Moog Opus 3

“Working Moog Opus 3. I use this keyboard regularly and it works but after a few years I’ve set my eyes on some other vibes. The master gain knob is missing along with a bit of bubbling from the plastic overlaying the control surface and some sticky faders. The wood end cap on the right side needs some repair as well. Over all I’m being honest the keyboard works but its not in perfect condition.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Moog MG-1

“Purchased a few years ago and removed all of the gross black foam inside and replaced a few faders. It plays well just missing a few of the fader caps. Played out with it for a few years but time and life has relegated this unit to the shelf and I would like it to find a good home for it. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland JD-800

“Please find for sale my much loved ROLAND JD-800.

This Vintage synth is the definitive sound of the 90’s. Packed with knobs and sliders and a 61 key keyboard it is an absolute pleasure to program and play.

This is a reluctant sale as I need to make space when I move – so will be selling at a low price.

This unit has recently been professionally serviced and given a good internal clean and is fully functional.

Cosmetically in very good condition with a few minor blemishes.

Looks like a couple of the pixels in the display (see image) are underlit but there may well be a contrast setting that retifies this.

I will include the 2 pin power cord.

The only downside is that because it has a sturdy metal casing it is very heavy so postage price will need to reflect that.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Alpha Juno 2

“Selling a classic Juno 2 by korg. This keyboard has recently been combed thru personally and works flawlessly. While it was being serviced, EVERY key was hand cleaned and polished, ALL key pads and parts were cleaned or replaced (it HAD a few scratched keys). The pitch lever was replaced(new), the battery was replaced (holder installed)(new), volume knob and slider (new) replaced. I intended on replacing the alpha encoder, but it works flawlessly, so I left it and will include the extra part. The screen backlight has been replaced (parts from Germany new), with a bright blue El panel, and looks great. All the outputs have been checked, all solder joints and caps have been inspected. All connectors and cables inspected. This keyboard is clean inside and out. It has the best feeling keybed (voyager xl aside) I’ve had in my studio. This keyboard has seen some days of touring, so its not gorgeous looking around the edges. However, the screen and keys look near new. It also comes with a new power cable and factory manual.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Korg MS2000

“I have owned this synth from new, bought in 2002 and it is in fantastic condition. It’s in full working order and comes with original box & packaging, original manual (also in great condition) and original power adapter, as you can see in the pics. The only mark on it is a very small scratch on the top of the wood trim, left side (see pic 8). It has only had home studio use and I am only selling because I just don’t have the time anymore.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Korg Rhythm 55

“Korg Rhythm 55 I know it works fine…. but don’t know much about it… it is a Drum machine and with several rhythm patterns … vintage all the way but works fine… has a small stain on top and in the back… few scuffs…. but in good condition”
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Korg Delta

“Condition: B +: no problems in applications that normally use
Year of Manufacture: Unknown
Accessories: a general-purpose hard case

There is a year corresponding color glow and dull, there is also contamination of fine dust.”
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Korg MS-20

“ne of the representative models of KORG’s analog synthesizer is this MS-20.

The mini which became 80% size now is reprinted and sold, but this is the original model announced in 1978.

MS – 20 has a former type and latter type, this is the former type.

Although it is often described as a tone similar to MOOG, the greatest taste of MS – 20 is an intense filter that oscillates with unique distortion.

This will give you a dramatic change in timbre.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha DX100 Project Machine

“Keyboard is in good physical condition. Some imperfections here and there. The universal power adapter I tried with it did not work, I do not know if it didn’t work because it is not the standard power adapter that comes with this keyboard. It does turn on with batteries. There is a section of 13 keys between the bass and treble side that do NOT work. All the other buttons prompt different reactions on the screen. The contrast dial work. The output quarter-inch Jack works, both of the bend dials toward the top left of the keyboard work. I tested out as much as I could. I am not guaranteeing I know every single thing wrong with this unit. May just be good for parts. May be easily fixed it could be a user error on my end. I cannot say for 100% certainty.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha DX100 Project Machine

“This is a Vintage 1980’s Yamaha DX-100 Synthesizer Keyboard Electronic Piano Digital Midi Synth. It is in fair cosmetic condition with wear from use and age, there is some cracking in the back plastic panel. The synth has been tested and it powers on, the screen works, but only several keys have audio output, the other keys make no noise. Because the synth is not fully functional it is being sold as is for parts or repair. ”
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Yamaha CS-60

“Great condition, tested and works—there are some keys that do not play all the time? there is crack on wood block next to power switch No Legs No Pedals —Has lid and ac cord is attached—there are 2 plastic feet that are cracked—Local estate find….Due to age may need service….selling as shown— no music rack —( stand shown in auction not included )” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Sequential Circuits Pro One

