Moog Polymoog

“Sie bieten auf den Artikel Moog Polymoog Synthesizer Model 203A mit Koffer.

Es handelt sich um einen echten Highend Synthesizer von 1978. Fürsprecher lieben diesen einzigartigen fetten, schwebenden Klang. Namenhafte Musiker wie z.B. Kraftwerk (Computer World Tour, 1981) und ABBA nutzten diesen.

Mir fehlt die Expertise um das Gerät in ihren Funktionen zu überprüfen und wird deshalb als Defekt/Bastler verkauft.
Wie auf den Bildern zu entnehmen lässt sich das Gerät einschalten.
Der Artikel macht optisch einen guten Eindruck mit einigen korrodierten Schrauben. (s. Bilder)
Zudem befindet sich der Artikel in einem originalen Koffer.
Gewicht mit Koffer ca. 50kg” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Multimoog

“The Multimoog is the big brother to the famous Micromoog. This portable synth featured 2 analog VCO with variable waveforms and the famous Moog 24/dB filter, but also added an early version of aftertouch and more flexible modulation capabilities then its predecessor. Functionally, the Multimoog falls in between the smaller MicroMoog & their flagship MiniMoog I will not repost after this run”
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Moog MG-1

“Real Moog oscillators and filters!

Two small flaws in this unit- chip off the plastic in the bottom back corner (pictured) and the LFO rate LED seems to have gone out. (Should be an easy fix for anyone with a soldering iron.) The LFO itself works fine.

All knobs and slider caps present. I’m told this unit has had the black tar foam removed from the inside.

Tested & working great. “ Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-70

“Purchased April of 2016. It has one of the later bug-free O/S versions and I believe (can’t confirm) this is the faster chipset Roland later retrofitted.
New Telesis Backlight last Year. This is the 4th D-70 I’ve owned because everytime I find one cheap I pick it up and swear I’m keeping it.
I swore THIS D-70 is my keeper because:

1) Has A Custom Anvil Flight Case Fitted for the D-70 that appears to have been Pro-Used/Custom Made (I purchased it in California)
2) Key assembly appears to have been replaced with An Original-New Keybed within the last few years OR it was a later model without
the RED GLUE key issue OR maybe it was stored just right and maintained perfection.
*When Cleaning/Inspecting/Replacing Backlight I sealed all the key weights with a clear epoxy that would Seal the original Red Glue just for good measure.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland CR-78

“This Is in good shape..I have tested it to the best of my abilites and believe it works as it should..I am not a expert at all…this is missing the 4 screws that hold the unit in the box. they came loose over the years i have had it and fell was never taken apart or fixed on the missing 1 button as you can see in the pics..I am sure it can use a good cleaning and some love as its been sitting for a few years..”
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Roland Super JX

“We have been the owner of this keyboard since before 1990. It was used for a few years in our duo before it went into a case for safekeeping. It works well; all the keys work except the aftertouch.

There is a slight scuff mark on the top left, see picture. It still has the original battery.

Includes manual, music rest, and M-64C cartridge.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“I bought this Roland Juno 106 on ebay from Japan less than a year ago. The seller listed the item as refurbished and that all of the voice chips have been restored. Some of the patches have white noises. The original seller’s technician communicated that the keyboard has not been restored to it’s original settings, and that when they are all of the patches will be how they originally were. The way it is right now most of the preset patches work, and all of the knobs and faders seem to work great. I am selling this vintage keyboard ‘as is’ no returns.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JP-8080

“For sale is a Roland JP 8080 in excellent condition. This Analog Modeling Synthesizer Module offers an advanced Analog Modeling sound engine, powerful External Audio Synthesis, a built-in Voice Modulator and Smartmedia storage capability. Forty knobs and sliders for intuitive real-time sound creation and drastic sonic manipulation. This synth sounds great and the real-time hardware controls are great for editing and created studio-quality sounds. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“This is a really nice Roland Juno 106 polyphonic synthesizer. I’ve gone through the whole thing, and the only thing that isn’t perfect is the volume knob is a little scratchy. It has a vca level slider so it’s not a big deal. The patches may not all be originals, but they sound great. There’s also a couple minor blemishes (pictured) but it’s in overall excellent cosmetic condition for a synth of it’s age.”
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Roland Jupiter 6

“This synth is in great physical condition for its age. There is one knob that was stripped out. It has been repaired but it’s getting a little loose again. There’s another one that is really stiff and could probably use some oil lubricant. I just purchaced a brand new power cable for it. (included) I took this out of storage thinking it was going to fire right up, but unfortunately, it isn’t responsive. The lights come on, but there isn’t any sound. Sold as is. Not working for parts or repair only. No returns” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JX-8P

“Condition: Very good condition physically and acoustically. Includes copy of owner’s manual, power cord (US/Canada/Japan).
Comments: Owned and home-kept since 1995 with light usage. Occasional sticky note (needs a cleaning), slight ding in right rear lower corner (pictured). Volume slider may need cleaning or replacement, but unit outputs fine via headphones and line-outs.”
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Roland TR-808

“Not sure what is wrong with it. All the buttons light up, tempo knob, start/stop all work, but there is no sound coming out of it. Keep in mind I have no idea how this thing works. I hooked it up to a powered speaker on the main and all the little blips and lights worked but it was dead silent. Buddy said it was an opamp. I don’t know what that means, also has a busted switch under the main volume knob. I know there are a bunch of places that fix these things but I don’t wanna mess with it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland CSQ-600

“Roland CSQ-600 analog cv/gate sequencer. Tested – everything works as it should. Sounds amazing with my SH-2. These sequencers really elicit a special timbre especially when paired with other Roland synths that accept cv/gate. This is an extra one not being used. Note: this unit requires Japanese voltage (100V), so you’ll need a voltage converter like the Kashimura TI-101. No returns, however guaranteed to function as described upon arrival. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland SH-101 with MGS-1 Mod Grip

“The classic techno monosynth, in excellent condition, with the original manual, MG-1 mod grip and guitar strap, two minor mods, and a beefed-up power supply.

