# Roland Juno 106S

Juno-106, Roland @ 05 March 2017

juno106s ” Rare, Roland Juno 106S, the same as a Juno 106 but with the addition of an extra amp and built in speakers. Unlike the similar HS 60 sold in the US, this version has the standard Juno 106 colors and markings. Never sold in the US. Other than the speakers, electronics are identical to the standard Juno 106.

This 106 is in near mint cosmetic condition, just a few scratches on the back near the tune knob. And the electronics are truly mint – they are all original. This is the only 106 that I have had or worked on with all original electronics, no replacements or repairs. The only repairs I made was to put in a new pair of Pioneer speakers to replace the ones that had died of old age, tighten up the speaker boxes, which always seem to get a little loose and buzzy over the years, and rewire it for 117v US power.

(Note – 100 and 117v models share the same small input board before the main transformer, so it is straight forward to move from one to the other – 220 and 240 are the same way, but moving from 100 to 220 requires a board swap out. So in this case, I did not change any original parts.)

Comes with built in power cord, which I believe is also original.

The only thing that standard 106 users may not know, is that the only way to shut off the internal amp and speakers is to put a 1/4 jack (doesn’t have to be connected to anything) into the headphone jack. There is no switch.

Nice to be able to play it without an amp, yet this one still has the standard vintage 106 look.” Link

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