Korg DSM-1

” Korg DSM-1 for sale by original owner. I have two, selling one keeping the other. Used in smoke free home studio only- approximately 1988 to 94, then stored in dry temperate attic.
One performance disk will be included.
Loads System Disk.
Display appears to be bright. Loaded System a 2nd time, plays back sounds in headphones triggered by external midi keyboard. Haven’t tested further, should be OK -but sold as is, no warranties, no returns. You can make an offer contingent upon successful further Seller testing if you have something specific you would like tested. You can make an offer for the sale to include the original (rather well used) manual. The unit has a few scratches and some masking tape residue. The photographs are a bit blurry.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha CS60

“This synthesizer has been owned by one person and has obviously been kept in incredible condition. Every switch and dial works perfectly, and the sound is magical. This piece is good enough to put on display at a synth museum.

I live in CT and am a pilot and aircraft owner and rather than have it shipped to me, I picked it up and flew it back. And if I can, I’d be willing to fly it out personally to any local airport east of Chicago for the price of shipping (will cost me more in gas alone), if we can schedule a date. This synth means that much. If for whatever reason we can’t coordinate a date, it will be meticulously packed and insured if shipped.”
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Korg MS2000B

“This synth has been kept in my smoke free and pet free studio for about 4 years. It’s a great synth but I’m trying to downsize a bit. I really love this synth for its 90’s character and the mod delay feature. Also the vocoder is great too. Comes with power supply.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg MS2000R

“For sale we have a Korg MS2000R AnalogModeling Synthesizer. This item is rack mountable. This Korg has a few scratches in the finish and missing 16 knobs. They all still turn and have full range of motion. Includes 9V power cord.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg MS2000R

“This system Looks good we are unable to properly test it. I do not know how to work it. But the lights come on and off as they should. The number 7 button for the amp will not light up when pushed so I dont know if it has to be hooked up to a amp before it will light up. All knobs feels like they turn as they should not loose or play in them. The digital display lights up and displays as it should when switched to different programs. [See Pictures] This unit is sold as is untested. There is 2 knobs on the Patch 3 and patch 4 that is missing. We are looking thru our scrap electronics to see if we can find the right ones for it. So they may not be there.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg MS-20

“Serviced and calibrated by a top synth tech: it sounds great and plays wonderfully. Cosmetic condition is near mint with only the smallest signs of age – appears to have barely been used. It comes with the original case, along with the owners’ manual, setting examples and original patch leads.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg MS-20



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Korg MS2000

“In very good condition. Low serial number. Great analog modelling synthesiser. Vintage look. In the highest octave keys from F doesn’t work. It may need cleaning which will be easy to fix. Needs good home as I loved it very much.”
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Korg EX-800 with Hawk 800 Uprgrade

“The Korg EX-800 is an 8 voice polyphonic synth and this one is in really good shape (which I paid £300 for). This synth has been modified and includes additional knobs for – Filter cutoff, Resonance, pseudo FM amount , Noise + a switch to choose a 12dB or 24 dB filter. The desktop version is very hard-wearing with its metal case, also giving it a good weight.

I have also modified it further by installing the HAWK-800 upgrade (the kit costs about £100 to buy + my time to install) which adds an unbelievable amount of features to the original synth. If you go to https://www.hawk800.com/ this explains in detail all the extras you get from it.

I have included a picture of some software Joe Mattiello developed to control this synth using Abelton/MaxForLive which shows quite how many features are now available. You can also set up a midi controller to change parameters as well. It allows you hook it up to your computer and change the parameters from there instead of having to use the buttons on the front. Abelton seems to be the favourite but other DAWs can send midi to it as well.

I have plenty of experience with soldering and fixing up synths having built most of my modular synth. The Hawk-800 has worked without a any problems for 8 months now so I am confident about the robustness of what was a pretty advanced installation. I will also be including the AtomaHawk upgrade that I have not installed (see bag of components in image). This allows you to control the filter and resonance knobs on the front via the computer (using LFOs as well).”
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Korg Poly 61M

“Replaced battery last year,all pots and contacts working,all keys playing,factory presets loaded,no issues whatever.
This has been in my collection for around fifteen years,selling to fund another vintage synth.
In very good condition,only slight chips on one end cheek,very slight indentation mark on chassis.”
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Yamaha DX11

“This is my keyboard I bought as a teenager. Honestly, only ocassionally used as was a fad buy for a Christmas present hence it has been lovely stored in its original box with manual. I have included the pic of display which now shows a ram battery fault. As you would expect the keyboard is immaculate from limited use. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha SHS-200 Keytar

