Yamaha DX100

“You are looking at a previously owned Yamaha DX100 Synthesizer. Does NOT come with a power cord. It is missing the back battery cover. The 2nd to last black key on the right side is stuck- when you push down it doesnt really go down all the way. The white key next to it appears to be broken and fixed at one point. When you turn it on the screen says “CNG RAM Battery!”. There is no sound that came out of the synthezier- we do not know if there is something else that is missing to make this happen or if this is how its supposed to be because it needs to hook up to something else. Overall its in good condition with standard wear and tear.”
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Yamaha BC1

“Quite literally breathe expression into analogue and digital synths. Especially effective on synths that do not have velocity sensitive keys. This was a classic 80’s synth accessory and still popular with retro-enthusiasts. Rare and hard to find.

minimal use, in storage for years
tested with a Anatek Midi Controller and 100% functional
cleaned and disinfected with alcohol
original mini-jack plug and cable
includes neck-string and original silver carrying pouch
please ensure the BC-1 is compatible with your particular synth or midi controller device
Although I aim to ship right away, there may be up to a three business day processing time for orders.”
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Oberheim Matrix 1000

“This Matrix-1000 synth module is 100% functional and it sounds wonderful.
All switches, pots, jacks, and LED display work exactly as they should.
Cosmetically, it is in outstanding shape as the pictures show. There may be a couple of barely visible scratches, but that’s it.
This Matrix-1000 interfaces with my Korg Triton via MIDI. Depending upon the patch, it responds to both keyboard velocity and aftertouch.
I have used my personal computer, MIDI-OX, and a windows-based librarian to download and modify patches. I have never experienced any problems.”
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Access Virus TI2

“Excellent condition Access Virus TI2 Polar.

Unfortunately the time has come for me to part ways with my last and favorite synthesizer. I moved a few years back and never quite got around to unpacking all of my music equipment, so it seemed like a shame to keep something like this hidden away in a box when it was meant to be played.

Comes with power cable and no box/manuals (misplaced them somewhere over the past few years). Plays well and every feature I tested works as expected.

Auction is for the 37 key Polar model, NOT the 61 key Keyboard model as eBay insists upon describing it. Picture shows the actual synthesizer, which again, is the Polar model.

I hope you enjoy owning it as much as I did. It was the foundation of my music for many years, and it was a pleasure to play.

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“Rare Computone Lyricon wind synthesizer-Driver fully restored!
Also included in this auction is a JL Cooper Electronics Midi Wind Driver!

I am the first and olny owner of this beautiful instrument, which is now 100% functional and was fully professionally restored and upgraded in April of this year 2018 to factory spec by David O’Brien. whom the instrument’s inventor, Bill Bernardi, passed on his knowledge and stock of parts to when he passed.

The buyer will receive the repairs and the full upgrade specs that I received from Mr. O’Brien for your records.

Cosmetically, the panel and knobs look good, as shown in the pictures, the case is in good condition, and solid, the mouthpiece is a bit worn from use which is normal as I played this instrument quite often back in the 80’s.”
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EDP Wasp with EDP Spider




Legendary EDP Wasp and even more rare the Spider Sequencer by Chris Huggett, quirky looking toy like synth but a serious piece of kit, capable of rip roaring synth lines, fat bass…just straight up dirty with so much character. Great for all types of Electronic music.”
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Roland D-10

“Good condition – a few light scratches and small dent on the bottom panel (see last photo). Never Gigged.

Internal Battery has run out and needs replacing. Unfortunately have lost the pre-set drum rhythms because the battery is flat but these can be re-installed. All the other synth and keyboard sound banks are still fine.”
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Roland Juno 6

“Selling for a friend (not on ebay) this excellent 1980s vintage synthesiser in good working order, almost perfect condition and hardly a blemish-do look carefully at the photos, as there is a small bit of damage to the wood effect laminate on the left. Prices for this early model in the series are increasing and this one more than justifies the buy now offer in its original box, and with the original manual. It has only had one owner, who has relocated to NZ and has left it with me to sell, he had it stored in its original box, which I still have, for much of the past 35 years and it has never been used for gigging, concerts etc.”
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Roland JD-800

“Up for sale this rare and vintage Synthesizer! This synth has been tested. The right end cap/bender panel broke and it was glued back, this do not affect the functionality of the synth or anything else,it was something cosmetic.Everything is working in order, new keyboard contact strip(green) no red glue under the keys there are clean overall.

•Very nice condition

•Fully functional

•Comes with some extras(see last picture)

•Sold as is”
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Roland TB-303

“Cosmetically a bit warn but nice, warm, and crunchy TB303 fully working. The output pot is a bit scratchy, headphone output is what I use and it is ace. Comes included with din sync to midi converter by Kenton. You need the Din converter to midi sync with computer & other instruments and normally costs an extra $100 after buying a TB-303 because they do not have midi. Will run on power supply (9v Roland PsA not included) or batteries(not included).” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland JP-8000

“The Roland JP-8000 is in great working condition. Had a new battery installed and everything is intact. No buttons missing and/or broken and all in working condition. Tested with another power cord that I had – this unit does not come with power cord.
READ: Keyboard does have several marks/scratches and wear throughout. Does not interfere with use – just cosmetic.”
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Roland MC-202

“This synthesizer is fully functioning, sounds great and comes with an after market Roland PSB-120 power supply. I recently had the synth serviced by an official Roland tech so everything under the hood has been checked out and is in top shape! All sliders, knobs and buttons move and function perfectly. There is minor wear on the shell of the unit particularly on the under side, please see pictures for details.”
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Roland SBX-80 Project Machine

“Roland SBX 80 selling as is. Midi/Din Sync converter.
It works and powers up fine but some of the front panel switches are not responsive. You have to press hard to active them on. Was told to replace these tactile switches would be a good idea just no time or funds to have this done, good project for a DIY DOCTOR.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland D-50

“80’s Era – Roland D-50 Linear Synthesizer w/ Memory Card & Case

Great Keyboard. Almost unlimited possibilities

Tested and is in good working condition.

It is a little dusty, and I did clean it some, however could use a little more cleaning.

Includes Case, Power Cord and Original Memory Card”
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Roland D-20 Project Machine

“Vintage Roland D-20 Synthesizer (As Is For Repair)Serial# DB33949Good Overall Physical Condition. General scratches,scuffs and wearFully tested by our technician Does not work correctly.(Being Sold As Is For Repair)The unit powers on and and the screen comes up normally however it makes squealing noises and no other sounds. Recently the screen was unresponsive and fully diagnosed as the cpu and or chip went bad. This is a common problem with these after many years. Will need a new CPU and or chip and other work likely to get this working correctly again.”
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Roland TB-303 with Devil Fish Mod

“Extremely rare Devil Fish modified Roland TB 303 baseline synthesizer version 2.1 A. In very good condition with some scratches here and there, but mostly on the underside. You can see on the pictures that this 303 has been used but not abused. In particular the markings around the cutoff knob and all other knobs are still there, a sign of relatively light use.

No scratchy pots. Everything checks OK. Power supply is not a Roland original but provides enough current for this bass and acid monster.

Among the many modifications, the Devil Fish provides extended bass response and extended controls. It is very rarely offered for sale on eBay or anywhere else and the last one that was sold here went for $5,500. Get mine for less.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Blue Roland SH-101

” In good condition Blue Roland SH-101, all functions are fully operational, all controls are clean ( no dust ).
battery compartment is clean and in working condition. some minor surface scratches, overall good cosmetic condition with signs of wear.
comes with a generic power supply (not original boss).” Click here to search for synths on eBay