Sequential Circuits Pro One

used pro one “I am the third owner of this Pro One and the second owner had it less than three months.

I had the Pro One professionally serviced by Wine Country back in February of 2013 and have the receipt with itemized list of repairs and service that I will provide when shipping.

This is the J-Wire Keyboard version (#0144) and all 37 rubber key stops were replaced. If you trigger the Pro One from the keyboard itself there are some sticky keys however, I’m including a mint Kenton USB Solo which I’ve always used to trigger the Pro One without an issue whatsoever.

Wine Country documented that the sequencer and arpeggiator was operating to spec but I’ve never used it. I didn’t care much about the sequencer since I was using my DAW but the arp may need service if you really want to use it. This was never an issue for me since I triggered the Pro One through the USB Solo and used Live’s arpeggiator which has far more arp options than the Pro One’s. In addition you can use the USB Solo’s LFO that has a lot of waveform options & sync capabilities.

This is an honest overview of the synthesizer and sold as-is. I take excellent care of all of my gear and you can rest assured that you’ll receive her shipped with extreme care.

You’ll be walking away with more than any other eBay auction:

This sale comes complete with:
– A mint (wood sided) Pro One
– A mint Kenton USB Solo + all necessary cables
– Original Operation Manual
– Original Spec Sheet
– Original Patch Sheets from Sequential Circuits + some from the original owner + some blank ones
– Wine Country Receipt (over $700 in maintenance)
– 1 Mogami TS –> TS cable to get you immediately plugged in and started ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000

sci prophet 2000 “For sale is a vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 Digital Sampling Keyboard. This one is in good vintage condition, works perfectly, and sounds fantastic. The Prophet 2000 features 8-voice polyphony, a 12-bit sampler, 8 analog VCF’s, 8 analog ADSR’s, up to 30 seconds of memory, and 3.5″ disk storage. It’s a 61-key velocity keyboard with MIDI. The Prophet 2000 is a rare piece of gear, and extremely hard to find in good working condition. One knob is missing the chrome cap, however it is an original knob. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Odyssey

used arp_odyssey “This particular unit is in excellent cosmetic condition and working order; sounds and plays amazing! Fully serviced by Switched On Electronics in Austin, Texas, this unit is fully calibrated, rebushed, and ready to play. Features a 4-Pole VCF, CV IN/TRIG/GATE/OUT; absolutely legendary sounds. MUCH warmer tone, better playing, and less clinical sounding than the cheap made in China Korg reissues. This one has the 2nd 4075 MKII/III filter as compared to my Solus holds up just as well in the upper frequency spectrum.

This particular unit has been fully serviced, tuned, and calibrated. It has received a full rebush job with Pratt-Reed bushings. Overall, hundreds of dollars have been put into this synthesizer for restoration and upkeep to ensure it plays and sounds as good as it possibly can. Some sliders have also been replaced with Old-Stock ARP sliders for authenticity-sake. Includes original ARP footswitch and custom-fit heavy duty Cabbage Case roadcase.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Solus

arp solus “Vintage arp solus suitcase synthesizer for sale.

In good working order.

Been in my mums loft for 3 years from when I last moved house. I’m selling this and some other synths and guitars that have been up there.

Acknowledged as somewhere just below an odyssey but above an axxe.

A couple of sliders are a little scratchy, but not that bad, but all work and actually gets better once warmed up and you’ve used them for a bit.

As you probably know, this is a rare suitcase all in one synth (someone should really start making suitcase synths again).

I’ve tested the cv and gate sockets with my arturia beatstep and it worked fine. (In fact I was considering keeping it after doing this).

UK plug socket. Printed off manual that came with it when I bought it about 10 years ago.

The hinge on one side of the case at the back is missing, but as the other hinge is fine and the two front clips are fine, the lid still fits on securely, and it’s not designed to be paid with the lid on anyway.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Odyssey

used arp odyssey “ARP Odyssey MK III – original VINTAGE – with custom black side panels.

