# Yamaha DX5

DX-5, Yamaha @ 23 January 2015

“Beautiful rare Yamaha DX-5 for sale. Experience the same vintage FM synthesis as it’s bigger brother the DX-1 at a third of the cost. This unique unit has been redesigned all the way around with african zebra wood for an exotic look and feel, it is gorgeous and fully functional. The DX-5 sound engine is identical to the DX1, with its dual 6-operator FM synth the DX5 is like having two DX7 synthesizers in one, and then some! The DX5 has 64 performance memories which can be loaded or saved to cartridge, while the DX7 has only one manual performance memory. This improves the versatility for live performance and makes excellent use of the dual engines. The DX7 style membrane buttons have been replaced with actual push-buttons with a backlit dual line display. For performances, the DX5 shares the DX1’s bitimbric ability to play two patches from memory (Channel A and B) with the keyboard in layer or split mode.” Link

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