Yamaha TG77

“We perform power on and basic functional tests on all of our used items. Items with “Parts and repair” status are either incomplete for parts or has defects that requires expert repairs. Please make sure to check for compatibility before purchase.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha DX7s

” Yamaha DX7s Keyboard Synthesizer. Item is used. No Cartridge. I bought preowned and have never had a cartridge to try in it. It does make sound when connected to guitar amp. Dust cover still over cartridge slot. All buttons engage. White lettering not worn off. No scratches on display. Keys in great shape. Good Condition. Pictures are of actual item.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha TG33

“This Yamaha TG33 has been well loved and used. These units are great for long, morphing digital pads and gritty textures and sound effects. It fires up and works flawlessly. The unit does have some cosmetic wear and tear. Included is the original power supply and the module, nothing else.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha DX7

” 61 keys, 16 poly, 6 operator FM sound source synthesizer. A big hit / digital synth that caused a major movement in the music scene just after its release in 1983. Power supply direct connection type. * Exterior crack crack correction is available.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

“SCi Prophet-600 programmable polyphonic synthesizer

Looks 8.75 of 10

In good shape but partly refinished (top panel near wood ends), please see pictures.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
Change all electrolytic capacitors and short life transistors, opamps and logis ICs with new ones,
and keys knobs, sliders, switches and jacks cleaning before shipping.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak

“Offering up this analog gem. It’s been in the family for decades, but hasn’t seen much use lately.

I have extensive electronics experience, so I serviced it. I cleaned the controls, performed the battery life modification, and installed a new Energizer Lithium battery. Should last 10 years before it needs service again. Other than that it is unmodified and it is a revision “A” board. The patch memory was lost when the battery died, but I programmed a handful of sounds to test out the features. There is a lot of information regarding the original 100 presets online if you are looking to restore the factory samples.

Everything except the “tape drive” functions were tested. All controls, MIDI and audio I/O are 100%.

The power cord insulation is cracked as noted in the pictures. There are scratches on the bottom and a ding or two on the control plate. Otherwise it is excellent!”
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The Harvestman Piston Honda MK II

“I’m the second owner of this unit. During my ownership it has only been used in my smoke free home studio. Original owner claimed the same and I’ve found no evidence to believe otherwise. Minor rack rash as shown in photos otherwise excellent physical condition. Works perfectly. Comes with screws and power ribbon. Does not have original box but will be well packed for shipping.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Flame Talking Synth

“In excellent condition. Fully working – very minimal rack rash. Very unique and rare module that uses the actual “speakjet” chip. Has a synth mode – so it produces tones too, not just words/phonemes – it’s more versatile than you might expect – produces chords as well.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Casio CZ-101

“Hello. Up for consideration is a Casio CZ-101 Vintage Synthesizer Keyboard ~ FREE SHIPPING

It is UNTESTED as it does not include the power supply. We are selling this for parts/repair. Please look at ALL of the photos as they are a part of the description.”
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MacBeth X-Series Micromac-R

“It is EuroRack synth voice module of Macbeth Studio Systems.
It is a specification, sound which considers Minimoog.
I think that it is a precious model that is not readily available in Japan.

We will send for equipment arrangement.

Although it is confirmed all the way, there are abrasions that do not appear in the photograph, but I think that it is in a beautiful state as a whole.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

EMS DK1 Cricklewood

“Only selling because I have two – this one listed here just brought up to spec at EMS very rare DK1 Cricklewood keyboard includes original EMS zipper bag- , Jones connector lead to interface to EMS synths and instructions

note this is DK1 keyboard only -does not include VCS3

will ship anywhere in the world well packed” Click here to search for synths on eBay


“It has rich, complex, creepy, and dark digital sound that can be modified with different effects and envelopes. You can also layer sounds. If you just start pressing random voices and modifiers you end up with sonic gold more often than not. These were my secret weapons in the 90s back when finding authentic complex keyboard sounds was harder to do. It records very well.

The original pedal that is almost always missing is included. At some point in the 80’s the pedal was rewired and repurposed to control an effects rack. Instead of the normal two outputs the pedal should have it has four quarter inch outputs now. I cannot find the schematics for the original pedal so I have no way to reverse the mod and it WILL NOT WORK with the DK-20 until the mod is reversed, but if you are handy maybe you can figure it out. It is a shame because the sustendo toe stud adds an additional effect to the DK-20. It sounds like a tremolo mixed with a univibe on a very high setting that you control by touching the chrome horn in the middle of the pedal.

I had the DK-20 serviced recently and the only flaw remaining is one LED is out on the front panel. It does not make sense to replace it since the switch works and it is not a generic switch. It is factory labeled. All that has gone wrong with it since I have owned it is a ribbon cable came loose and disconnected the mixer section. It was hard to spot. While I had it in being serviced, I had all the sliders cleaned and it was given a full check out.

Cosmetically the machine looks good with minimal wear. The keyboard action feels good. One of the latches is broken on the original included lid. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

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Oberheim Matrix 6

“Up for auction is my Oberheim Matrix-6 synthesizer. I’ve used this synth in my smoke-free home studio for the past five years, and I know it inside and out. This synth is in immaculate cosmetic condition, and it sounds amazing. The mod matrix really allows for the creation of much more unusual and interesting sounds. All buttons, volume slider, pitchbend levers, jacks, and synth functions work perfectly.

