# Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 16 March 2017

6track “Apart a bit of dust here and there from my room (the white shadows you can see on the surface is only dust), you certainly won’t find an other model in this Mint condition. The previous owner was the first owner of the synth. He bought it NEW at the end of the 90’s (don’t remember the exact date). Crazy when you think it’s the first synth using MIDI from… 1983. I tend to believe it when seeing the condition of this unit. (Notice for example that the buttons are grey, their original color, not yellow or orange as you can see on all of the other units today.) This guy was a true compulsive collector and has pretty much never used, just keeping it like a piece of museum. I bought it this year, in April 2016. It’s a real pitty I had no time to used it more than 10 hours 4 or 5 times and have to sell it now.

It’s a bit sad because I love its dark funkyness and also its Boards of Canadaïsh possibilities for very moving and strange cinematic pads. Some people could compare it to a Matrix 1000, but it’s a different color and will fit perfectly if you have one (in that case, use it more for bass or leads, it will punch the pads of your Oberheim in a very nice interactive bread and butter way).

I like its “primitive” steppy filter which gives colors you don’t hear in other synths (nothing to see with the not-so-great stepping of the SE-1 I could compare). 1 OSC, like the 106, but darker, more unusual than the Roland which is “too popular” nowadays. If you want a sound that is different from the Juno’s (and all the emulations), it’s a seriously good and still cheap alternative.

Why the name Six Trak ? Because it’s poly-timbral and you can create and play up to 6 monophonic tracks (not tested, I like too much poly). Beware, the audio output is mono though. Or to play up to 6-notes like a normal poly. I was a bit scared about programming, but the buttons and the knob “value” work like a charm (and in Mint condition), and surprisingly quick to edit. There is an ipad editor for controling it too, and also a free vst WIN/MAC you can find on CTRLR.” Link

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