Q, Waldorf @ 29 July 2014, Comments Off on Waldorf Q

“I am selling this beautiful original yellow synth reluctantly as I have no space for him And because I also have a Q+ which will do all the original Q does and a bit more. I will miss this synth. Comes complete with red Solid Flight-case.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

DX-9, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha DX9

“This is a Vintage Yamaha DX9 61 Key Synthesizer Keyboard For Parts/Repair.
Rough cosmetic shape with good amount of paint loss around the edges.
2nd B & 3rd C have melted corners of the keys.
Bottom 2 notes and top note do not work.
MIDI In/Out/Thru
1/4″ Jacks for: output, volume, sustain, portamento and phones.
1/8″ Jacks for: breath control, cassette in/out/remote.
Attached 2 prong power cable.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY55, Yamaha @ 25 July 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha SY55

“Up for auction is my Yamaha SY-55 Synthesizer/Workstation w/8 Track Sequencer. I am the original owner. The unit is in good condition and 100% functional. Comes with original owners manual, upgraded sustain pedal, original patches loaded, and ‘Sound Source Rock Card’ installed within the internal memory. The Sound Source Rock Card was one of several third party programmer patches made for the SY and TG-55 that is still available on eBay. It contains emulations of various famous digital and analog synths, organs, etc. Also included is an excellent distorted electric guitar w/ feedback that works perfect at both rhythm and leads, and a over-driven/delay sawtooth lead. There are numerous waveform upgrades available on ebay that were made by Yamaha that completely create additional synthesizers from this one unit.

The unit is in good condition and 100% functional. It does however have 4 keys that are little on the stiff side(C2, D2, C4, D4) and the power on/off button is missing which you do not need, so I am selling this great sounding synth for a very low price. It is very easy to open up the unit and replace the keys and they are readily available or can be played from another synth or midi controller. You should always connect your gear to surge protectors with on/off switches so replacement of the on/of button is not needed. The unit has normal keyboard stand induced scratches but, cannot be seen from above.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP, Solus @ 23 July 2014, Comments Off on ARP Solus

” This listing is for 1 x ARP SOLUS Monophonic Analog Synthesizer (actual item in images).

The synth functions as it should and is in excellent condition (please see images).

In the listing images you will see that the Solus is powered up. There are no crackly pots/sliders. It runs on UK/European voltage (220v). There are some small marks on the unit (please see images) but nothing that affects playability.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Metasonix @ 22 July 2014, Comments Off on Metasonix TM-2

“Up for auction is the discontinued Metasonix TM-2. These are incredibly hard to find these days.
I hate letting it go but I’ve been focusing on foley and on location recording as of late so
I’m clearing out some studio oriented gear to fund that. This will give you absolutely HUGE,
round bottom end. I know thats a cliche but when you hear this you’ll be amazed. If you want
squelching resonance this has you covered as well. And unlike the knew stuff from Metasonix,
you don’t need a modular system to use this.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Cat, Octave @ 22 July 2014, Comments Off on Octave CAT

+ has some pot knobs missing
+ 220 volts version
+ was serviced 10 years ago and working
+ was used for the last time 4 years ago
+ CURRENT STATUS: powers up and makes sounds, item is NOT tested in all details
Item will be SOLD AS IS – if you buy it and there are not all parts working —-> you have to take care of any & all problems yourself. An old synth is like an old car, you have to maintenance it ALL the time, we take NO responsibility for it .” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Modular, PAIA @ 22 July 2014, Comments Off on PAiA 4700 Modular Synthesizer

“It comes as pictured.

There are 2 vcas (balanced modulator) , 1 envelope generator, 1 noise module, 1 power distributer module, 1 stereo 4ch mixer, 3 oscillators, 1 lfo, keyboard and quash interface, 2 lpf/hpf filters, 2 multiple modules, comes exactly as pictured. 1 quash, and 1 keyboard interface equal tempered. power distributer modules ground module.

This is an old item, and would need deoxit i assume for a few audio ports, on both filters , the ports all work , but 2 of the filter outputs need to be resting a bit out and not pushed in to make connection

On one oscillator pulsewidth out doesnt sound loud in comparison to other ones sine saw tri ramp…

I have very rare cables, about 10 for the pin banana connectors (there special not typical banana cables)
and of them 4 cables to interface the control voltage from your midi cv device. 1/8″ to banana pin. (60 value plus labor)

All in all this is a very well maintained paia with little to no wear on tolex and clean plates with good wiring and soldering inside.

vintage electronics = old school parts (what makes the sound)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Keytar, SHS-200, Yamaha @ 18 July 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha SHS-200 Keytar

“Hi there This is

It comes with 100-240V adapter for the unit too and adapter converter( the jack of adapters is different between countries, that is why we give it to you).

The function and all of buttons works perfectly” Click here to visit listing on eBay

SY22, Yamaha @ 18 July 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha SY22

“Studio kept

Yamaha SY 22-In VERY GOOD Condition
Some small marks here and there.
Comes with custom carrying case and power supply.

Sounds and works great!

Reviews” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 17 July 2014, Comments Off on Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

“Vintage Six-Trak in great physical condition. I do not play so I can’t speak for its function. Used and owned by Big Mack Mason of Honey Boy Dupree and Cold Shott and the Hurricane Horns. 1 missing button can be seen in pictures.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog, Prodigy @ 07 July 2014, Comments Off on Moog Prodigy

“So…what’s this one like? Let me tell you that the wood ends show signs of age (it is a vintage instrument) but are pretty good compared to many Prodigy synths I have seen. I have gigged with it and have always taken very good care of it. I bought it a few years back, it didn’t smell smoky when I got it and I do not smoke, nor has is been kept in a smokey environment. The knobs and controls all work.

The ONLY thing I am aware of “wrong” with this unit is that it is missing a switch cap that results in you seeing a white toggle switch instead of a white “bump” for the “release” function. This does not impact functionality at all.

So the unit works. There are no other known problems, but due to age this is an AS IS Sale. Guaranteed not to be DOA.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

TX7, Yamaha @ 04 July 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha TX7

“Yamaha TX-7 sound module in working condition .. get the DX-7 sounds from yesteryear !! – will include CD of the original soundbank on the TX-7 as well as an additional soundset.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

DX100, Yamaha @ 04 July 2014, Comments Off on Yamaha DX100

“Perfect condition!!!!!! Studio used and controlled from a midi controller. I hate to let this go, but I need to make space!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Microwave XT, Waldorf @ 01 July 2014, Comments Off on Waldorf Microwave XTk

“Waldorf XTK 30 VOICE Synthesizer!
SUPER RARE 30 voice Waldorf XTK!!!

This XTK is in MINT condition!!!

See Pics for cosmetic condition!!!

Personal studio use only! Smoke Free! Pet Free! Latest OS!

Includes Waldorf XTk Synthesizer, Original Manual, and Original Power Cord!” Click here to visit listing on eBay