I replaced the internal battery four years ago, so it should be good to go for another six years or so. I have loaded this synth with the factory patches, so the buyer will receive it basically as it would have originally been sold. I’ll be sorry to see it go. It’s a truly inspiring synth, but I’m moving in a different direction.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Kawai K4

“KAWAI K-4 Vintage 16 Bit Synthesizer 61-Key Keyboard. Made in JAPAN – 1989 – nice working condition for nearly 30 years old – aftermarket power supply ships with synth! These are becoming more and more sought after!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Kawai SX-240

“Rare Kawai SX-240 analog synthesizer up for auction! Released in 1984, this 8-voice polyphonic synth has 2 analog DCOs and one sub-osc. Stackable in poly-8, poly4 or mono mode for a really big sound. Great for leads, bass, brass, drones, pads and strings, plus add on-board ‘ensemble’ (chorus) or ‘brass’ (ring mod) effects.

I’ve owned this unit since the mid-1990s, only smoke-free studio use. It is built like a tank- this one is fully functioning, have had zero issues with it. Keys, buttons, knobs, sliders all in perfect working order, MIDI works. The wood-grain sides are in good shape with only a few minor dings/scratches, and the metal casing has only a few minor scratches on the edges, one dent near the rear power supply. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Oberheim OB8

“This is the legendary Oberheim OB8 in pristine working condition. Cosmetically there are light signs of wear (all detailed in pics), most significantly a scratch on the upper right of the top casing, light scratches on the sides and back and some scuffing by the arpeggiator. Great condition for how old this keyboard is.

This unit was recently fully professionally serviced and restored. The work done included severe cleaning of pots, switches & contacts, unit was recalibrated, reset circuitry replaced on CPU, faulty power up circuit replaced, factory patches restored, tuned & scaled.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XT

“This synth is in excellent condition. All knobs are brand new from the factory in Germany($100), volume pot is brand new as well. This is a 10 voice polyphony unit I love this PPG like synth but I really don´t use it,so I rather sell it to a person who needs it. This unit works as it should , no issues at all ! It works with a 12 volts DC adapter, not included, sorry !” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Doepfer A-100 Analog Modular System

“Overall very good condition, some scratches to the external edges of the case (shown) but otherwise all is fine. Only gigged twice. Selling as I don’t use it as much anymore, and due to financial need. I am very excited though that my trusty modular system will be acquired by a real enthusiast. It is quite a large system and very heavy so only post to the UK.

The enclosed playlist shows what it is capable of through each of the different filters. The last clip fades out the oscillators to the noise floor.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Jen SX1000

“Jen SX1000 in working order.
All the keys and all the knobs are fully operational.
The fascia has some age deterioration as can be seen in the pictures.
There are a number of coloured caps missing from the control knobs which are all original and otherwise complete.
Prior to my ownwership it had been modified to include an internal amplifier and speaker which I had removed and put back to original when I had it serviced. The holes that were drilled to act as a speaker ‘grill’ are still there, as seen. There are a few marks and chips but none of this affects the operation.
It comes with it’s own purpose built wooden carry case. The case is lined with carpet underfelt which has become discoloured and could do with replacing.
I have fired it up and played with all the knobs and keys and all seems fine. The output level pot is a bit scratchy in operation but it’s been stored in it’s case unused for about 15 years so a bit of use may clear that.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Make Noise Maths

“Make Noise Maths rare original lightning bolt panel with the newer edition knobs.

The classic Swiss army knife module.

This earlier edition remembers the loop buttons’ state across power cycles unlike the newer V2 Maths!

In perfect working order with some rack rash.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Jen SX1000

“Funky little Jen synthesizer received from a clearance. Not entirely sure of the complete workings of it but seems to work absolutely fine. All controls do something & handily has these cardboard guides to tell you where to turn the knobs to which helps. Couple of caps missing & controls may need a clean but in good general condition. No buy it now price as not sure of worth.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Moog Source

“This Moog Source is in excellent condition. We are the second owner, it has lived it’s entire life in the Los Angeles area and is in excellent condition inside and out. It is exceptionally clean inside as it’s never had any repairs and has only been calibrated by qualified folks over the years. It has the Encore MIDI kit professionally installed. The original membranes are in excellent condition, however in respect of full disclosure the top membrane is starting to go bad where the connectors pass through the top panel (by the upper left corner). Sometimes you have to press that area to make sure all the connections are made so that it operates properly. The unit comes with a new switch membrane panel from Synhouse, but we’ve never installed it as the original membrane is visually perfect and usually works. If the buyer wants it installed at purchase we can install it before shipping. Otherwise the extra panel overlay will be included with the Source ($245 value). ”
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Moog Rogue

” Moog “The Rogue” synthesizer for sale. In very good to excellent condition. Interior foam removed by previous owner. All keys, sliders, knobs and mod wheels working properly. I have only used the audio out jack so I cannot verify the condition of the others.

Cosmetic condition is pretty darn good as shown in photos. Always kept covered to avoid dust.

FYI, this is a “lowest-note priority” mono synth. Makes cool bass and lead sounds, especially using the mod wheel.

Includes original paperwork, power supply and box as shown. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay