# Roland TB-303 with Acidlab Mod

Roland, TB-303 @ 01 August 2010

“I have a very awesome Roland Tb-303 for sale that has the Acidlab Minimodular mods which adds tons of versatility and power to this bass machine beast. It also has midi installed. Please read all the details below before purchasing this, it has many mods and is not in original condition or 100% functional. See the pictures below for an idea of what’s on this thing, but it includes the following:

Overdrive knob
Decay knob
Resonance knob
Accent 2 way switch
Slide 2 way switch
Bend 3 way switch
X-mod knob
Wave-shape 3 way switch

CV inputs:
– Slide
– Accent
– Filter
– Gate
– CV
– External Audio In through the VCF (the label says it’s VCA, but I had this rerouted to the VCF to make it more useful)

CV outputs:
– Square
– Saw
– Accent
– Slide
– EG

Midi In – A great midi kit capable of sending both accent & slide, so you can send midi sequences just like you internally programmed it.
*Also makes this a useful Midi-CV converter.
Midi Out

It also has awesome Orange LEDs

Cosmetically the front is near perfect. The slides have a few scruffs and the corners are a little chipped. The battery compartment is clean.

A few things to note:
– It can’t play any internally made sequences. After many long hours, the original tech who did the mods concluded that most likely the CPU is failing. To combat this, he professionally installed midi ($400 upgrade) so you can now sequence it externally. It will also output CV with the midi, so essentially it retains all useful functionality, the only difference is the internally sequencing option is gone unless you are able to replace the CPU.
To be clear: Everything is fully functional (it will even remember patterns you sequence) except that you can’t run any sequences (once you press Run/Stop, it does not run through the pattern.)
– Installing the Midi required removal of the Mix In function, which was a mostly useless option the 303 had for early DJ’s who didn’t have a mixer and needed to route in another audio source through the 303’s output. The mix in went straight to the Output and didn’t even go through the filter or anything.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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