Prophet 600, Sequential Circuits @ 31 August 2017, Comments Off on Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

“The synth is in very good condition as per the pictures. The front panel and rear panel are very clean with some minor blemishes. In some areas, the paint has been knocked off and this was touched up with a black marker by a previous owner. The membrane is also in great condition.

All knobs, buttons and switches are present and work properly. The keys are clean and fully functional, but are a bit ‘clacky’ like most 600’s. They might benefit from a little lubrication.

The previous owner told me that the synth sometimes had erratic behaviour, with some parameters glitching-out occasionally. Since I’ve owned it, I have not experienced any of this behaviour myself but I’ve not spent a huge amount of time with it. I expect it could have been due to the Z80 CPU chip not being seated properly, which I’ve reseated. You’re welcome to come and try the synth at my house and find out for yourself.

An adaptor has been installed under the Z80 CPU so that it can easily be removed from the board without having to desolder it. In addition, a Teensy++ chip with the GliGli mod was provided to me, but I have not been able to successfully install the updated firmware. When I have tried to install it, the greeting message correctly displays and some secondary functions work, but when a key is pressed the synth then switches off.

I’ve spoken with the creator of the mod, and he indicated that the issue was likely due to either my (cheap) MIDI interface not correctly transmitting SYSEX correctly (only partial transfer of the firmware), or poor soldering on the chip itself. Both of these should be easy to solve, but I haven’t got the time to try these and I’m about to move house.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Uncategorized @ 31 August 2017, Comments Off on Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

“It seems to be working fine.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Pro One, Sequential Circuits @ 31 August 2017, Comments Off on Sequential Circuits Pro One

“Here we have a Sequential Circuits Pro-One Monophonic synthesizer, a rare Vintage 80s Analog synthesizer made between 1981-1984

It has been cared for in a smoke-free studio environment and never gigged (by me). Cosmetically it is a 9/10, everything looks fantastic.

Functionally it is an 8/10, everything works and sounds great but most of the pots and switches are crackly and need to be cleaned.

Once you dial in a value it’s fine, it’s only when turning/switching you hear some crackling. (some cleaning of the potentiometers/switches should take care of this.)
I also just had the bushings changed out before listing it, and one key is a little higher than the others (see pic) but this doesn’t affect its playability at all.
I hate to part with this one, it just sounds incredible, but I need to sell it so my loss is your gain, low starting bid and a short auction so don’t wait!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP, Solus @ 30 August 2017, Comments Off on ARP Solus

“For sale is my Arp Solus. It’s in great shape for its age, there is some wear so be sure to check out the pics to make sure you like it. Overall it’s quite nice, especially the front fast. Includes out case lid (one latch is broken but the other latch still holds it closed). The synth itself is excellent and fully functional, including some new sliders installed so they move real smooth. The other older sliders still move well. A few of the sliders are missing their caps but they are easy enough to move and I believe you can find some replacement caps online. Awesome rare analog synth, don’t miss out!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP, Pro Soloist @ 30 August 2017, Comments Off on ARP Pro Soloist

“ARP Pro Soloist. Minor bumps/dings on top center. Touch Sensor works. Key caps replaced with NOS key caps. Checked all functions to be working. Cleaned Keyboard Contacts. Check Tuning. Repaired by a former ARP Tech.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP, Avatar @ 30 August 2017, Comments Off on ARP Avatar

“Cosmetic: there are no slider caps on this Avatar (they have long since crumbled or been lost); there is a bit of tape residue marks on bottom center of back panel (see pic); slight wear on right wood end panel; the Sustain slider in the ADSR envelope generator section is broken off almost flush with the front panel (still moveable/functional).

Electronic: scratchy pots/sliders (gently working the sliders seems to help); VCO 2 not as loud as VCO 1; Some sliders don’t seem to affect the sound as they should ( i.e. sliders routing signals to the filter don’t seem to be working correctly); oscillators drift substantially (although became more stable the longer the unit was on and being played); oscillators act like portamento is on even when portamento slider is all the way down; i.e. synth response to guitar sounds “sluggish”; i.e. tracking seems to lag.

Good Things:
Cosmetic: This Avatar is in excellent cosmetic condition; virtually no scratches, dents or dings (other than the broken slider tip in the ADSR/EG). It has been well protected over the years. Wood veneer end panels in excellent shape with a few small blemishes (see pics);
Electronic: Synth powers on normally; main power switch and main output button both light normally; all sliders are completely moveable; no stuck ones; Hex pickup (both clean and fuzz) work normally and sound fine (or at least as originally intended). The hex fuzz sounds distinct and clear. The guitar pickup works normally and the string select lights all work normally; the Guitar Interconnect cable (connects the hex pickup to the synth) is completely functional. The tracking of the guitar seems to be working well (although the oscillator response is as mentioned above). Filter (both LP and HP) and resonance sliders work normally as do EG sliders, oscillator frequency sliders, pulse width mod sliders, etc.

Original manual, patchbook, instructional cassette tape; Hexaphonic guitar pickup w/ original box, guitar to synth cable, original filter foot pedal and sustain foot switch all included. More pictures available if needed.

I have recently tested the Avatar out on a small portable synth, not a stereo sound system. The basic functions of the synth seem to be OK; it comes on, it makes sound, most sliders work normally. As mentioned above, there are some issues with the synth. I did not test the Avatar comprehensively; e.g. I did not test any of the outputs other than the mono guitar and low level synth outputs; both seemed to function normally (although I have no reason to believe that any of the outputs aren’t functional); I didn’t check every slider (other than for ease of movement) for audio functionality.

Overall I think this Avatar is in very good shape for its age; I’d like for it to go to a good home where it can be fully restored to original condition. I am, however, selling the Avatar and its accessories AS IS. Thanks for looking and bidding.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP, Solus @ 30 August 2017, Comments Off on ARP Solus

“This little synth is small ,but its a very bad ass aggressive synthesizer! Its in very good shape , for the exception of small scratches which are shown in the pics and a tiny tear on the tolex lid. But it does not affect the sound of the keyboard. Might need a good cleaning a couple of scratchy sliders. But for being 30 something years old it has an amazing sound!”
Click here to visit listing on eBay

Jen, SX1000 @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Jen SX1000

“I dont mind admitting I have not got a clue how to use this, all I can tell you is all the keys work and when turning the knobs they all do something to the sound.

It is in a very good used condition considering its age, it does have some small age related marks and signs of use but nothing that I think needs pointing out. It comes with its original manual but nothing else is included in the sale.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Crumar, Trilogy @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Crumar Trilogy

“This Trilogy has had it’s voice cards removed and cannot be tested in the condition it is in. It does appear to power on as indicated by the LFO rate LED but I can’t confirm anything further. It is missing screws.

This unit is being sold AS-IS for parts or repair projects. There is absolutely no guarantee of any kind. No returns or refunds accepted under any circumstances.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Teenage Engineering @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Teenage Engineering OP-1

“Fully working op-1 along with carrying case, FM tuner antenna, and other useful accessories.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Casio, CZ-1 @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Casio CZ-1

“Used Classic Casio CZ-1 Synthesizer. Perfect working condition. Some cosmetic blemishes – scratches and dings pictured.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq, SD-1 @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Ensoniq SD1

“Good used condition, with some scuffs and scratches. No evident structural damage. Unit seems to be in good working condition, but not every function was fully tested. The power cable is not included. Some of the keys are dirty and would benefit from a thorough cleaning upon receipt. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Simmons @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Simmons Clap Trap

OPERATES AS IT SHOULD. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EDP, Wasp Deluxe @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on EDP Wasp Deluxe

long time ago synth buy from clacktronics uk, It was professionally serviced many years ago and has not been used since.
please note – this used vintage old synthesizer, built old electronic technologys – Therefore it is ‘sold as seen’ – sell as-is , for synth enthusiast only
– Without warranty – you may need some technical service – no returne and no refund
This synthesizer is legendary. It is impossible to overestimate the musical potential of this synthesizer. Many musicians used it for their hits – Eurythmics Sweet Dreams, and many other music stars.
You have a chance to buy it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Casio @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Casio DZ-1

” Casio dz-1 midi drum translator rare made in japan working has some light scrathes in surface no included ac adapter” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Modular, Serge @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Serge Modular

“Cosmetically they… don’t match. The ANIMAL is from the STS/oakland Calif. era, and is in very good shape all the way around. The TKB is an older “paper face” module; it has some cosmetic challenges. The paper is yellowing, the power supply wires have a soldered patch in them, the right side of the keypad itself sits very slightly taller than the left , and the front panel has some extra holes drilled in it in the corners, to mount it in a non-Serge system. None of this affects its playability, function, or ability to be mounted in a standard Serge cabinet.

Sonically it’s GREAT, with the deep OOMPH that characterizes Serge all across the frequency spectrum (figure out in your ownmind what high frequency OOMPH sounds like, but the system has got it.). The ANIMAL was designed to have lots of signal AND noise in a small space: two oscillators, wave multipliers (these are some of the greatest processors ever), a filter that can oscillate, an envelope generator that can filter, noise sources, random voltage generator. The unique Serge strength is that, generally, you can plug any output into any input and it will take it– there’s no segregation between audio and control voltages. The TKB has a sequencer with selectable stages and a touchplate keyboard with pressure out; the functions can be linked or not, and you can even use it as a lo-fi programmable-waveshape oscillator. It’s all amazing but became overwhelming for me. I need money and room.

This combo was working when last played; there’s no reason to think that it isn’t but a trip to a competent synth tech is always a good idea, especially if it’s been shipped a long way. I almost certainly never tested ALL of the functions it can do; but in terms of classic “make patch, make sound, get it to start and stop making sound with key or sequencer” it’s good to go; filters filter and wave multipliers multiply. The TKB is from the late 70s and the ANIMAL is from the 90s, so they are VINTAGE at this point, with all that implies. They are also not seen much on eBay, so keep that in mind too. And also this: FREE SHIPPING in the CONUS– the 50.00 fee is for RIDICULOUSLY GOOD PACKING and INSURANCE. I’ll even throw in the banana plug cords pictured to get you going. How often do these things come up? I payed more than 2200 for the ANIMAL panel, so I believe the opening bid is fair. Let me know if I’m wrong.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Matrix 6, Oberheim @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 6

“Oberheim Matrix 6 Analog Polysynth. Sound engine functions flawlessly. One key seems to be occasionally tricky. It probably just needs its contact cleaned. There are a few minor scratches, but nothing too bad.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Casio, Circuit Bent, SK-1 @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Circuit Bent Casio SK-1

“This Bent Casio is the most AWESOME Glitched Sampler/Keyboard I have owned. It was modified by that Master of Bending, Sam Peck. Sam has custom-made several Bent Devices for me but this one was from his own personal collection. It has SO many possibilities I have only just begun to tap it’s potential. For instance rather than have a somewhat limited Patch Cord Bay with a half-dozen patch cords, this Bending Matrix has no less than 29 THREE-POSITION TOGGLE SWITCHES!!! Plus 3 more Three-Position Toggles on the end of the Keyboard. Making a total of 32 Toggles!! It also has a very cool Pitch-Bend knob. And get this, IT IS ALSO MIDI-CAPABLE!! YOU CAN PLUG ANY MIDI-COMPLIANT INSTRUMENT INTO IT AS A CONTROLLER!! I have used this function many times, plugging this SK-1 into my KORG Karma Workstation and using it as a sound source. I haven’t seen many Bent Boards that can do that.

Like all Bent instruments it can be temperamental, a quality I’ve actually come to love. You never know what weird sound it’s going to throw at you on it’s own. The random Zen Element . . .this is something I really value as an assembler of weird, spontaneous sound events.

This Bent Casio SK-1 is a hardy little board that has been handled with TLC. Never Toured. Lives in my smoke-free home studio. I’m only selling it because I’m raising money for my Solo Blues Tour. That, and I know I can have Sam build me something similar in the future. Don’t miss out on this unique instrument!

It comes with an Universal AC Adapter (110) and also runs on 5 AA Batteries.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim, Xpander @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Xpander

“This rare vintage synth module provides all the great “fat” rich analog sounds (made famous in the ’80s) that we’ve all come to love over the years. It sounds amazing!! Warm strings, pads and lead sounds showcase the unique, classic sound of this synth. Includes original owners manual and an AC power cord.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

OSCar @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on OSCar

“For sale is my Oxford OSCar. It’s in great shape, some minor wear as to be expected so check out the pictures, the main one being a small chip in the bottom most key. I bought this earlier this year from the UK, previous owner was original owner and said he has serviced it before the sale.
Operates on UK voltage so you will need a transformer for use in the USA.
I can include one for free if you need it, just let me know. It’s fully functional, working great, the only thing I notice is it has a little hum but I believe this might be normal, it sounds fine when played but when you don’t play notes there’s a little hum audible, perhaps it’s just the nature of this vintage synth it’s not crystal quiet like modern synthesizers. I’ve seen some OSCar’s sell for over $6500 recently, I priced my low for a quick easy sale. It’s a real beast monster analog synthesizer with duophonic capabilities and lots of cool features. Quite rare too.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai, AX-60 @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Akai AX60