Excellent cosmetic condition & in great working order! It has been tested and it sounds absolutely amazing!! If you’re looking for the authentic Odyssey sound, this is your chance to own one! Custom gloss-black paint-job on the side-panels – very cool!! (see photos). It has been extremely well taken care of and has lived in a smoke-fee studio. Comes with the power cord. There is also a Pitch Control Mod that was done previous to my ownership. This does not impact its normal functionality or sound character whatsoever. When switched down it activates the Middle Proportional Pitch Control. When switched up, it deactivates it. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Future Retro XS

xs “I’m selling my FUTURE RETRO XS semi modular synth. I’m the original owner and this thing is MINT. Comes with original box, rack ears, power cord and manuals. If your interested im also selling 3 moogerfooger medals that work amazing with this synth and make it a true modular synthesizer. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Chimera Synthesis bC16

bc16 ” If you know about this synth, you know it’s not easy to get one. The inventor is eccentric to say the least and wait times were in the realm of years. Still, he did make quite an interesting synth. Fully patchable. Has MIDI, including an arpeggiator. This one comes with 10 patch cables, a signal inverter, 1/4″ TS output cable, and hex key for the battery compartment. Uses 6 AAA batteries (not included). There are vids on YouTube and you can find the PDF manual for more info. One of the rubber feet has moved a bit, but it’s still firmly attached.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim OB-Xa

obxa“Oberheim OBXa

Classic analogue 8-voice synthesizer, one of about 400 manufactured during the early 1980’s. This particular specimen has been thru extensive repairs and is offered in full working order. The Kenton MIDI kit is installed offering both MIDI IN and OUT (key information only). The J.L.Cooper Poly MOD has also been installed providing similar sound creation functionality to Sequential’s Prophet synths of the same era. Also included is the 3 * patch memory option giving 96 locations to store user programs. Bank A has been programmed with a good selection of factory sounds with the remaining banks B & C free. This old girl is offered in great condition, plays great and most importantly sounds incredible.

Original robust and durable flight case included.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Matrix 12

oberheim matrix 12 “Hello here I have for sale my pride and joy the legendary king of poly synths the Oberheim Matrix 12!! it is in absolutely stunning condition looks brand new for a mid 80’s classic (museum grade) please see pictures, fully operational and has had a complete service with overhaul, 12 voice analogue king, this is probably the best example you will find also has the 12 voice expansion output.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP1200

1200 ” Not sure about this thing.. no idea what it does. It works! But not sure what it does. I was given this by a friend. He said it was cool. If you feel that way.. then it’s yours. Missing one knob on the slider #8 ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Multivox MX-8100

mx8100“Multivox MX-8100 branded a “Computer Basic System.” Extremely nice condition for such a vintage unit. Made in late seventies, think I bought in very early eighties. Only minor issue is two missing plastic feet that I must have taken off probably thirty years ago to fit it into whatever keyboard stand I was using at the time. I found one rub mark on back and some very minor wear on edges. See pics for details.

I purchased this at the same time as the SPV-355 Analog Roland Synth I recently sold here on ebay. The control voltage works perfectly with old Roland and Korg Analog Synths. I remember making an adaptor to use with my Minimoog back in the day. If you have a moog and want that adaptor, I have no further use for it, so just ask at the time of purchase.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ciat Lonbarde Deerhorn Organ

Ciat Lonbarde Deerhorn Organ “The Deerhorn is a fantastic Theremin-like instrument by Peter Blasser / Ciat-Lonbarde. The Deerhorn organ is made up of three of these Deerhorns.

Each Deerhorn has an antenna, the circuit boards in the photo by the knobs and jacks, two oscillators, and two VCAs. The distance of your hand and rate of approach or leaving from the antenna control the volume of a VCA (one VCA for motion toward the antenna, another VCA for away. The VCAs then go to a stereo 3.5mm jack, which gives a stereo feel to the instrument). That control voltage is also available at the orange jack. It can be patched into the purple jacks to control the pitch. There are other jacks, and wonderful cross modulation possibilities exist.

This is the older style unit (no audio input).

