# Yamaha DX5

DX-5, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017

yamahadx5 “Rare Yamaha DX5 FM synth. Overall this one is in great cosmetic condition and perfect working order. Beyond minor scuffs, here are the cosmetic issues:

1) Some scratching on the under side (see pics)
2) A slight chip in the corner of one of the side ends
3) On the front panel, there are some “smudges” from the soft case foam sitting on the synth for so long. I tried to capture it in the photo that is taken at an angle. Perhaps these smudges could be cleaned off with the right stuff

This unit comes with a soft case that is functional, but has seen better days… see the pics. The only known operational issue is that one of the led’s on one of the buttons doesn’t light up when you press the button, but this does not affect the functionality whatsoever. I would fix it myself except I don’t want to risk damaging anything on such a nice/rare synth for just a little led.

This unit also comes with two voice ROM cartridges and a power cable.” Link

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