# Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak

“I bought this keyboard back in the late 80’s and stopped using it shortly after college. It’s been sitting underneath a sheet at my parent’s house for the past 25 years – they’re cleaning out the house so it’s time to get rid of my old gear…

The Sequential Circuits MultiTrak is an underrated and somewhat rare analog synth. It has an onboard arpeggiator and sequencer as well as MIDI. The unit is in very good condition with the exception of some scratches on the bottom. This is a great sounding synth and everything works as it should.

The internal lithium battery that maintains the patches was replaced just a couple of weeks ago and I restored the patches I had using the tape interface. I couldn’t find a factory patch WAV online, but you can find MIDI SysEx dumps online and the Owner’s Manual contains settings for the original factory sounds.

Power supply is included, as well as copies of the Owner’s Manual, MIDI Guide, and Technical Manual (purchased from Wine Country Productions back in the day)” Link

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