# Roland SH-1000 Project Machine

Roland, SH-1000 @ 10 September 2017

“Up for auction is this fantastic vintage Roland SH-1000 synthesiser. Cosmetically, it is in fair condition. However it must be understood we are selling this item as not working. It fires up and the power light comes on which is a very good sign. However, it does not make any sound. We believe the reason for this is because some of the preset rocker switches are disconnected inside the synth causing a break in the loop which forms the circuit to generate a connection. However, there may be another reason which we are not aware of. It should also be noted that there are some rocker switches missing (as shown in the photos) and there are five missing keys on the keyboard itself also. These keys can easily be found on eBay for around a fiver each. This will make a great project for an enthusiast or an engineer.

The rocker switches and caps can be purchased at present from James Walker of Synth Repair Services while stocks last and indeed he is a very good engineer who may be able to help repair this classic synthesiser.

The tremolo amp mod knob is not connected properly. Some of the white and black keys have cigarette marks on them. There are a couple of screws missing from the under side of the synthesiser and there are two plastic feet missing. There is also one bent knob. It should be noted that the wood end cheeks are fairly good.” Link

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