Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak

used mulit-trak “This is probably the nicest SCI Multi-Track you will come across on ebay. It is in nearly mint condition, especially for a synth made in the 80’s. The plastic ends have been replaced with cherry and it has had the battery drain mod performed. The original Multi-Tracks suffered from a drain issue where the backup memory battery would drain in a relative short period of time, resulting in frequent patch and sequencer data loss. I am also including a factory data tape with both A and B patch sets and 4 sequences.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Quartet

quartetr “Selling a Vintage ARP Quartet Analog Synth with original Music Stand and the correct volume pedal that was recommended for it when first introduced. Every thing works. The cabinet is not perfect and has some blemishes but not terrible either. For vintage synth collectors, this is a must especially for ARP collectors. I have cleaned all of the sliders and they are tight and no unwanted noise. The keys are solid and all working. The low E has a very small chip in the front left side. ARP used these keys in about 5 of their synths and I have seen time on Ebay from time to time. I have not idea how much trouble it would be to replace but right now it certainly is not necessary. I was going to consider trading for a Roland Juno 60 but that never worked out. The volume pedal works great and I have never seen this advertised with any other Quartet. This is a very early ARP synth that was built with the assistance of SIEL in Italy. Just like some of their other Synths. I wish I could keep this, but I just no longer have the room since I have downsized my living arrangements.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kurzweil K2000R

k2000r “Kurzweil K2000R VAST Synthesizer w/ Orchestral ROM and Manuals K2000

Up for auction is my beloved Kurzweil K2000R. This is an amazing synth with endless possibilities. I’m selling it with the rack ears and both manuals. It has the added Orchestral ROM but it does not have the sampling option. I bought this from the original owner a few years ago who only used it in his home studio. I immediately racked it and its been in my studio ever since. This synth is very clean and working great (I’ve never had the need to use the floppy drive so I haven’t tested it). I used the synth up until about 2 weeks ago, so I know its working great.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Matrix 1000

matri x1000 “Original owner. Very seldom used, and works perfectly. The unit has minor damage to the rack ears, but as you can see in the pictures, it will mount into a rack without issue, and the damage is purely cosmetic. There are also a few scratches on the top, but those cannot be seen when the unit is racked. Includes manual.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Buchla 266e Source of Uncertainty

Buchla 266e “Lightly used in my smoke free studio. Photos are of actual unit and is spotless, as you can see. This has the most recent firmware and it works great! A real Buchla classic.

If you are looking at this, you probably know exactly what it is. If you are looking to add some unpredictability to your patches and your music (and who isn’t!), this is the way to go. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Xpander

xpander” The Xpander is a huge sounding vintage analog monster. This machine is incredibly deep, essentially it’s like a 6 voice polyphonic modular with 12 oscillators, 5 envelopes, 5 LFO’s and ton more. It has recently been serviced and refurbished with a new front panel, sides and power supply. All voices function and tune correctly and it passes the diagnostics routines. A small bag of spare parts (fuses and a couple of transformers) are included with the sale.

It appears this one has been modified with a voltage switch, allowing it to be switched from 100v, 115v & 130v to 200v, 220v & 240v. I’ve never had cause to use this, so I don’t know if it works or not, but could come in handy for international buyers, world tours and so on.

In spite of all the work don ae on it, there is still one minor issue. Certain patch locations (any with a number 8 or 9 specifically) cannot be saved to from the front panel. Saving patches works fine when doing it from a computer, the battery has been replaced and internal diagnostic routines don’t report any problems. It doesn’t seem to be a mechanical problem either as the buttons function fine otherwise. I have no idea whats causing it!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Casio VZ-10M

vz10m “This is a used unit, but in good condition. Includes the VZ-10M unit and Power cord. Case does have scratches – see pics. Unit powers on and boots up as expected – it was my daughter’s and I have no idea how to operate or test further.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai AX-60