“Welcome to my listing for a vintage Yamaha synthesizer

A pristine example of this retro 80s Keytar

FM digital keyboard with midi

Works perfectly

Original box in extremely good condition

You will struggle to find another example like this

Get your hands on this rare synthesizer in great condition ”
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Yamaha DX100

“Yamaha DX-100 algorithmic synthesizer in fully working condition. Includes original yamaha power supply. Classic sounds and a simple way to experiment with FM synthesis. Comes with 96 presets. Full MIDI capable – can also act as a synth module and/or a controller. This synth is in great shape! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Studio 440

“Excellent Condition Sequential Studio 440 #52!
I am the original owner of this beauty, and I have kept it in excellent working condition. This unit has lived in my recording studios for it’s entire life and has been used on MANY Chicago House, Techno, Hip-Hip, and even Rock records. Among its many years worth of records that were made with this one was SPEED RACER by The Alpha Team – made with this Studio 440.
Everything on this Studio 440 works perfectly. It has a freshly rebuilt POWER SUPPLY, it has a brand new bright blue LED screen, it has a brand new data slider, all brand new drum trigger pads, and a brand new floppy drive.
Additionally, and for free, I am including a second brand new floppy drive and another full set of 8 brand new drum trigger pads, an Iomega Zip Drive for external SCSI storage, and both the original operating manual and the service manual. I will also add in some sample disks from around the studio, several spare replacement buttons, and the original faint green LCD screen that you can put back in if you’re a Studio 440 purist.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Axxe and ARP Avatar

“his is a combo Avatar + Axxe with CV/gate cable and Stand
Avatar and Axxe Modifications Included :
All tantal polarized capacitors are changed for new Electrolytic Capacitors.
All Sprague Orange capacitor are changed

Old transistor 2n606/2n5172 has been changed for new 2n3904/06
all defect IC has been changed by new (ca3080, CA3086, lm1358, lm3900 ..)
LM301 has been changed by new TL081 (Compensation cap removed)

New oversized power supply with modern component (lm317/337) and separate power supply for the LED
with modern component (lm317) with 1 toroidal transformer +/-15v + 1 toroidal transformer +5v for Avatar
and 1 R-CORE transformer +/- 15 and +5v for Axxe

With Queensland Walnut raw wood veneer panels

Specific Avatar Modifications Included :

Correction on the 4075 VCF which cut off frequencies above 12kHz

37 new sliders, Bourns PTL serie with led. Each color has an individually adjustable trimmer to adjust the brightness. The colors are according to the color code of the Odyssey.

The guitar part (Board E and D) are present and fonctionnel, but not used in this configuration.
The Guitar microphone is included. The connector are changed for a less expansive one (DIN 6, the same as input of the avatar)

Board D power supply connector are not connected (Reduce consumption).
– the Portamento, Guitar vol slides , and switchs string select has no effect

Two modifications are been made to allow the adjustment of both oscillators pitch to tune with another instrument :
– the Triger sensibility is used for a (reverse Log) pitch adjustment
– the 3 positions switch Env Follow is used to an approximatively +/- 2 octave pitch adjustment
Specific AXXE Modifications Included :

New VCF AM4023 Filter12dB Low Pass

Due to the configuration of the Axxe slider the resonance are inverted (low on the top) and to have a maximum resonance,
the settings of Q is very hight, that will take the filter in oscillation depending of the frequency and the reso.

23 new sliders, Bourns PTL serie with led. Each color has an individually adjustable trimmer to adjust the brightness. The colors are according to the color code of the Odyssey.

All IC excepted VCO, are on sockets for easy change. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Axxe

“Daher müssen alle Geräte gehen, mit denen ich zu selten oder schon länger nicht mehr arbeite.

Zum Verkauf steht ein ARP Axxe MK I.

Ich habe den Synthie vor fast 30 Jahren gebraucht gekauft; leider steht er seit Jahren hauptsächlich rum und wird so gut wie nicht mehr benutzt. Daher muss er nun Platz für was neueres machen.

Optischer Zustand:
Ziemlich gut für das Alter. Die Holzseiten haben minimale Macken.

Technischer Zustand:
Alles OK. Die Fader haken und kratzen teilweise ein wenig und sollten mal gereinigt werden.

Ebenfalls nicht unwichtig: Zumindest während meiner Zeit ausschließlich ein Nichtrauchergerät.”
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Kawai K5

“Up for sale is a vintage Kawai K5 in very good condition. I am adding the case as well. This keyboard has had one owner and has been very well taken care of. I have 4 keyboards and am painfully parting with this one because I need the money. The only issue is that it no longer has a backlight.” Click here to visit listing on eBay