“Here is the chance to get your hands on an all time classic. If you know what this is I don’t need to explain how good these are. It’s an inimitable synth capable of earth shattering bass and decent and genuine 80’s realness. Selling off my collection as they have become expensive ornaments! Badge has some wear to it other than than it’s in perfect condition. Serviced two years ago been in storage for the past year. Still tuned and working perfectly. It’s the J Wire model, which is the better of the two. ”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

“Great sounding piece I’ve rarely used over the years. Needs a new home. I got it in the mid 90’s exactly as is shown. Signed. Keyboard works fine bit has a cig burn and cracked key. The entire replacement of the keyboard is about 100$ but I never had a problem with it, I’m more concerned with how it sounds (awesome) then the cosmetic issues. ”
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Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

” This is a Sequential Circuits Six-Trak synthesizer in great working condition. Multi timbral synth with advanced early MIDI capabilities. You can multi stack to get monster analog sounds. It’s got some really nice custom made looks like birch ends. This is the Japanese 100VAC version but the studio I got it from insisted they always used it at 117VAC without issue. I contacted Wine Country because they sell a US transformer for this for only $10 and David Sesnak formerly of Sequential Circuits, emailed me back and advised it’s not necessary, these 100VAC Six-Traks work fine at 117VAC.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

ARP Omni 1

“I replaced over 60 capacitors personally in 2017, and the previous owner recapped the entire synth about in 2008.

This synth is fully functional and sounds exactly how it’s supposed to, but as with any Omni Ive ever seen, the square black buttons do not engage every time. I’ve found that pushing them in in a slightly downward motion is the most effective way to turn them on and off.

I purchased the road case from RoadcasesUSA. It has wheels and two handles and plenty of cushion to protect the synthesizer.

I am including an extra High F key. I am also including the capacitor kit I purchased, which contains every capacitor on the board that I haven’t replaced.

These synthesizers are hard to come by, especially in fully functional condition!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

ARP Quadra

“For sale is a vintage and rare ARP QUADRA. Cosmetically it’s in very good shape. SEE PHOTOS I think it looks absolutely amazing. The graphics are crisp and very little signs of use all around. There are some areas where the black paint is missing/scratched off along the top back edge where the hinge is. The sides have signs of wear along the edges but are mostly along the back edge. PLEASE SEE PHOTOS FOR CONDITION AND PAINT ISSUES. Functionally there are no known issues with the unit, however I am not an expert. The unit powers on, all keys trigger properly, only the sliders in the Phase Shifter / Output Mixer section have been replaced and do not have the knobs/tops on them. All other sliders and panel switches also appear to work properly. The two sliders in the Porta-Mento section are missing knobs/tops. All the touch switches and LEDS function properly. I have played it out the MONO OUT 1/4″ jack sound output however I have not played it out the other outputs. + owner’s manual”
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ARP Omni 2

“I’m selling my 1970’s vintage analog string/polyphonic synthesizer – the ARP OMNI II. If you are familiar with The Cars “Good Times Roll” or Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart” you know the legendary sounds the OMNI II is capable of.

This unit was fully serviced and electronically restored by Synth Chaser in San Diego, CA. Nathan is one of America’s foremost experts on ARP OMNI repair (as well as other vintage synths) – and posts videos of his repair and restoration work (including this one) on Youtube.

Besides all the work done to bring this synth back to original ARP 100% glory I also had the optional 4075 filter upgrade done, as well as the SynthChaser Orange LED slider kit installed. Very helpful seeing all the slider settings onstage, having the sliders move easily. Plus having light-up LEDs that match the ARP color scheme looks cool.

As you can imagine, this unit sounds amazing – haunting and period correct.

Here is the rundown of this Omni II and what was done:

ARP OMNI 2 S/N #24734115 (OMNI II)

All polarized capacitors recapped – 106 caps total.

SynthChaser Orange LED precision slider kit upgrade.

Key bed refurbished: buss bar cleaned, key contacts adjusted, key bed leveled, bushing kit installed.

Switch board troubleshooting and repair. XLR jacks replaced.

Optional 4075 Voltage Controlled Filter Enhancement & recap performed

Two switches replaced.

All LED’s replaced to provide uniform brightness.

Keys removed, cleaned and leveled.

Synthesizer calibrated to factory specification.

Comes with vintage road case.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Akai AX60

“This synthesizer is selling “For parts or not working” because it does not work. There is no sound output from any jack when tested with headphones, except for a faint hiss from the headphone jack. Moving the sliders does not change this. It is definitely broken. Consider this item for parts only. View photos for condition. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Casio CZ-1

“Vintage Casio CZ-1 Digital Synthesizer. All buttons, slider, display, audio out, modulation and pitch bend wheel are working. No defect whatsoever. The only issue is the 2 missing slider cap of the master volume and master chorus. The unit is in pristine condition as well. there are minor scratches on the keybed. This is rated 110V.” Click here to search for synths on eBay