akai ax60 “For sale is a vintage Akai AX60 analog synthesizer. Synth is in EXCELLENT cosmetic and functional condition. All functions have been tested and work great. This is an AWESOME sounding synth! Cosmetics of this unit are great for an item of this vintage, though it should be noted that the underside of one of the keys is chipped (see photo). This issue is not visible at playing position and in no way affects the function of the key. It should also be noted that, while almost all of the knobs, sliders and buttons on the unit are in great functional condition, the sliders for MASTER VOLUME and LEVEL SPLIT BALANCE do make a crackling noise when adjusted (there is no noise once levels set); as such, they may need to be cleaned. But to be honest, I never found this issue to be one that needed addressing, as I set the levels and adjusted volume via an external mixer.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim OB-8

oberheim ob-8 “This auction features the mighty Oberheim OB-8 synthesizer. It’s in excellent cosmetic and working condition and sounds incredible without any issues whatsoever. I am the second owner of this unit and it has never left my home studio. It was recently professionally serviced in late 2013 (see invoice pic above) which included a replacement battery, full recalibration, and two mods. The first modification was a bass boost which makes the synth sound even more ballsy. The second was to increase resonance by about 20% on the filters. Both of these mods have the net effect of making this OB-8 sound closer in tone and attitude to the OB-Xa. I had a friend’s OB-Xa over to compare and they sound nearly identical with these mods on this OB-8. Of course, these mods are fully reversible and I’ll include all the documentation regarding what was done in case you want to reverse these mods to make it back to fully original. If you’re looking for an OB-Xa but don’t want all the hassle of maintaining one, I highly recommend you check this OB-8 out! I’m not 100% certain, but it’s rumored that Justin Bieber does not own an OB-8…so if you win this auction, you’ve got that going for you.

Included in the auction is the fully-serviced Oberheim OB-8 (modded to sound closer to the OB-Xa), original user manual, invoice from maintenance, documentation on mods, and power cord. This unit will be packed professionally. Please review my feedback record (100%!!!) and bid with confidence.

Auction includes:
• Oberheim OB-8
• Manuals
• Maintenance invoice
• Modifications docs
• Power cord”

Flight Of Harmony Choices

choices “This is a basic joystick. it is not a precision device. of course, if you are looking for a precision control interface, a joystick should be the last option on your list – if at all. a regular control potentiometer has 310° of rotation, while the standard joystick has only a 60° arc of travel to cover the same amount of resistance, that’s 1/5th of the resolution! but we can do better than that: choices uses a joystick assembly that has 90° arc of travel, and is the smoothest-feeling joystick i have ever found.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus with OEX-6 Output Expander

eps16plus “14 disks including os – variety of instruments, drums, some sequences – I don’t have any experience with these so I can’t attest to every feature – I was able to power up and load a variety of instruments – all worked well – I loaded a sequence although I didn’t quite know what to do next – if you’re looking for one this is it – comes with expander although I did not test it – variety of disks – also comes with foot switch although when I plugged it in I couldn’t get it to do anything” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Teenage Engineering OP-1

usedop-1 “I bought this with the intention of doing some composing while sitting in opera rehearsals and performances while waiting backstage. Never happened. My compositional style does not really fit this device and it has never really been used except to try it out a bit. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering and it shoudl go to someone who will use it for its intended purpose. It is essentially new in the original box with all of the original accessories and overlay. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Pearl Drum-X

drum-x “This auction is for one Pearl Drum-X (also known as DRX) analog drum synthesizer. It is in good shape and works great. It can be triggered either via the Pearl pads or any source of audio/gate-in. That means any other drum machine, sequencer, acoustic drums; anything that can be plugged into the 1/4″ jack. The drum sounds can be programmed from the front of the unit and saved into one of the eight kits. Auction includes the drum synth and power cable. Good luck and happy bidding!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Rogue

used moog rogue “This Moog Rogue is used but looks brand new, functions as brand new and has been serviced so it should bring years of pleasure to the winning bidder.
There’s a couple of tiny scratches on the left side panel that are barely noticeable.
You’ll get that new synth feeling even though it’s a vintage synth.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland SH-101 Project Machine

