Moog Prodigy

” Up for your consideration is my personal baby, this vintage Moog Prodigy. If you are looking, you know what this is. This one is the best you have seen on eBay in a while. It is different than any other I have seen with inputs and outputs as shown in the pics, stock from the factory. Most have only the high level audio out. It also has an Anvil Forge case with it.

I bought this new in Chattanooga Tennessee back in the late 70’s or early 80’s. It has been in climate controlled storage in my house since then. It has seen very limited use, just a few gigs back in the day, and some playing around at home, probably less than 100 hours. It has never been tuned or opened up, everything works and sounds great, just like when I bought it. The wood shows it’s age a little, and the foam in the Anvil case disintegrated back during the Bush years, so I replaced it.

It also includes a set of overlays used in the store to show different sound setups. I have never seen these for sale before. I also am throwing in an add for it’s big brother that I picked up when I bought it. I can not find the manual, but will keep looking until the auction ends, but no promises.

I need to pare down some of my hobbies, and this is one that I hope gets to be enjoyed by someone else for a long time.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Opus 3

“A Moog Opus – 3 in great shape. It’s a cool poly synth that has three different sectioned off sounds that you can blend together in any combination. I got it about two years ago and had VanSickle Audio in Columbia, MO run through it, clean it out completely, and make sure everything was in tip top shape. Have been playing it lots since then, just don’t have room for it in my collection anymore.” Click here to visit listing on eBay