ARP Omni

“Here we have a

Rare ARP Omni Vintage Synthesizer Synth Keyboard

I purchased this back when Adam’s Dog was a Pup more years ago than I care to remember.

It has sat in an Attic since.

I know very little about them so all I can tell you is below.

It powers up and after some button pressing and Fader sliding BINGO got NOISE… I could not say it was tuneful because it wasn’t

Now the Sliders on the left of the keyboard are very STIFF to move and One has the stalk stuck in the slot.

The Faders above the keyboard are also stiff but not so much and one is missing a fader cover and another fader cover is split. It still hangs on by the skin of its teeth but it needs gluing.

All the LED light up above the buttons that have them as shown in the pictures/” Click here to visit listing on eBay


“Zum Verkauf aus (Nichtraucher-)Studioauflösung steht ein OSCar, ein sehr seltener, analoger Synthesizer
der englischen Firma Oxford Synthesiser Company.

Das Gerät ist vor knapp anderthalb Jahren im Ingenieurbüro von Herrn Fischbach in Düsseldorf
generalüberholt worden und ist seitdem zeitweise in Betrieb gewesen, technisch also einwandfrei.
Einziger, fairerweise zu erwähnender “Mangel” ist, dass der “Function”-Poti der
“Envelopes and Triggering” Sektion nicht genau auf die Beschriftung angepaßt ist.
Dies hat aber keinerlei Einfluß auf die Funktion” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Plan B Model 15 Complex VCO

“This module is, in classic plan b form, not without its issues. The sine wave output no longer works. Hooked up to a scope it only shows a very quiet triangle wave which leads me to believe that the tri-sine converter is the issue. Which in turn effects the Morph output. Other than that it still functions just fine.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K3

“mid to late 80s kawai k# works perfectly-used it myself for a couple years very good cond cosmeticly has some light scratches around the pitch bender-one key 4th c looks to have been cracked or broken and repaired(so well that i just now noticed it after playing it for years) otherwise looks good no dents very clean has mono mode for mono korg type sounds” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Casio CZ-5000

“Classic Casio flagship digital synthesizer of the mid-’80s. It was purchased used but has been in my smoke-free, climate-controlled studio environment for over twenty years. It appears to work perfectly in every way that I have the expertise to test it. That includes all keys work, built-in pre-programmed sounds, programming sounds, loading and storing sounds on an external RAM card, etc. I never really learned to use the sequencer function, but messed around with it enough to believe that it is working correctly. The only defect besides many years of normal finger scuffing and scratches is a small chip in the lower front of one of the high keys. The slider controls for volume are just pegs, so there were probably knobs on them when it was new. They work just fine the way they are. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Prodigy

“Moog Prodigy 336A Dual Oscillator Vintage Synthesizer

All keys, pots, switches, mod and pitch wheels function properly.

Cosmetically in fair condition. I would rate a 7 out of 10. There are some minor blemishes on the wood sides, and some slight surface scratches
along the back, and front panels, and along the keys.

The filter contour pots have been replaced–they are not an exact factory match to the original pots. They are not as
smooth in turning from left to right. They are slightly wobbly, and the line indicator does not line up perfectly with the values on the panel.
Of course, the overall function is not effected in any way. If you would like to replace the make-shift pots at a later time, the original pots
come up for sale every so often and can be bought for reasonable prices still. I’ve added a close up picture of the three replaced pots above.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Juno 60

“Up for auction my beloved Roland Juno-60 (serial # 277845) in great working and cosmetic conditions for its age.

If you’re looking for a really nice first synthesizer that can fill many roles (leads, chords, fx, pads, etc), or are looking to add another awesome piece of gear to your arsenal, then look no further.

I have used it in a clean smoke-free studio environment and have never gigged with it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland MC-202

“This synth functions perfectly and sounds great. The CV Gate inputs function properly with a Midi-to-CV/Gate converter. There are some marks and scratches on the unit. Overall, it is in good condition. Please take a look at the pictures. It works fine with batteries or an AC adapter (not included).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JP-8000

“You are bidding on ROLAND JP 8000. I purchased this new in the mid 90’s, its been in its original box in my closet for some years now, time to sell. Over all in great condition, I used this lightly, it has a few scratches, nothing major, on the bottom of one of the keys, a piece of the plastic under the key broke off, not even noticeable (see photo) dose not effect anything at all. When I turned this on it read Memory Damaged! Battery Low. So the battery will need replacing soon. Im not sure how to change so I will leave that up to the buyer. The screen is nice and bright no lines. I tested the synth everything is in perfect working condition. Complete with all knobs , sliders, and buttons. Has manual, AC Power Cable, Original Box. From a pet-free, smoke-free home. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg MS-10

“Ein originaler KORG MS-10 ANALOG SYNTHESIZER, der Ende der 70er in einer Auflage von 10.000 Stück gebaut wurde. Das Instrument ist schon etwas in die Jahre gekommen. Ich habe den Synth viele Jahre gespielt und dann einige Jahre nicht mehr benutzt.

Gute Nachricht: KLINGT SUPER WIE EH UND JE! Mängel sind mir beim Spielen nicht aufgefallen.

Folgende Gebrauchsspuren sind vorhanden:

– Einige fehlende Potis auf der Frontseite (die lassen sich aber, wenn ich richtig recherchiert habe, nachbestellen)
– Das Gehäuse und 2 Tasten haben einige wenige weiße Farbkleckser (lässt sich aber mit etwas Mühe reinigen).
– Einige Kratzer, 2 kleine Beulen und einen Kratzer auf einer Taste.
– Der Stecker bzw. das Stromkabel müsste mal ausgetauscht werden (nur zur Sicherheit).
– Die Unterseite hat von außen etwas Rost angesetzt. Das dürfte jedoch mit Schleifen und Nachlackieren erledigt sein.
– Einige Potis “kratzen” ein wenig beim Drehen (=Reinigen)
– Ein Gummifuss fehlt (dürfte aber leicht zu besorgen sein)

Das sind die mir bekannten Mängel. Sollte ich was vergessen haben: Die Bilder sollten den Zustand des Instrumentes ausreichend dokumentiert haben.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg EX-8000

“I know nothing about this item. One of our customers trade it in a bunch of vintage synth stuff and this is one of the items. This takes a unique power cable and we don’t have it. the previous owner says it was working well but has now lost the cable. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg MS-20

“From my late father’s smoke and pet free home studio – his beloved Korg MS-20
This is one of the earlier Korg 35 chip version – and apparently sounds even more knarly and aggressive than the later ones.
It’s in amazing condition for its age – see photos – there are only minor scuffs and scratches to the finish – the worst being on the base plate.
It has only just returned from being serviced by Andy Jury at Synthprof and is covered by their standard 3 month warranty.
Included is the manual, a selection of new pro quality patch cables (made by and the super rare original Korg hard case – which probably explains the clean state of the MS-20.
The case smells fresh and clean and is in almost new condition. With the exception of a few minor abrasions and one small hole in the fleece blanket – it doesn’t go all the way through and is tiny – see the photo.
All in all a great opportunity to own a vintage classic.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha CS30L

“Here for sale is my CRAZY CS-30L from 1977.
I have owned this since 1999. Hours and hours of time spent making bizarre noises.
All working well, however minor issues to list previous to my ownership (baring in mind the amount of pots, faders and switches on this synth)
* EG1 release time nob has snapped off but fader still works as shown in picture 5.
* EG2 KBD (keyboard) to EXT (external input) switch is broken as shown in picture 7.
* 1 wing bolt missing in case lid which retains the legs, however the remaining wing bolt is sufficient to hold legs securely. Replacement can be obtained but would not be an original part.
* Case has light scuffs and minor surface rust as to be expected on an instrument of this age.
Item sold in full working order.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha SHS-10 Keytar

“This listing is for an used Midi keytar made by Yamaha. A compact but has many functions to that body. Bit used much but still wirking perfectly. Including original AC and earny balls strap.” eBay Link

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS

“Sequential Circuits Prophet VS

Cosmetic condition is fair. I would rate a 7 out of 10. Some paint chipping and scratches along the corners and edges.
Light surface scratches throughout the metal casing and along the keys. I added a few close up pics of the areas I felt needed highlighting.

Functional wise, all pots, buttons and slider function as normal. Pitch and Mod Wheel are normal. Waveform joystick is normal.
All keys function as normal with the exception of aftertouch(it was brought to my attention that the loss of aftertouch is a known issue with this model)

It should also be noted that the screen backlight is no longer working(also a known issue with most vintage synths) However, the text is still visible.
I added a close-up picture of the screen while powered on.” Link

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

“Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer + Forge Anvil Case & Manual

Used item. It looks in good shape for its age. All keys work, and the sound output is clean and clear. It comes with vintage Forge Anvil hard case, generic power-cord, and copy instruction manual.

I only tested the basics; that is turn on, and test all keys for sound output. One of the round knob (wheel) sound effect (check pics) on the right does not make any effect when tuning it up or down. The other is fine.

This unit is too complex for me to program. Just tested the existing program, and the sound is very psychedelic / polyphonic weird sound. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO USE OR PROGRAM IT. And no time to go through all the manual for that I am not musician, and no technician, and no fan playing music instruments whatsoever. Just getting stuffs to sell as found.

It was tested with professional headphones myself and guitar amp from a musician, which I brought from . He said was working, but he did not go through the manual to test all details and functions. Just the basics as described above.

Cosmetically, it looks clean for its age. There is a crack on the woodside (check pics). The hard carrying case is very old, and shows signs of use and wear with some rust on the locks and metallic corners (I don’t’ have the keys). Inside the padding is gone, but some leftovers that has become sticky. The synth is clean overall, but will have some remains of those debris, which sometimes can feel sticky. At the bottom of synth, there are couple of sticker spots, which you can see from pics.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP 3604-P

“Up for sale is one ARP 3604P keyboard in 100% working condition and great cosmetic condition. All keys are even; it was recently calibrated, so all 4 octaves are bang on 1v/oct exactly. This unit was VERY well kept, and bought from the original owner; the bushings are in fine shape, and the manual does not play “clanky” like some pratt read manuals get when the bushings dry out. I had a custom packaging job done to ensure it will not be damaged in shipping. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Axxe

“Up for auction is an Arp Axxe MKII synthesizer which comes with the power cord and is fully functional. It’s had all capacitors and ic’s replaced as preventive measure as well as the filter modification(fix). It also has all new sliders and key bushings which were installed not too long ago. It’s freshly tuned and calibrated, the power supply is 100%. Slider caps are non original and are a black w/red ADSR scheme. Overall this Axxe is in great condition and the nicest one I’ve seen in a while. Of course it also sounds amazing and should provide years of worry free performance for the winner.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Cheetah MS6

“Cheetah MS6

great synth.

slight damage to left rack wing see photos, I think this has slightly affected the very leftmost led also it flickers a bit during use.

writing is a bit worn on top of case also.

100% fully functional though.

+ modified grounding ensures no electric shocks from this one, (common problem with these synths)

also midi grounding hum mod made aswell to ensure no ground loop created through midi IN

+ battery replaced with a brand new one to reduce the risk of battery leaks/corrosion for another 20 years.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Pulse Plus

“Waldorf Pulse Plus in excellent condition (please see all photos) I purchased this new in the late 90’s and it has been used only in my personal smoke free studio. This is a great synth, super fat and super cool arpeggiator. Pulse plus has the CV and gate. If you are looking for one in great shape, you won’t be disappointed. Includes power supply and Manual. Original OS 1.42 . For sake of full disclosure there is a hairline scratch on top that you don’t see when mounted ( see enlarged pic #11) I will pack with the utmost of care.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

“For sale is my Eurorack Modular Synthesizer System. I have carefully put this system together over the past number years and it works beautifully as a instrument, so I am not looking to split the modules up at this point. I had it setup as a tabletop device, but it can of course be setup vertically as well. Is a great compact system but can connect to a computer through the ES-3 for sequencing and additional envelope/modulation/trigger sources.


Late model Monorocket 6u 90HP Case with High Quality Linear Power supply (The new models have switching power supplies)

Make Noise DPO, Make Noise Phonogene (Latest firmware), Make Noise Echophon, Make Noise Wogglebox

Malekko (rare original with gargoyles) Xmix, 2 x Malekko envelator, Malekko boogie, Malekko noisering, Malekko VCA, Malekko 8NU8R,

The Harvestman Piston Honda

Intellijel Planar

Expert Sleepers ES-3 mk2

Will be well packed for shipping.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP-12 Turbo

” The E-mu SP-12 is the classic drum machine & sampler combo that paved the way for such greats as the E-mu SP-1200 and AKAI MPC series of sampling drum machines. Redesigned from E-mu’s original Drumulator drum machine, the SP-12 is a classic drum machine with built in sampling capability. There is a set of preset drum sounds including kick, snare, hihats, toms, cymbals, handclap and rimshot. These sounds can be mixed and edited using the sliders. Then you can add your own beats and drum sounds using the built-in 12-bit sampler. Sampling time is limited to only a few seconds and the quality is very lo-fi (a sound loved by lo-fi and trip hop). Store your patterns and link them into songs, there’s room for 100 of each! There are mono and individual outputs (no stereo). It’s been used by Madlib, Large Professor, Chicago, and DJ Premiere. INCLUDES COMMODORE FLOPPY DISK DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! A couple of scratches but still very ready for use in the studio (also has lived in a smoke free environment)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP1200

“Please keep in mind that this is a vintage drum machine and be educated on these units before purchasing, etc. Sold as-is. Evey thing has been tested and is working excellent. This unit has been tested for power, buttons cleaned, floppy drives loads and saves, and all outputs pass audio. Look at how clean that power supply is. The heart of this machine is the power supply. Also, this unit has geniune SSM 2044 low pass filter and not the fake sounding units with Panasonic Op-Amps. You want the real thing like this SP1200. One rubber foot is missing and is being mailed to us right now from an E-MU repair shop. So obviously the winner of this unit won’t have to worry about that. One thing we noticed was how clean this unit was in the inside. There was hardly any dust whatsoever. Also, the input / output jacks on SP-12’s and SP-1200’s usually have rust and oxidation on them. These jacks are almost like new… still shiney and new. See pictures! This is a clean one and won’t last. This unit is ready to go out of the box. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim TVS-1 with Patch Points Mod

“Custom-modified Oberheim TVS-1 two-voice synthesizer, with one SEM replaced by a custom patch panel providing access to all SEM, Sequencer, and Keyboard patch points. Modifications done in the early 90’s by the late great Andy Topeka, keyboard tech for the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, myself, and many others. Modification highlights include a switch to convert the sequencer from 8×2 to 16×1 with blue LED indicator. A full list of mods follows below.

Serious bidder and serious inquiries only.

100% fully functional. The only things missing are the cover (does not exist) and the pot caps on the sequencer. Overall condition is good – very good, but if you’re looking for a museum piece this isn’t for you. Additional pictures to show condition available upon request.

Also Included:

• original schematics and manual
• power cord
• a selection of ⅛” patch cords
• a copy of my original modification and patch panel schematic

As previously stated, this TVS is fully functional. But being a vintage synth, it is being sold as-is, no returns. I will pack it excruciatingly well to prevent damage in shipping.

I have been an ebay member since 1992 and I’ve maintained a 100% feedback rating. You will not be disappointed in the synth, the packing, or the communication you receive from me.

Patch Panel #1
• (2) 1 in/1 out attenuators
• (2) 4-point mults
• (2) KCV outputs
• (2) Quantized AND Analog outputs, one from each row of the Sequencer
• Clock (Step) and Reset inputs for the Sequencer
• Keyboard Gate
• Sequencer Gate

Patch Panel #2
• (2) attenuators to the filter’s inputs, one from the KCV, the other connecting the VCF EG to the exponential response input to the VCF
• (2) VCO CV inputs (one for each VCO)
• VCF CV inputs
• Individual VCF outputs: LP, HP, BP, Notch
• VCA CV inputs
• LFO reset
• (2) EG gate and outputs

Additional Modifications:
• Noise from S/H hardwired to the #1 input of the EXT. pot on the filter
• Line Output switch with red LED on/off indicator, extremely useful for private programming via headphones without sending audio to line out
• Kill Switch for VCO #2 (to prevent any possibility of bleed when using only VCO#1)
• Decay Switch, sets EG#1’s decay to 0 (short to ground). This was originally intended to switch in a fixed-value resistor so that the decay time could be toggled between a specific (short) value and the pot, but this modification was never completed.
• Sequencer: switch provides either normal 2×8 operation or custom 1×16 operation, seamlessly scanning between Row 1 and Row 2. Blue LED indicator illuminates when Row #2 is being scanned.
• Original red LED’s indicating EG trigger replaced by blue LED’s

Additional Notes:
• power cord is a standard IEC type, power receptacle replaced with IEC connector
• original multi-pin connector still present on rear (though I am not sure if it’s connected to anything)” Click here to visit listing on eBay