# Roland Juno 106

Juno-106, Roland @ 09 April 2017

used roland juno 106 ” Note: This Juno-106 requires a new battery to be soldered in by someone qualified to do so as it is no longer retaining patches after power down.

Putting the battery issue to one side, this is a very, very good example of a Juno-106.

All voice chips are fully functional (the recognised standard tests have been followed to confirm this).

All sliders, switches and pots are functional with no missing panel hardware (the sawtooth waveform selector switch
sometimes requires a second press to activate/deactivate).

Keyboard is fully functional with no marks, chips, cracks or damage.

The instrument is in truly excellent cosmetic condition. Would categorise as absolutely mint if it were not for a couple of tiny,
inconsequential indentations along edge of casing just below pitch bend/modulation controller (see final photo).” Link

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