Kawai SX-210


This is a used unit.

Cosmetically in very good condition for its age. Only some minor wear and tear, mostly on the wooden sides. (Please see all photos)

Has recently come from a full service and calibration.

Brand new lithium cell battery has been installed. This has been mounted away from CPU board to prevent any chance of future damage.

Factory patches have been installed for the new owner.

Has been tested and this synthesiser is working and sounding as it should.

This unit is 100V. Please ensure you have the correct stepdown transformer before powering it on.
Please ask if you have any queries. ”
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Synclavier PSMT Project Machine

“I purchased this new Synhouse Reference Standard Synclavier PSMT system (mine has 16mb/32 voice) in 2017. It worked and sounded great for 9 months. However, now it is no longer communicating with the poly bin. I already sold the keyboard so this is the tower only. I am selling this tower for thousands less than I paid. It is highly unlikely that this repair will be anywhere near that. It could be something as simple as a bad cable. In short, someone is going to get a great deal.”
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Emu SP-12 Turbo 2.6

“This one is in very good cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just been serviced and with some restoration by well known tech Bruce Forat (Forat Electronics). This one has the Turbo upgrade with the latest/ last OS (v2.6). Local pickup is welcome. California residents to pay state tax. Not sold as-is! Shipping available to most countries.”
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Casio VZ-10M

“This is a used Casio VZ-10M synthesizer module in great shape. It works like new, but there are some scratches on the case. I’ve had it since the late ’80’s. The VZ-10M was released in 1988 as the rack-mount version of the VZ-1 keyboard synth. It has both the original manuals, power cord, and RC-100 expansion card that has more sounds on it! All original parts, manuals, and sounds. I was using it this week and it worked right and sounded great.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

PAiA Fatman

“Tested – Works at it should – In great physical condition – hardly used!

The output jack is tight so be careful unplugging and plugging your cables! – Had to have professionally re-soldiered once before – no problems since then.”
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Oberheim Matrix 6R

“This Matrix 6R is great, I hate to part with it. Compared to any new Dave Smith Instrument this blows them away in my opinion in terms of fatness and tone. They really don’t make them like they used to. Get that creamy Oberheim sound on a budget with this highly underrated synth. This has lived happily in my smoke free studio, aside from some rack rash and a slight knick here and there its a great rack synth and won’t disappoint.”
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Casio CZ-101

“The unit is USED so please read carefully. The body has a bit of wear as far as scratches. All the buttons work all though sometimes a few may stick.

All the keys work except for one key that tends to come in and out.

This can be worked around by changing the octave.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Casio CZ-1

“Vintage Casio CZ-1
Digital Synthesizer.
Super hard to gind..even online….
Unit has been tested thoroughly. All buttons, slider, display, audio out, modulation and pitch bend wheel are working. The only issue is 2 missing buttons as seen in pic…we have made replacement buttons that work although they are not casio buttons. Also I dont know if the screen is supposed to light up more that’s it shows.as you can see in pic the
Display is basic black and grey. I have seen blue displays on these units.The unit is in good condition thoroughly tested there are minor scratches here and there. This is rated 110V. Please note.
You only get what you see in the photos…no manual etc. no returns or refunds. please be sure you can work a unit like this and its functions or are amiliar” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Kawai K1 II

” My old Kawai K1 II. i USED IT THROUGH THE NINETIES. Seen a lot of gigs people… I was going to keep it to MIDI with a controller since the keys (contacts) have been cleaned once and need it again. some keys work some dont. But there is nothing wrong with the MIDI and you can use this for that!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Oberheim Xpander

“Selling my beloved Xpander as I am moving studios and need to drastically downsize.

It is a wildly flexible and lush instrument, going from Steve Roach to Nine Inch Nails and everywhere in between.

It has 5 LFOs and 5 ADSRs per voice and a computer controlled patching system that has clearly influenced just about every semi modular VA ever made, hardware or software. In terms of modulation and multi-timbrality it can do very interesting things. I like the sound of all the filter types and the oscillators. It is a beautiful sounding instrument.

