Moog Prodigy

“Der Prodigy wurde vor ein paar Jahren komplett runderneuert. Dementsprechend ist der optische Zustand vergleichsweise sehr gut (siehe Fotos). Auch technisch war bis vor kurzem alles bestens und er hat hervorragend geklungen. Dann hat allerdings die Tastatur Probleme gemacht und kurz danach fiel sie ganz aus. Mehr sollte es nicht sein, allerdings kann ich es auch nicht 100% sicher beurteilen. Jedenfalls wird der Prodigy ausdrücklich als defekt an Bastler abgegeben.

In der Auktion enthalten:

– Moog Prodigy mit Gate/CV
– Stromkabel
– Original-Anleitung

Es handelt sich übrigens um das 230V Modell, ein Adapter wird also nicht benötigt. Bei Fragen zum Prodigy gern eine Nachricht schicken!

Rechtlicher Hinweis: Privatauktion, keine Garantie oder Gewährleistung, keine Rücknahme.”
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Roland SH-5

“Roland SH-5 recently refurbished and in excellent condition. All functions, keys and sliders work. Only some minor scratches and marks on the exterior case of the synth. As with all vintage gear, sold as is without warranty of defects. ”
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Roland Juno 60

“THE sound of the ’80s. My Juno 60 is in great condition. It has many of the great sounds from the synth crazed 1980’s and endless possibilities for creating your own.. I hate to let this go, but I have too many keyboards and the digital synths in my sequencer program come pretty close to emulating the cool sounds you can get from this classic synth. But this is the real thing!”
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Roland JX-3P

“The JX-3P is a six-note polyphonic, 61 key synthesizer with sawtooth, 50 and 10% pulse waveforms, and a noise generator. It has 32 factory programs in ROM, and user memory for 32 programs. Like new kept in a smoke free area …”
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Korg MS2000 Project Machine

“I’m selling my Korg MS2000 synth. It’s the green colored one with grey knobs, not the black one. There are some issues with this synth, first of all the wood side plate on the right hand side has been broken since the day I got it. There are a couple of the grey knobs missing and I’ve been unable to find them readily. They got lost when I moved here. Third, and most important is that there is a problem with the sound output on the synth. For some reason after the synth has been on for a few minutes, the sound output diminishes rapidly until there is no sound output at all. I have zero idea what’s wrong with it. Another thing that happened once was that upon turning the power on, there was an error code on the LCD screen. I was able to turn the synth off and back on and it never happened again, but I figured I’d mention it. No idea why that happened. I’ve called a couple places in the area to have it looked at, and no one ever gets back to me, so I’m going to sell it. If you’re good with these things, you might fix it for next to nothing, or it might have something more major wrong with it. I fix cars, not synths unfortunately, so I’m at a loss with what could be wrong here. Other than the missing knobs and broken wood side plate, it’s in very nice condition physically. ”
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Korg PSS-50

“Original owner, barely used. All buttons work like new. A vintage classic. Rumor has it that Joe Jackson wrote parts of ‘steppin out’ on this. Great, cheesy 80’s sounds. Comes with original power cord, works with batteries too!”
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Korg 707

“Korg 707 left behind by old roommate-has been stored in closet for years-was bought new and used very little and was given to me as payment for rent. I am not musical at all and dont know anything other than with batteries it turns on and does what I am told it is supposed to do-dont have an amp or anything to play this with. ”
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Korg SQ-10

” Serial # 152237: This is a Vintage 1980’s used Voltage control Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer. 3 channels of output control voltages. 2 of which have cool Portamento function knobs with depth of those parameters for really funky cool techno slide effects from note to note. A 2 input voltage adding+summing section. switchable voltage ranges on top 2 channels for more flexibility. Models like this were used by famous electronic music bands like KRAFTWERK , Covenant and more. Mini LED’s track each note programed . Used with Korg MS-10 MS-20 and MS-50 model synthesizers + the triggers can sync reset with other related Korg Analog gear of the time period that also use triggers instead of voltage gates. Rare Item. ”
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Korg M500

“Works “partially” – some of the sounds are weak. Some don’t seem to work at all, and some work after the unit has warmed up. Here is a list:
2′. Violin, Recorder, Whistle WORK!
4′. Violin 2, Flute, Soprano WORK
8′. (no sounds work)
16′. (no sounds work)
32′ (no sounds work)

Both outputs work!

One of the levers broke off, and one of the keys is chipped. All keys work though. See pics for the damage.

