# Roland Juno 106

Juno-106, Roland @ 02 July 2017

“Selling my first analog synth which has lived in my studio for the last 17 years.

The Juno has been in my studio and never gigged. It was purchased Pre-owned from a record producer who worked for a famous UK production team in the 80s. The synth has been used on many uk pop hits throughout the mid 80s and 90s.

The synth had a service 5 years ago and was put into storage straight after.

There is plenty of online information about this synth so I won’t cover it here now but I will highlight all the issues:

1. Key C3 is not working (simple repair)

2. Apart from the floor noise when activated on the Juno 106 (which is normal and a quirk of the 106), both chorus crackle when chords are played.

3. The pitch and modulation wheel works but need to be looked at as it’s not secure in its current slot.

4. Missing a cap from one of the fader.

5. A couple of bend faders which has only slight bending but doesn’t effect the operation.

6. Output level switches and volume control is a bit noisy used but when stationary all is good.

Otherwise all voices work and I still get great results from the synth. As old analog synth go it needs warming up to work at its best.

In regards to the voice chips these were given to me by the guy who serviced the Juno last and said they came from another service here was working on. He assured me they work but I would rather say untested due to not seeing them work. ” Link

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