The Xpander has worked great for me, and it passes the tuning/servicing test for all voices. Please refer to the images.”
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Moog MG-1 Project Machine

“This listing is for a Used-Vintage Realistic by Moog MG-1 Concertmate Analog Synthesizer. This synth is being listed and sold AS-IS. I am not an expert on vintage synths. The synth turns on fine and passes signal and makes lots of weird noises and sounds. Every knob and switch will change the sound in some way. That said, I sold this before and it was returned and the item is not working correctly. It sounds out of tune. I am selling this AS-IS, meaning no returns. If you buy this expect to spend money having it repaired. I cannot exactly say what is wrong with it so I am selling it AS-IS. ”
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Moog MG-1

“Offering my Realistic Concertmate “Moog” MG-1 analog synthesizer. It’s fully functional and plays and sounds well. This particular unit has had some previous maintenance performed (goo-foam mostly removed, failing analog sliders replaced with suitable new parts back around 2005.) It’s a fun, very direct, slightly-garage sounding synthesizer designed by Paul Schreiber for Tandy way back in the days of yore. It’s compared sometimes with the Moog Rogue, but built with budget consumer electronics in mind.

I purchased this unit from what I believe was its original owner back in 1997 or 1998 and have tried to keep it in great shape ever since.

This auction also includes an unbound printed copy of the factory technical service manual.

Unit is as-pictured and as-described.”
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Roland TR-909

“Good condition. Fully functional. Comes with power cable. I am listing it at a lower price than most others on eBay, because it has light stains on the surface (which can probably be removed with the right product) and the power adapter it comes with is not the original one.”
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Blue Roland SH-101 with MGS-1 Modgrip

“Roland SH-101 Blue + Blue MG-1 Mod Grip

For sale is a vintage Roland SH-101 analog mono synthesizer in the rarest blue color. Includes MG-1 mod grip. It’s in excellent shape and fully functional, awesome analog sound. A classic for bass, leads and effects. Check out the pictures to make sure you like it, pictures are of the actual item for sale. There are some minor signs of wear but overall very nice shape for a vintage synth.

Recently fully serviced, 100% functional, power button replaced so it doesn’t have any wavering tuning issues that most of these old SH101’s with bad power buttons have, along with full tuning and recalibration so it holds correct pitch across all keys and octaves. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland D-20 Project Machine

“Good Overall Physical Condition. General scratches,scuffs and wear
Fully tested by our technician Does not work correctly.
(Being Sold As Is For Repair)
The unit powers on and and the screen comes up normally however it makes squealing noises and no other sounds. Recently the screen was unresponsive and fully diagnosed as the cpu and or chip went bad. This is a common problem with these after many years. Will need a new CPU and or chip and other work likely to get this working correctly again.”
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Roland Juno 60 Project Machine

“Full disclaimer on why this is listed for parts: Electronically everything on this machine is in perfect working order, except for some of the sliders being rather sticky and stubborn from not being used in quite some time. It is quite possible that a good dose of deoxit faderlube could restore them to good condition, at the worst you may have to physically pull apart and clean the internals of each slider (there are tutorials and guides online showing how to do this).
Otherwise all buttons switches and toggles work well, all patch memory storage can still be easily recalled including the two hidden banks 6 and 7. Not in the most glorious physical condition, but does not affect the performance. No midi option installed, but there are several available including a newer one which connects to the DCB port and communicates via USB.”
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Roland JX-8P


serial number: 555949
made in Japan
auction includes the JX-8P and power cord

This vintage synth looks pretty good for it’s age. It has some typical wear on the sides and edges. There are no major flaws. There are no cracks or chips. All of the keys are perfect. All of the buttons look good. The display looks good. The other controls and sliders and such all look good too. Basically we have a vintage synthesizer that shows normal wear but no major flaws.

The system works perfetcly except that the MEMORY BATTERY HAS NOT BEEN REPLACED, so it will not remember edits or patches unless you change the battery or use a cartridge. All other features and functions work perfectly. All keys respond perfectly and the touch sensitivity on all keys is accurate. The keys are all straight and lined up perfetcly. All electronic features works perfetcly as well…the sound is awesome!!”
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Roland Alpha Juno 1

“Included in the auction is the synth and original two prong power cord.

The synth is in very good working condition. All keys, sliders, and buttons work as they should.

There are some minor scratches and scuffs here and there from use (see pics). The important condition issue to mention is a crack in the back top right corner of the body (see pic). It doesn’t affect the functionality of the synth. ”
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Korg Poly-61

“Korg Poly-61 in excellent working order. I purchased this a month ago (I can send you the listing if you like, or just look up completed listings) but I honestly don’t have the space for it and I need the money.

The seller provided proof that the synth was recently fully serviced and calibrated, with a new battery installed (this is on the original listing as well).”
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