“Good working condition. Small dent and 2 knobs missing. My mother used lightly before she passed.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Microwave, Waldorf @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Waldorf Microwave

“This synthesiser was owned from new, by Juno Reactor, which the classic album “Beyond The Infinite” was created with it. It has some scratches (as seen in photos) but works perfectly. The software is upgraded to Epon Version 2. Comes with an access midi programmer (RARE).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Jen, SX2000 @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Jen SX-2000

“Jen sx-2000 Analogue mono synth

In great condition for its age and working well.

Pictures of actual item for sale.

Will be very well packed for postage.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim Matrix 1000

“Important! This is a Japanese Import but I will include the step down transformer for it.

It sounds great. I love the Oberheim sound and this has the classic patches. I was thinking about upgrading the rom to open up the programming but never got round to it and I’ve now got other gear that is easier to program and overlaps with what this does.

Please see the photo – the right side rack ears have been bent at some stage so it can’t be racked with all four screws in place.

I used to have it near the top with 3 screws securing it”

Click here to visit listing on eBay

DSX, Oberheim @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Oberheim DSX

“Fantastic 80’s sequencer from Oberheim to help drive your analog equipment.
Previously used to programme and sequence my OB8 and OBXA, this has been kept in a pro recording environment and smoke free.

Beautiful condition which also comes with the manual, keyboard connector cable and power lead.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Casio, CZ-5000 @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Casio CZ-5000

“If you are looking at this you probably already know more about it than me; I’m only a guitarist

I’m selling this on behalf of the family of a friend who passed away earlier this year. I don’t know much about the programming of it etc but have fired it up in the studio and tested that it is working properly (the first patch I played did a great Van Halen Jump impression which took me right back to 1984!!!).

It is in decent condition for a 1980’s vintage synth that has been well used. There are the usual scuffs etc. The knob is missing from the Chorus slider and the batter cover is missing as can be seen in the photos but everything appears to be functioning properly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Make Noise, Modular @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Make Noise Maths

“Excellent condition!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai, VX 90 @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Akai VX90

” Liebe Sammler, Musiker und Studiotüftler. Zum Verkauf steht hier traurigerweise wegen Umzugskosten und Studioumbau einer meiner stärksten Synthesizer, den ich gerne in guten Händen wüsste. Dieser Analoge hat Charakter. (beispiel song mit genau diesem Gerät aufgenommen — auf soundcloud beim Künstler emonkperas “theme for underrated VX-90” bitte bei Interesse reinhören).

Von Bread & Butter Productionsounds, cheesige Sequenzen, warme Bässe, Noises, bis zu verrückten wilden Filter R2 Beeps alles möglich, erzeugbar, editierbar und auf den 100 Preset=Userplätzen abspeicherbar!!
Hat Midianschlüsse!

Ein relativ seltenes und offiziell unterschätztes Gerät aus Mitte der 80er. Eine Art “Verdickungs”- mode ist schaltbar für brachiale Leads..
Die Bedienung ist unkompliziert und mit nur 2 Skippern und einem Slider kann man wirkungsvoll in den Sound eingreifen.

Das Gerät ist technisch voll einsatzbereit, hat optisch ein paar dicke Gehäusekratzer, die man aber im Rackeinbau verstecken kann. Ein Rackohr/Schraubenloch rechts unten ist aufgerissen.
Viele Anschlussmöglichkeiten und einige aufwendige, druckvolle User- Sounds von mir sind vorhanden und werden an Bord mitgeliefert, da ich nicht übers Herz bringe, sie zu löschen.

Display ist in tollem Zustand und leuchtet topp, und die Zeichen sind ausgezeichnet zu lesen! Bitte auf den Bedien-Augen-Winkel beim Aufstellen achten. Dies ist entscheidend für die Contrasteinstellung am gleichnamigen Regler.

Spezielles 2-poliges Gerätesteckerkabel (siehe Foto) ist dabei.

