# Yamaha DX5

DX-5, Yamaha @ 02 December 2016

x5 “The DX5: Beauty and the Beast. Such a refined elegant machine but yet a real BEAST when it comes to sound production. It’s like having two stacked DX7s with a slightly punchier crystalline sound and much easier editing options, plus it comes with a HUGE library of sounds; over 400 in fact, on three included cartridges. One cartridge carries 256 sounds and is extremely rare . . . Tons of effects, instruments, and synthesizer sounds. . . You can play this synth for years. . . I never thought I’d sell it but it came down to an epic battle between the DX5 and my CS60. . . Don’t fret . . . It can be yours now! . . . Everything from SciFi wonderscapes to digital insect sounds to euphoric 80’s synth dreamtones are hidden under the hood of this sleek brown bear. Don’t hesitate before I do and cancel the auction for fear of seller’s remorse . . . It’s in pretty great shape save two minor cosmetic issues: One of the plastic button covers is missing (though button is still functional) and the power cord lost it’s plastic clamp where it meets the case (doesn’t affect perfomance, just means you can’t get drunk and trip full-bore into the power cable or you might hurt something) . . . And of course we have the token surface nicks and scratches, none of which seem too bad . . . “This notch is the time a mechanical flying fish jumped on it as I played softly on the shores of a synthetic ocean . . . This one was when I just bumped it lightly into a doorframe . . .” you know how it goes . . . ” Link

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