I added a ground banana jack, it’s on the back, near the audio output, in line with the 3rd Deerhorn’s antenna. It works perfectly. I should say that I had to repair one of the tuning capacitors in one of the Deerhorns after it broke while I was calibrating it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Phobos Red Square

Red Square ” Here is a very rare and very cool Analog Solutions PHOBOS Red Square analog synthesizer. This machine is super patchable, super tweakable and damn… it emits some seriously wicked sounds. Big boomin basses, cutting leads and some of the most insane noises ive ever heard. I bought this from a collector (not a player) early this year. It is amazing cosmetic condition and plays great. I am simply selling as i just bought a classic Roland System 100 complete set up… with the 100, 102 and sequencer… yikes… lotsa moolah so i need to recoup some cash. I will regret this later but i hope it goes to a good home!

It can be used via MIDI or CV!!!

I pack safe and ship super fast!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Polyfusion Sound-a-Round

sound-a-round “Up for sale is a (1) very rare Polyfusion Quad Panner, model QP-1. The unit can be used in two modes: auto and manual. In the auto mode you can control the panning by the depth and speed knobs. It has a build-in LFO which can be used in normal or reverse mode. In auto mode you can control the panning by the joystick. The depth and speed are CV controllable then. The unit is working fine. Optical it’s in nice condition for its age, but there are some minor scratches and wear and tear on it (see photo’s). One screw is missing at the bottom plate. It’s an original 110V version with USA plug and the serial number is: 7705.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Casio CZ-101 Project Machine

cz101 “Partially working.

When i first received this item there were 6 very corroded batteries inside. i removed them and removed the backplate to remove some of the corrosion. the last 3 pictures show it after i cleaned it out. You can see in the last picture the metal plate that covered the batteries has lots of corrosion residue that doesnt come off.

I put in 6 D batteries and plugged a pair of headphones in and it works, music comes through fine. All of the notes register and play ok, though you have to press them down fairly straight, theres a little bit of friction between the keys. All the controls in the center and on the left side of the keyboard work. The EFFECT PROGRAMMER and DATA ENTRY buttons all work, including the PITCH BEND and VOLUME knobs.

The CURSOR RIGHT and OCTAVE buttons tend to get a little bit stuck in the pressed down position.

The board in the back in pic 10 with the little brown piece of paper that has black around the edges is the suspected broken board. I think this part corresponds to the the programming module. I think this entire board may be fried.

I make this conclusion because while no matter what combination of buttons i press, i cannot get any of the buttons in the right half of the board to register or the LEDs to light up or affect the sound in anyway. That includes ENV STEP ENV POINT INITIALIZE VIBRATO OCTAVE or any of the PARAMETER BUTTONS including DETUNE and the 2 MODULATION buttons. The MASTER TUNE buttons dont seem to do anything either.

The only button that seems to work on that side is the LINE SELECT Button on that side, and of course the power button.

I only tested the audio phones port out, not the line out or any of the other ports. Since im selling it as is, im not guaranteeing anything else beyond whats been described.

See pictures for cosmetic condition. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Wiard Controller 311

Controller 311 “Rare Wiard 300 series analog modular synthesizer Controller Model 311. Two joysticks, voltmeter, multi-format mults. 2U panel fits in any standard 19″ rack. Uses standard Wiard/Blacet power. Excellent condition and working 100%. Long out of production and getting quite hard to find…”

Casio KX-101

kx101 “The unit you will be purchasing, is the exact item you see in my photos. It looks to be in good physical condition, does have the antennea, no power cord, and no detachable speakers. The cassette deck is rewinding / fast forwarding, but I do not have speakers to play anything with it. I do not know how to hook this to an external device to record, mix, etc… so I am selling it AS IS. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Access Virus C

virus c“Access Virus C Desktop Synthesizer

Excellent Condition. Super Clean, Complete with Power Supply/Cord, Manual and Original Factory Cartoning.