The SH-101 is one of the world’s most popular analog synthesizers. If you know anything about synths, you know all about this one.

Also included in this package is a special 15 volt power supply for the synth. Normally the 101 uses a 9 volt supply, but experiments by Phillip
Pilgrim, a noted expert on the 101, have shown that increasing the supply voltage to 15 volts dramatically cuts down on hiss and buzz. (See Phil’s SH-101 page for an explanation.)

This synth has two mods which actually improve its usefulness. The first is a large capacitor across the power line, which helps cut down on hum. In combination with the special power supply, this cap makes this one of the quietest 101s you’ll ever hear. The second mod is a switch that allows you to control the synth either from a keyboard or from the CV In jacks, without disconnecting the CV cables. This is handy for live use.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland SH-101 with Mods

“Selling an SH-101, works great. All Keys Trigger. All CV inputs work
Missing: 1 Cover for Batteries.
2 X Sliders for Potentiometers

Added Feature: I modded the SH-101 to use it’s internal waveforms (noise, sawtooth etc) to modulate the cutoff frequencies of the filter. This can be turned On and OFF (off is functionally the same as an sh-101). This is an awesome mod, it creates much crazier sounds and FX.

You can easily order both pieces online” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Juno 106

“Excellent, used condition. Has not been serviced since I’ve owned it, but works fine.

Includes backup cassette with original sounds, power cord, and amp cord.
Also will include stand pictured in photos if you want.
I have the original manual here somewhere; will continue looking. (It’s also available free online.)”
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Korg MS-20




Korg Mono/Poly

“Overall, the synth is in superb working condition. The front and rear panels are very clean, with only minor marks and small blemishes. The wooden sides and frame are also clean with only minor marks.

All knobs, buttons and switches are present, original and function correctly.

All keys are clean and aligned and contact correctly.

The unit was tested today and the synth is working as it should be: 100% functional and the tuning is rock solid.

The synth has the excellent MidiPoly midi kit installed.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Poly 61

“Used – in mostly working condition but needs some small repairs. I recently had it serviced by a Korg Specialized Technician and was told that it could easily be fixed. He did a tune up, replaced the contact strips, and cleaned all of the boards. A few of the keys will go back and forth between working and not working. It has been in storage for around 9 years. . Despite this, the Technician told me it was in a good condition, it just needs a little bit of TLC.It also has some small surface scratches, as you can see in the pictures. I hate to sell it – but we are moving soon and could use some extra money for the closing costs.”
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Korg Poly 800 with Moog Slayer Mod

“It’s a Poly-800 with the notorious ‘Moog Slayer’ and ‘FM-800’ mods — as seen on Wikipedia! And it comes in a hard shell case – Forge By Anvil. That alone is worth the price of admission!

It’s battery powered! It has pegs for keytar action! It has the programming instructions laid out on the front panel so you’ll never lose them!

Tested & working great. Comes with original manual and power adapter.”
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Korg Polysix Project Machine

“Physically, the endcaps are pretty banged up as pictured, there are some minor scuffs, scratches etc, and a button cover missing. Not too bad though. Could be restored pretty easily. Functionally, it definetly doesn’t work right. I’m not sure what all is wrong with it. To be completely honest, I didn’t expect it to power up or work at all. I was able to get sound out of it however and what it did sounded good. Definetly not working properly though, being sold as is for parts or repair” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Mono/Poly

“KORG MONO/POLY Analog Synthesizer that works great! This synth has been a friend for years and has amazing sounds that are super easy to tweak to your taste. All knobs, switches, and control wheels are fully functional and don’t stick. The wood panels are slightly dinged and have a few chips and dents from it actually being played. This has been used in a non smoking home studio for the 20 years that I have had it. The last pictures are of a function check where the sound is clear and EVERY KEY PLAYS. This is a fully analog synth and as such, it does need to warm up for a few minutes to keep in tune, but once you learn to use a real vintage synth there is nothing that comes close. The full board will be carefully packaged so you get it in one piece and functional.”
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Korg Mono/Poly

“NOW, I could kick whatever clown decided to paint the outer three panels white.
I mean, maybe they had a virus ti polar and a jd-xi and needed their other synths to match the all-white scheme? Who knows.
Maybe you love it. At least they didn’t paint over the front panel.

And the knobs, and the sounds are all great. Everything works 100%. Please bid accordingly.

Tested & working great. Comes with manual and case.”
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Yamaha DX21

“Excellent condition ! As good as you could get. In fully working order the amazing and iconic DX21

Having a clear out so must go. Barely been used with original manual and sheet music stand.

The screen has been renewed and updated to the more popular reverse LED” Click here to visit listing on eBay