ARP Axxe

“Räume mein Studio etwas aus.

Verkaufe einen ARP Axxe MK I im stabilen Aluminium Case.

Optischer Zustand:
Ziemlich gut für das Alter.

Technischer Zustand:
Funktioniert einwandfrei bis auf das die etwas Fader haken und kratzen und sollten mal gereinigt werden.


Beachtet meine weiteren Auktionen; dort gibt es weitere interessante Geräte aus meinem Studio.

Gerna auch Abholung!”
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PAiA 2720 Modular Synthesizer

“Rare PAiA 2720 modular synthesizer. I bought this one from Robert Rich a long time ago (

I am selling it untested. It is my understanding that it was working before I bought it, but it was built from a kit, so I am not making any guarantees about condition. it is missing some screws, has some rusty screws and spots, and the case around the pitch knob is loose.

See Photos. Sold as-is!

Comes with extra module and patch cables.”
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Atari Video Music

“Atari Video Music generator. Please look at the pictures, great condition. Includes original box, owners manual and registration card. Video Music generates images by digital selection, responding within milliseconds to the intensity and tempo of the music you choose. Create your own patterns, shapes and colors. This systems allows you to “see” your music and provide hours of sophisticated home entertainment. Includes complete hook up instructions. The Atari C-240 was the earliest commercial electronic music visualizer released. Step back in to the seventies and experience Atari Video Music.”
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PAiA Stringz N Thingz

“Very rare PAiA Stringz N Thingz synthesizer. Decent cosmetic condition considering its age. Comes in its own case.

Functionally, it partially works – seems to make the cello and violin sounds, not sure if the piano sound is working properly, the modulator seems to work, the sustain and mix knobs don’t seem to do anything.

Sold As-is! See photos.”
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Crumar DS-2

“Very rare vintage Crumar DS-2 analog/digital synth. In good cosmetic shape – all knobs and sliders are there and front panel looks good. Has some tape residue on the back. Does not have the lid.

**Has some major functional problems** – it will need work: Only one of the VCOs seems to work and the poly section is not outputing, many of the sliders and pots are scratchy, the VCF and filters seem to work correctly, all keys seem to work, the bender bar is hard to move, and the Pitch poly pot is a little warped. Still makes some cool weird sounds, but definitely not in normal working order.

Includes User and Service Manual – which include schematics, parts lists, etc…”
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Oberheim OB-1 Project Machine

“Purchased in 2002. Very clean condition. There is no pulse wave on VCO 2. It came that way when I bought it, so I just leave it on Triangle which sounds just great. The manual says you can vary the slope of the Triangle waves, but I have never been able to do that. You can vary the pulse wave on VCO 1. Everything else works great. Two sub oscillators to create a really fat sound, plus cross mod and sync to get some very interesting sonic explorations. These synths are quite rare and not up for sale very often. They are direct descendants of Oberheim’s SEM modules. A true piece of synthesizer history.”
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Ensoniq Fizmo

” Bought in 2006. Excellent condition and great sounds. Played it for 2 years before I became aware of the regulator problem. Mine has the original LM2940, which owners are advised to replace. The parts are extremely cheap, its the soldering that I cant do (have palsy in my hands), and was unable to find a tech that looked reliable, so I put the Fizz to rest. Haven’t played her in 10 years, but she’s in a temp and humidity controlled studio. After my initial search for a qualified tech, I haven’t tried again. I have a Waldorf XTk which I love, so I thought I would put the Fizz up for sale, and pare down a little on my synth collection. I’m hoping that there’s someone that knows about this wonderful synth that is also handy with a soldering iron, that will be interested. Comes with manual, but not the wall wort power supply. That was underpowered, and got lost somewhere in the shuffle. They are easy to find and inexpensive. You need a 9V with 1300-1500 mA. ”
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Ensoniq SQ80

“Ensoniq SQ-80 with original manual, six voice cartridges and three blank disks.

Free Local Pick Up

I value the keyboard at $650 and the six cartridges at $350 hence my starting price. ( I do not want to sell anything separately at this time).

* Please read the full details of condition it all works but it has “personality”.
* Please ask questions if you have them.

It is fully operational including polyphonic after touch, has a new battery, all six cartridges work, floppy disk drive works , bender, mod wheel, SEQ, memory, all keys, etc.

It sounds wonderful.

Passed filter calibration tests (see photo)

Data slider was replaced and the new slider is 100% functional, but does not fit the old slider cap. (The broken slider and its cap will be included if you want to retrofit the old cap)

After its warmed up and running it turns on and off with no issues.

However, sometimes when its starting from cold, it has a boot “glitch”. Sometimes you power on and the screen does not come on, (turn off then turn on and your fine) sometimes you power on and it wants a soft reset (you do a soft reset, with power on hold down record and soft button and its back. The best voice to test its full functionality is internal 4, soft button 2 synbad. Play it and hold. press down, and you will hear the full poly after-touch.”
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PAiA Gnome Project Machine

“We tried testing this unit, but couldn’t get any sound out of it. Our hope is for someone with some electronics expertise to repair this synthesizer to its former glory.

It has been sitting in storage for quite some time, so it could definitely use a good cleaning.

