly with every button and LED working as it should. What a great design it is. No crackles from the balance or volume potentiometers. When cleaning the unit I did take note of how easy it is to gain access – 6 screws and the lid flips up, and another 2 release the whole keyboard bed for straightforward cleaning. It’s even signed by a Sequential Circuits engineer inside the case.

Not only is it in amazing condition but this particular 2000 has a library of about 40 disks loaded onto SD Drive which is fitted into the drive bay. This frankly makes the unit far more usable and you can add more to your hearts content. Oberheims, DX7 presets, Hammond samples, Emu library sounds, Synclavier and Fairlight library sounds, even complete EMU SP12 and TR808 kits spread across multi-samples….they are all on here at your fingertips in their 12-bit glory. Truly amazing what you can do with only 256kb of RAM. You can still buy a 512kb upgrade online, but this one is as it came out of the factory and this is just how I like it. If you want to start using the sampler to double up each sample and work in stereo I would suggest investigating that upgrade – Personally I have always used it in mono mode which to my mind gives it the true sound for which it is famous. In either case you have options to expand should you wish.

Did I mention the fantastic sound of this sampler enough already? Pop it through a reverb and away you go…instant Faltermeyer, Jan Hammer, Art of Noise etc. It’s a really, really rich and evocative sound. With a half-decent sequencer and a little planning you could produce a whole track with this item.” Click here to search for synths on eBay 

Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

“1984 Sequential Circuits DrumTraks Drum Machine in Working Order, with some quirks…

*Quirks….the potentiometers on individual sound/drum and Tuning are finicky…usable but finicky
meaning they will hit their stepped settings (maybe mark with a pencil) but you need to spin slowly

volume is a little crispy

Being sold as-is

A Decent Usable Example”
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Sequential Circuits Pro One

“you are bidding on the synth pictured
from a private collection. has been sitting a long time
but in Great physical shape. all keys and functions are working well
some of the pots and switches and key contacts will need cleaning and normal service
I have not had this unit serviced, but will guarantee it to work as it should
faces up Very nicely as seen. wood sides are in very good shape.
dates to 1983. the keys are a bit clanky when triggered – I think they need a new felt strip inside
no major issues or problems”
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Sequential Circuits MAX Project Machine

“Up for grabs is a Sequential Circuits MAX 100% warm and fuzzy analog synthesizer.

Note: The unit turns on but does not complete the boot process and thus will need servicing. Though: It is in good/great “physical” condition for its age.

There are a few scratches on it.

It is similar to the Sequential Six-Track and Multitrack. The sounds are pretty big and amazing. Think prophet.

The MAX was designed as an alternative to more expensive Sequential models. The sound quality wasn’t sacrificed but they cut out some of the controls to save on construction costs. It only has a few onboard controls for modifying sounds. It does have 80 stock presets (most of them are great as-is) and there are 20 user patches.

If you want to dive in and modify the sounds it’s really not that difficult. All of the sounds can easily be controlled by an external MIDI CC controller. I use the Arturia Beat Step Pro (not included). It allows me to control the sounds quickly. I will include a printed copy of the manual and MIDI instructions.” Click here to search for synths on eBay 

Arp Axxe

“Vintage monophonic synthesizer. Turns on and got sound out of it; not an expert but it could use some servicing. Due to its vintage nature, this synthesizer is being sold AS IS. NO returns. Prefer local pickup.” Click here to search for synths on eBay 

Wersi EX10R

“Hard to find synth these days! Snatch your occasion.

This Wersi Expander EX 10R is in good condition, with minor cosmetic signs of use (scratches, chipped paint, etc., see pictures). Display looks good, and everything works fine as it should.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Microwave II

“Waldorf Microwave II in great condition other than a few smudges on the nextel finish and a little rack rash (see photos). All pots and buttons and jacks are great with no noise and good feel. Includes like new AC adapter. This is the later model with the more reliable #3 board. Love it but need to let it go.” Click here to search for synths on eBay


“This is an extremely rare Synclavier Digital Audio System. This system belonged to Jim Johnston (Composer for the WWE) and was used in his recording studio. The Synclavier is completely functional and in very clean condition overall. This machine is interfaced using two Apple towers and monitoring screen. The Synclavier also includes an extensive sound library full of some of the best samples ever recorded of a large range of instruments, from orchestral, synthesizers, vocals, percussion and foley sounds. There are a few extra cables and rack panels that we are bundling into this lot as extra options for the next owner. Selling this at local pickup only. The purchaser can give this set up a complete test in person to see everything working”
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Oberheim Matrix 6

“Up for sale is the legendary oldie but goodie,oldie but basically like new goody if you can believe it. The Oberheim Matrix 6. Yes im talking about a basically untouched classic piece of vintage gear in basically new condition !!, This piece has never been serviced, repaired or never even been played for more than even a few hours in TOTAL. So in other words its basically like walking into a Sam Ash or other music store between 1984-1987 an asking “may I please have a Oberheim Matrix 6″. I was thinking about keeping it as a show piece because of its age and history, and not to mention it is sort of a family heirloom, but I need to buy other gear, I have shown numerous pics in this posting but if you require additional pictures please don’t hesitate to ask, and that goes for any additional questions too. Included is the original foot pedal and power supply, sorry but I don’t have the manual,”
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