Falls für Interessenten von Bedeutung: Nichtraucher- und Nichthaustierhaushalt, auf jeden Fall seit 2008 oder 2009. Andere Geräte oder Gegenstände, die zufällig partiell oder ganz mit abgebildet sind oder nicht komplett bei der Bearbeitung der Fotos weggeschnitten werden konnten, gehören nicht zum Auktionsangebot.

Bei dieser Auktion möchte ich nur Überweisung anbieten, kein paypal.
Ich versende bestmöglich gepolstert etwa 1-2 Tage nach Geldeingang.

EU-Bidders — item, which I bought in 2008 or 2009, is in a very good condition, perfectly working, obvious rack scratch traces can be hidden by putting into the rack,
super sound.6 VCO analog Synthesizer with many plug abilities, even Midi and can also be connected with certain nearly Akai sampler series.
VX-90 will be sold and shipped with a special 2-pole power supply cable.
no users manual.
no paypal for this auction, only bank transfer
shipping, well packed with lots of cushion, 1 or 2 days after money received on my account, only to destinations DHL Zone1 EU (22,99€) ”

Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu, SP-12 @ 29 August 2017, Comments Off on Emu SP-12

“This SP-12 Emu Systems Drum Machine is in excellent electronic condition and good cosmetic condition. The unit has a few scratches on the interface and rear panel (see pictures), but is in otherwise good condition. It comes with a floppy drive reader and cables.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog, Prodigy @ 28 August 2017, Comments Off on Moog Prodigy

“Classic Vintage Synth!

I recapped this a couple of years ago which really brought it back to life, this sounds fantastic.

A fair bit of wear to the wood, but panel is clean.

The white slider caps are missing, but all knobs intact.

It’s the export model with CV/ Gate sockets on the back, rewired by a previous owner so the S-Trig socket is no longer connected- trigger goes into Keyboard In/ Out so you can just use a standard 1/4″ lead.

All working aside from the pitch wheel, it has no effect. You can still use the tuning knobs to manipulate Sync sounds, however.”
Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog, Sonic Six @ 28 August 2017, Comments Off on Moog Sonic Six

“You are currently bidding on an **AWESOME** Vintage MOOG Sonic Six Analog Synthesizer! This item does sell as used, and does have cosmetic wear. It has been tested, and appears to be working well, however there are just too many functions I cannot figure out. Many customers of mine have been able to make her sing. So this auction is set as an AS IS auction, though the item works. I just cannot guarantee what I can’t test. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog, Rogue @ 28 August 2017, Comments Off on Moog Rogue

“Beautiful vintage MOOG ROGUE. classic monophonic bass synth. rare original box and manual included. this thing is in great shape other than missing one rubber bumper on the bottom (shown in pics). also, the adapter is missing a small piece that houses the wire but i wrapped the wire under the screw and it works just fine (see pics). replacement adapters are available online for about $30 if eventually needed. synth has huge bass sounds and is very versatile. all keys and sliders work perfectly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog, Opus 3 @ 28 August 2017, Comments Off on Moog Opus 3

“We got this out of a storage unit. Tested and works, but has a few issues. The D 2 key is not working, and the C 1 key is bent but working. The “Contour AMT” slider does not go up all the way and is missing the cover. Both Articulator sliders barely move from their current position, and I didn’t want to force it. Missing the chorus delay switch, the VCF (organ/bass) switch, and the cover to the VCF to Mix slider. See pictures for all of this. Also, the power switch doesn’t flip to the off position. It’s stuck on “On”.

Everything else seems to work as it should on this. Please note as with most Moogs, this needs to be warmed up. The modulation mode light won’t come on until after it’s been on for about 15-20 minutes.

I maxed out on the pictures, so just ask if you want see anything close up or a different part/angle. Thanks.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog, Prodigy @ 28 August 2017, Comments Off on Moog Prodigy

“For sale is a Moog Prodigy synth in very good condition. The keys and wheels show very little discoloration. The wood case does have some marks on it, as you can see in the pictures. I have tested most of the switches and keys, and it appears to work perfectly. I have not tested all of the inputs in the rear. ”
Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog, Sonic Six @ 28 August 2017, Comments Off on Moog Sonic Six

“Unit appears to be in good working order. Not electronically bench tested, but speaker, pitch wheel and knobs/faders work. The power switch does not light up, but it does turn on. Minor scratches on case, and very small tear in the plastic near the master fader at “4” (see picture). Power chord not included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay