# Yamaha DX5

DX-5, Yamaha @ 22 January 2016


I am the original owner of this DX-5. It has been my favorite for years, but I have too many keyboards and need to get rid of a couple.(if there is such a thing as too many keyboards!) This keyboard in in very clean condition and comes with power cord, the original DX-5 rom cartridges A & B, music stand as shown in the pictures. Some scratches from normal use. I will also include the original owner’s manual and performance notes.

This DX-5 has a rare internal ROM upgrade, which was installed by one of their top techs at the Orange County Yamaha facility, so this is as up to date as possible. Few DX-5s have that upgrade.

Besides combining two DX-7 synths in one package with the improved D/A outputs for less noise, they used the best feeling key bed I have played. As most know, this is a DX1 packed in a smaller package but without the elaborate displays of the DX-1or the weight. The DXs layered creates an incredible fat sound. I still get many comments from people that hear it.

Due to the age, this keyboard is sold as-is. I had it powered up in the pictures and checked all of the controls so I’m sure you would love it as much as I have. I just used it for a concert last week.” Link

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