All knobs, buttons, LEDs are solid and function perfectly. LCD looks perfect likewise as shown. Aside from a small light thin scuff next to the Attack filter knob which is hardly noticeable, item is in fantastic condition as shown and near flawless. All factory presets maintained. Brand new battery installed prior to boxing.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Source

source” This Moog Source is super clean and plays like new, it has no functional issues. Every key, membrane switch and the all-important optical encoder work perfectly like it just came off the assembly line. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better playing Source. Auction includes power cable, original owner’s manual and a printout of the service info manual. This is a 120V North American model and is a rev 1 Source. I hate to sell this but seem to have overextended myself this month.

I bought it recently from the widow of the original owner, a Cleveland area musican who played guitar in a bar band. I have no idea if this was ever gigged but it doesn’t appear so. It is cosmetically very clean but has 2 stickers attached that I didn’t remove, the first is a number 4 on the top panel and the second is a sticker on the back panel from the original dealer he bought it from, Pi Keyboards and Audio. Google says this was a Cleveland area synth dealer in the 80s, and apparently Trent Reznor worked there as a salesperson. When I was taking pictures I noticed that there appears to be a screw missing from the back panel, not sure what it was for but it doesn’t appear to make any difference as everything works wonderfully.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Prodigy

used moog prodigy “MOOG PRODIGY Analog Monophonic Synthesizer MIDI STEUERBAR ÜBER S-TRIGGER

Gebraucht, funktionsfähig.
Wegen Jahrelanger nicht Benutzung trenne ich mich schweren Herzens von einem meiner ersten Synthesizer.

Beachtet auch meine anderen Auktionen.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland SH-101

sh101 “Yet another classic machine from Roland Japan. This synth has been used again and again on countless electronic music records over the years. Still as popular today as ever, I think the appeal is in the simplicity, hands on action and of course, the sounds. Just grab it, tweak some dials and you’ll be in analogue heaven in no time.

The SH-101 excels at all things analogue, but in particular huge bass and sub bass, ripping mono leads, crazy arps, and blippy squelchy analogue sounds. It’s one of those machines you pretty much can’t go wrong with.

This unit is in excellent condition, with only minor signs of wear and tear. It has been well looked after and seen light use in its past life. It’s nice and clean as you can see in the photos.

We have given it a full service and tune up, and it sounds great. Everything is fully functioning as normal.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland TR-808

808” This TR-808 was just recently serviced by Switched On in Austin Texas…the authorities on these machines in the states. It was then modified by Mike Borish at Deltronics / Borish Electronics in Chicago for pitch control and extended sustain of the kick drum.

The unit is fully functional in every way and sounds amazing. All the knobs and buttons work as they should. No midi. Works on US power. To use this in Europe you will need an adapter.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland MC-202

used roland mc-202“Synth all works and functions as it should. Cosmetically, there are some slight marks on the top(see photo) and the button colours have faded. It was like this when I bought it a few years ago but does not effect its operation in any way.

This one also has the Kenton modification which was done by Kenton and I am selling my Kenton Pro solo Mk2 with it which allows you to sequence it via midi.

Its a great synth, classic 80’s Roland analog and I’ll be sorry to see it go, but just don’t use it enough these days so better it goes to a new home. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Jupiter 8

jp-8 “Offering this Roland Jupiter 8 for sale and will be sad to see it go. I’ve owned it just under 1 year and am only the 2nd owner from new. This synth is in superb physical condition and is 100% functional. Prior to sale, the synth has been serviced at PhilSynth in Berlin, cleaned, extensively tested and including a full power supply recap from 110V to 220V calibration. All functions and features work correctly. The front panel is in excellent condition, very clean and with the very few marks normal for its age. The paintwork and silkscreening are superb – the black paintwork is dark and solid and the coloured silkscreening bright and sharp. The mod panel is very clean, The back panel is excellent, with only a few small marks. All knobs, buttons, sliders and switches are present and function correctly. All keys are clean and aligned and contact correctly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JX-3P

jx3p “Works perfectly. Has some road wear, including one ding where there is missing paint and some rust. I have shown that in one of the photos. CAVEAT: I do not have a manual, and therefore have never used the “sequencer” on this thing. Therefore I cannot confirm whether it works or not, but all the presets sound beautiful and lush and fat, no failing oscillators. This thing really does sound great.” Click here to visit listing on eBay