usedsh-101 “Hello and welcome this auction is for a used Roland SH-101 analog synthesizer for parts as is. While testing this synthesizer, we discovered that the 6th key from the left does not work. All other keys and switches appeared to work normally. Being sold for parts as is due to the one key not working. As stated above this is a used synthesizer and in result has various scratches, scruffs, etc. from prior use. There are also a couple screws missing on the underside, and the KYBD switch leans slightly to the right. Thank you for looking!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-909

tr909 ” Hello and thank you for looking. This auction is for the iconic Roland TR 909 rhythm composer/drum machine with original Roland TR 909 manual. The condition is in good operating condition and pretty good cosmetic condition with only a few blemishes on the bottom side of the case. The battery compartment is clean and normal as it is expected. This item is not mint, nor is it “new” it is a 38 year old piece of electronic equipment that is in good under used condition. I personally pulled this out of storage to raise some money for a home improvement project. I don’t want to sell it but must raise funds. I will start bidding less than some of the other tr909 auctions to encourage a quick and final sale. There will be no refunds on any vintage electronic equipment, sorry. You must do your research ahead of time to know what you are bidding on. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland CR-8000 Project Machine

cr8000 “Up for auction is this Roland CR-8000 CompuRhythm, Micro Computer Controlled Rhythm Machine. The machine is working however the buttons will need to be serviced (cleaned). Bank 1,2,3 light up Swing 1 and 2 , Habanera, BD4, Rock 2 and 6, Basso-Nova, Rumba, Merengue, Samba 2. Cy8, Ct4 and others work. auto fill and Register seem to work. With a good service of the buttons you will on your way to lots of fun. Note: I had an update to the machine when I first bought it. I had a tech install a small switch on the back. This would toggle between the cowbell and a nice side stick to the snare (for ballads). The wires to the switch came off I soldered them back on but the button does not work to test it. The update is good to the board but you may have to check the switch (no big deal). The snare side stick is on one of the presets so it was already in the machine. I am selling the CR-8000 AS IS because of the issues described above .” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-606

tr-606“Roland TR606 drum machine.
Seems to be in good working condition.
This is a estate item purchase I found..
The batteries were a little corroded inside
I cleaned the terminal and put new batteries in.
Everything seems to be working good.
Returns are accepted.
No reserve price” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland SH-1000 Project Machine

sh1000 “This auction is for a Roland SH-1000 keyboard synthesizer. The unit turns on, all keys and knobs are intact, except for two tabs (see photos). The unit could use a tune-up. Some sounds work, some do not work. Sliders do not seem to make any difference. This unit has not been completely tested. I believe the unit can be repaired and used, not only for parts.

This unit is being sold “AS IS” It includes the original box and plastic music stand.

The wooden case is in very good condition, as is the rest of the unit (see photos)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland CR-8000

cr8000 “Good vintage condition. Expect some cosmetic blemishes from normal use of a vintage drum machine. Recent overhaul service. It has had all of the button switches replaced with sealed tactile style switches similar to the ones found in video game controllers. The original switch covers are still present. Now the switches respond with a firm click. Great performing machine.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Juno 6

juno-6 “The only issue is that the Arpeggiator Mode Switch is missing it’s pole (as can be seen in the photos) The switch Still does work. I used a pen to manipulate the switch. All Other Keys,Pots and switches fully work.

A Replacement Switch (3 position Switch) Costs about $10 here on Ebay

Cosmetically, the keyboard is in great shape with No major scratches and No dings or dents (as can be seen in the photos)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-5 Project Machine

d-5 “Roland D-5 Multitimbral digital waveform linear synthesizer.

– Eight of the keys have stopped working. The non-working keys are marked with red tape in the photos. I have heard that this is a common malfunction in these keyboards, and can be repaired. I lack the technical skill to repair it myself.
– The power supply will not be included with this. This auction is for the keyboard only.
– The keyboard and synth work very well and sound great, except for the non-working keys.” Click here to visit listing on eBay