Every button, knob, switch, etc. appears to physically function well, but since we can’t test it, this auction is parts and\or repair only (“AS-IS”). ”
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Oberheim OB8

“This auction is for an Oberheim OB-8 analog synthesizer with MIDI. The OB-8 has its original cassette program tape, owners and service manuals. I did plug it in and it does work. Presets all seem to work as do all the led switches. The case does have a few light scratches, but there is nothing broken that I can see. If your local, please come and try it out. I do pack very well and will do my best to get it shipped to you with no damage. I will be listing more items soon. Thanks for looking at my auction.”
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Casio CZ-1000

“Casio cz-1000 digital synth from 1985. Awesome, gritty sounds with easy manipulation of wav form parameters. Always kept in a clean, smoke free, studio.Incudes ac power supply.All functions are working. Headphone out, line out, midi i/o all good.”
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Alesis Andromeda A6

” 16 fully analog voices, each with 2 oscillators, 2 filters, 4 LFOs and 3 envelopes. Oscillator sync, ring mod, FM and extensive modulation routing. Arpeggiator and sequencer, digital effects. 16 part multitimbral mode. Ribbon controller. Includes a memory expansion card that adds 8 banks of user patches. Works perfectly and sounds absolutely gorgeous!”
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Kawai SX-240

“Some quick background, this was purchased directly from the original owner who quite literally babied it all of its life. He used it very sparingly, and always kept it covered when not in use. If you look at the pictures you will be amazed at the cosmetic condition of this unit! Other than some tape reside on the back and side panel this unit is basically as close to mint as you will find anywhere!

I’ve cleaned all the contact pads inside the main board, and I’ve also lubed both fader knobs for extended life. Rear jacks were all coated with Deoxit Gold for improved contact and life as well.

I will admit that I am not a Synthesizer expert by any means, but I have a good working knowledge of the functions and how to use them. I hooked up some headphones to this unit and played around with it for a bit, everything seems to be in good working order, didn’t notice any issues electronically. I’m not surprised by this because of the immaculate condition it was kept in by the original owner.

One thing I will note when I had the unit opened up is that it appears to have the original battery in it. It is highly recommended on older synthesizers such as this to have the stock batteries replaced as they tend to start leaking and losing efficiency over time. I will leave this up to the next owner. Vintage synthesizers do tend to require some upkeep and any person looking to own one should be aware of this when buying one.

Included with this are the original owner’s manual, and an effects tape. Also including two pedals which were attached to this unit when it was purchased by me.”
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Moog Prodigy

“MOOG music model 336A Prodigy synthesizer. I know nothing about these types of instruments. This came fresh out of an estate. I did my best to test it out and I even recorded a video showing the extent of my testing. I have no idea if this is working 100% as it should. I will sell this as a non working parts unit just in case it may not be working 100% as it should. Beside any instrument of this age will certainly require some sort of a tune-up to be 100%. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Moog Rogue

“Bought this Moog Rogue almost twenty years ago, and it has lived in my smoke free studio ever since. Closing the facility and offloading equipment, and unfortunately, this baby needs to go. Built in the Williamsville NY facility in the early 70’s this unit’s serial number is hand written (#3698). Some keys and wheels have some discoloration, the fader cap on the contour generator is missing, and the wall wart has electrical tape rather than a plug cover, but that can be replaced, I have seen fader knobs sold on line, and the unit sounds terrific for being close to fifty years old. If you don’t know what thee sound like, do a bit of research and you’ll be impressed. Its not your modern keyboard for sure, but its an original and individual for sure!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Moog Source

“This vintage, Moog The Source keyboard powers up and functions as it should. It does have cosmetic issues which can be seen in the pictures. There are scratches on the stainless steel panels and the wood case is chipped on the right side.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Moog Rogue

“Excellent condition she is beautiful with nothing cracked, broken, or missing, corners are near perfect, keys are nice and white, there are two extremely minor scratches on right outside panel which are virtually unnoticeable (the pics don’t even show them) otherwise the synth would probably clean up to like new condition but I don’t want to touch it for fear I would screw something up, Functions beautifully and sounds awesome with nice fat analog tones.”
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Moog Rogue

“Der kleine Minimoog in sehr gutem Zustand mit Power Supply!
Kaum benutzt und immer nur im Studio, klassischer Bass Analog Synth mit zwei Oszillatoren, Filter ,Vca etc
Eingänge für CV/Gate, klingt absolut hervorragend, in super Zustand.
Keine Rücknahme Garantie wegen Privat Verkauf. Das Gerät wiegt ca 7 kg zum berechnen der Verschickkosten.”
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Moog MG-1

“This is a pretty nice and usable little Analogue synth, and an easy way to get some classic Moog filter action without spending the big money.

Mono and Poly sounds make it quite versatile, as well as covering all your usual analogue bases.”
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Roland TB-303

“Roland TB-303

Looks 9.0 of 10
Looks younger than its age, please discover minor crack on right end.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.
Change all electrolytic capacitors and voltage regulators, some short life OpAmps, transistors and logis ICs with new ones.

If you don’t mind how it looks but need true 303 sounds this should be yours.”
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