Just opened it up, to see if the reason some sounds don’t work was apparent. I don’t see any bulged capacitors or anything easily identified. Looks to me like this has NEVER been serviced. Someone with electronic skills could fix this right up…

The instrument will be carefully packaged. the dimensions and the weight are entered into eBay, so the shipping you see is what it’ll cost based on your location.

Check out my other auctions for more AV stuff!!”
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Korg 707

“nice condition cord 707 vintage synthesizer in working condition no power supply portable powered by battery 6C batteries and can be worn like a guitar.ALTHOUGH WORKING GOOD STILL WILL BE SOLD AS IS.”
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Yamaha DX7 II FD

“DX7II-FD in as close to perfect cosmetic & working condition as I’ve seen on Ebay or elsewhere.

Never gigged.
No case damage, scratches, worn paint, broken keys, defective switches, etc. (well, there are a few scratches on the bottom). Any white specs in the photos are dust.
Numeric displays have all segments working; no LCD defects or scratches.
The only item not working correctly is the floppy drive. It reacts to commands, appears to work, but action ends in a Read/Write error. I will include a number of 720kb used floppy disks in case you figure out how to get it working.
Includes original cartridge with factory patches (tested loading factory patches, works), and additional patch banks and the original owners manual (worn but very usable condition)”
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Yamaha SY85

“You can read lots of stuff about this synth online, but the bottom line is that it has the classic Yamaha horns, woodwinds and guitars that sound so realistic, I still record with them.
Early on, I got tired of the cord hanging out of the unit so I installed a standard socket so you can use any computer power cord (included).This listing includes a Music Network padded gig bag and all the software and documentation in the pictures. I take very good care of my equipment so everything is in excellent condition for its age.”
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Yamaha DX7s

“Yamaha DX7s in excellent condition showing little wear or signs of use. ROM cartridge is included but appears to be corrupted. Shows on display as “Format Conflict!” when cartridge voice or performance is selected. All internal voices and performances are loaded and working properly. Synth has new battery and has been modified internally with battery holder so battery can be easily replaced if necessary.”
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Yamaha SHS-200 Keytar

“You are bidding on YAMAHA SHS-200 KEYTAR Synthesizer Keyboard MIDI . Powers up and seem to be working. All keys are present and all in great condition and none are stick. All buttons are present and all working. All connections are original and all working. Missing a box, cables and manual. Please look at the pictures before bidding, you will get what you see in the pictures.”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

“Selling my p600 of which I am the original owner.
I had it refurbished and the Gligli modification installed in 2015 by Wine Country.
You already know that this is the original MIDI synth with a distinctively aggressive sound.
Includes original manual.
Includes original ePROM incase you want to de-Gigli-ize it.
The unit is in excellent condition for it’s age.
It has a couple of small dings on the wood ends which you can see in the photos.
There is a piece of electrical tape covering the Sequential Circuits logo on the back. (Back in the olden days of the original synth wave we did not want advertisements on stage ;-)) ”
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Analogue Systems RS-8000

” Width (84 HP) X It is a full set with modules installed in a 4-stage walnut cabinet, its cabinets are luxuriously used for exclusive walnut materials, and are carefully finished in the same workshop as EMS VCS 3.

It is only one with scratches

System configuration: Tom Yoke Radio Head Model
200/3/40/20/100/110/160/210/120/230/80 × 2 units / 95 × 3 units / 165/250/3 units / 130/280/170/160/180 × 3 units / 15 / cabinet” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Future Retro Revolution

“The Future Retro Revolution is an analog monophonic synth with an analog sequencer in the style of the TB-303. Much of the circuitry is a replication though Future Retro stress that it is much more stable. The instrument’s interface is undeniably unique and, as you may imagine, some interesting ideas can be born of it. The knobs are nice and solid and well spaced on the unit’s front face. This is definitely an instrument built to be played live.

It is in excellent operational condition and operates exactly as intended. I am the original owner and it has always lived in my own personal smoke-free studio. There are two blemishes in the paint on the front face. It looks like it may have happened during the finishing process – I don’t remember them not being there. This runs on a 12 V AC power supply. Power supply for 120V (North America) is included. ”
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Oberheim Matrix 1000

“I loved using this classic synth in my hardware setup, but I’m focusing more on writing music entirely on the computer, and because of that, this synth needs to find a new owner who will make good use of it.

The synth is in great condition and any cosmetic issues are very minor. It doesn’t even really have any wear and tear due to being in a rack.

It does have the audible hum that’s common with these synths (due to how they’re built, just to be clear), but it’s not really that noticeable and doesn’t affect the performance of the unit at all.

The unit will be carefully packaged to ensure that it arrives safely and securely at your destination.”
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