DX-5, Yamaha @ 23 January 2015, Comments Off on Yamaha DX5

“Beautiful rare Yamaha DX-5 for sale. Experience the same vintage FM synthesis as it’s bigger brother the DX-1 at a third of the cost. This unique unit has been redesigned all the way around with african zebra wood for an exotic look and feel, it is gorgeous and fully functional. The DX-5 sound engine is identical to the DX1, with its dual 6-operator FM synth the DX5 is like having two DX7 synthesizers in one, and then some! The DX5 has 64 performance memories which can be loaded or saved to cartridge, while the DX7 has only one manual performance memory. This improves the versatility for live performance and makes excellent use of the dual engines. The DX7 style membrane buttons have been replaced with actual push-buttons with a backlit dual line display. For performances, the DX5 shares the DX1’s bitimbric ability to play two patches from memory (Channel A and B) with the keyboard in layer or split mode.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland, SH-5 @ 11 January 2015, Comments Off on Roland SH-5

” For sale is my Roland SH-5 that works and looks brand new. It is in EXCELLENT shape and plays Flawless. People think it is a brand new piece of gear. It has amazing moog modular and Arp 2600 sounds while retaining its flexibility and incredible warmth without the complex wiring. My favorite analog synth, hate to see it go. This is a great investment as Roland SH-5’s are extremely sought after and being as rare as they are, the better condition, the safer your investment. So rest assured that the value of your investment will be retained while you continue to add very unique and original sounds to your arsenal. You will not find a better SH-5 in appearance and working order.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

OP-8, Roland @ 10 January 2015, Comments Off on Roland OP-8

op-8 “Roland OP-8 CV Interface, very good condition. Works perfectly. Some minor cosmetic wear but no dents. Also please note this has a China/Australia style plug and runs on 220V. I will include a plug adapter to fit American outlets (see photo) but you will need a step down transformer ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Prelude, Sequential Circuits @ 07 January 2015, Comments Off on Sequential Circuits Prelude

prelude “Up for bid is my Sequential Circuits Prelude. The synth was purchased on eBay around 10 yrs ago and was recently serviced by Nick Montoya (who now works for The Moog Custom shop). The tech upgraded the plastic side panels to wooden Prophet 5 style and serviced a noisy pot (service record included). She sounds great and the modulation section is quite extensive. Padded gig bag included!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Casio, CZ-101 @ 05 January 2015, Comments Off on Casio CZ-101 Project Machine

cz101“Casio CZ-101 – SELLING “AS-IS”

Purchased new in the mid-80’s
The batteries leaked inside it and it’s never been the same, since. There is some discoloration of the case where the leakage occurred.
It does produce sound, but the sound is “noisy.” This is why it’s being sold ‘AS-IS”
All the LEDs work, as do the keys. The LCD Display, when it works, is somewhat scrambled.
It is most likely suitable for parts.
It does come with an original Casio AD-5U AC Adapter; two RAM cartridges: one being the original Casio RA-3 single-bank (new battery installed), and the other being a RARE EZ-CZ 4-bank cartridge (needs two AAA batteries).
The COMPLETE set of three original manuals and the original MIDI Implementation Chart is included, as well as a gig-bag (made for the Roland SH-101, but fits the CZ, albeit loosely).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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TX-81Z, Yamaha @ 01 January 2015, Comments Off on Yamaha TX81Z

tx81z “Yamaha Tx81z. Good used working condition. I would keep this , but I am currently not using it, I’m Selling off some gear I am not using, because I went a bit overboard building a modular synth system. Thx for lookjng. Will be packaged carefully.” Click here to visit listing on eBay