# Roland SH-1000

Roland, SH-1000 @ 19 March 2017

sh1000 ” Roland SH1000 vintage synth in BRILLIANT condition. You can see from the photos that it’s in near perfect cosmetic condition, considering it’s age (almost 45 years!!) and the only serious defect it has is the address of the first owner scratched onto the bottom of the unit (I am the second owner). It’s never been gigged and has only had studio usage whilst placed in a synth rack. IT comes with original case too.
I have tested the unit today at time of listing and it’s working very well indeed. It turns on straight away and all of the controls on the front panel work as they should, and the same goes for the coloured sound switches. It is a little crackly in places, and so it definitely needs a service. Some of the sound switches need two or three ‘goes’ before they start to work, but for a machine well into it’s 40s you can’t really expect much else! The keys are perfectly responsive, and so is the envelope and other bizarre effects! ” Link

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