ARP 2600 with 3620 Keyboard

arp 2600 3620 “JIMJAMSVINTAGEMUSIC brings you this Arp 2600 synthesizer with 3620 keyboard, Both have the same 0927 serial number. Cosmetic wise it is in very good overall condition, most of the cosmetics flaws are with the cases. The cases have small talex tears with most not bigger than 1/4 to 3/8 inch tears. There is one place that goes into the surface of the wood. The hardware on both cases is very good, one piece might have some spots but not bad. The black control face panel on the console is superb, There are no scratches and all the print is excellent. All the metal on the control panel are nice and shiney with no corrosion. The control panel on the keyboard is also superb and the keys are excellent with no issues. This 2600 is in excellent working order, when i purchased it there was normal issues due to age and there was a microphone plug installed between the keyboard and console so i had it repaired by Wes Taggert of analogics is geneva ohio. Analogics also does synth repair for AU.S and Perfect circuit audio, Two internet synthesizer resellers. This 2600 has the unpotted modules that earlier 2600’s had. Arp did not want other synthesizer manufacturers to steal their technology so they put an epoxy in the modules which meant to repair the synth the epoxy had to be removed which adds time to the repair and could even damage the module. Repairs made to this 2600 were all tantalum caps in the console and keyboard were replaced, if these old caps decide to blow it could do major damage to the synth making repairs very costly. The power supply was rebuilt, and all slides and switches were cleaned. There was a problem with the VCA triggering which was also repaired in the console. This 2600 was fully calibrated. The keyboard has all bushings replaced and was cleaned and works smooth, all the keys are aligned nicely. The added microphone cable was removed and all wiring set back to factory. With the power supply and tantalum caps being replaced and repaired you will not have to worry about something major blowing and causing expensive repairs in the future. There are no patch cords being sold with this 2600. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Micromoog

micromoog “Vintage analog micromoog .1osc mono synth with the of mood filter.
Synth has been professionally serviced and is in tune. Recent tunning and service.
Only problem is two of the knobs not completely tight, but the trim pots are good.
Really fun synth” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Marion Systems Marion MSR-2

“Rare Rare Rare. Not many of these were made and the almost never pop up for sale! The Marion MSR-2 8 voice polyphonic analog synthesizer was designed by Tom Oberheim and so it is known for having the ‘Oberheim sound’ packaged inside a compact single-space rackmount module with modern digital reliability and MIDI implementation. Extremely flexible routing and modulation possibilities including analog inputs to each of the 8 filters for processing external signals! This one works perfectly, sounds awesome, has a brand spanking new battery, and includes the original manual. I am the original owner and it has been very well taken care of. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Memorymoog

“The Legendary MEMORYMOOG, brought to you out of safe seclusion, nearly as pristine as the day it was manufactured.

The FATTEST, RICHEST MOOG SOUND MADE in a non-modular system.

* 3 VCO’s per voice,


* 12 ADSR Envelope Generators

* 6 VCFs, with Program Memory

* ANALOG VCO AUTOTUNE: All 6 Osc’s tune perfectly

* All control knobs work perfectly

* Serviced in May by “Deltronics” to make sure everything is in perfect working order

* I am the original & only owner

* All keys work flawlessly

* All original patches just uploaded

The Memorymoog is like having six Minimoogs stacked in one! Features include VCO syncing, sample and hold, and separate filters for each voice! It also has a Unison mode for a fat 18 oscillator monophonic bass and lead sound. And as its name would suggest, it has memory storage – 100 patches.

Im selling because I just don’t have a use for it anymore and someone who has a love for vintage synth instruments should get the joy out of it that it gave me throughout the 80’s.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha YK-10

“You are bidding on a excellent condition Yamaha YK-10 Music Keyboard. The keyboard is in perfect working condition. The keyboard comes in its original box and packaging. The auction includes the ‘Graphic Artist’ program (GAR-01) inside of a music composer box. Also, the unit comes with an RF modulator (RF-02).” Click here to visit listing on eBay