Virus @ 20 June 2017, “No Comments”

“I love this synth but I’m moving overseas and have to sell most of my stuff. Condition is excellent with some light marks and wear from studio use. Overall for a synth of this age it is looking good and works perfectly. Comes with the original AC adapter that is missing a plastic piece that seals the box (see photos) – still works fine though.”

Emu, SP-1200 @ 20 June 2017, “No Comments”

“For sale is an Emu SP1200 drum machine. It’s in excellent cosmetic condition, with only some minor scratches on side and bottom. This is a reissue version so the power supply doesn’t get hot like the grey original versions. Has the classic model 7030 filter chips. The screen is bright and easy to read.

It’s fully functional except the sampler section is not working. When I try to sample, the input shows up as overload and the pad I sample to only plays back as a click. I can hear the what I want to sample through the sample-input but it doesn’t end up on the sampled pad. I’ve priced it lower accordingly. This might be a simple easy fix, reissues in as clean cosmetic shape as this typically sell for $3500 – $4000, so you could get yourself a nice deal here.

All the buttons and pads trigger perfectly, they were cleaned before listing.
Internal electronics look very clean, no rust or grime or funky smells.

Includes 10 sample disks with sounds & OS 1.2.
Even without the sample section you can still make some beats using the included sound disks.”

“BEAUTIFUL!! Minimoog Model D VINTAGE Synthesizer analog EXCELLENT condition

Just back from Moog factory getting calibrated and a few scratchy pots cleaned.
Brand new keyboard bushings. Plays beautifully. Keyboard feels silky smooth!!!
Wood is Beautiful.
A gate jack and CV scale pot were added to the back panel.
This is the ORIGINAL – not the re-issue. ” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 19 June 2017, “No Comments”

“See pictures for condition
One key repaired
No slider knobs
1/4″ output jack added on back
All functions (sliders & knobs) tested and work
Original owner
Includes original manual” Link

“Vintage Moog Minitmoog Performer Analog Synthesizer 37 keys keyboard.
not working condition. Light on, but no sound. ” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 19 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Cosmetically, this MG-1 has some wear and discoloring. I would say the panel is in good to fair shape. Functionally, it is great. All of the synth-crippling foam has been removed and all of the faders and switches have been replaced with new ones. All of the functions work and it sounds great.

The high “C” key was broken at some point but now it is repaired. There is a visible line on the key where the break was. See the pics for the condition and message with any questions.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 19 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Hello, here for sale is this vintage Realistic Concertmate MG-1 Synthesizer. I tested it and there are no crackles or pops from the pots. It does need to be cleaned up a little better, but it is in great condition. The RCA plugs in the back look a bit worn but it’s cosmetic as it doesn’t interfere with the sound. As you can see in the pictures, it does have two switches missing, it seems as if they broke off some time ago, you can move the switches but need a way to get to them. It does have a scratch right by the “tone source one” and a scuff by the “Wave shape” in “tone source two”. There is also a cap missing on the detune switch by the “tone source two”. The synthesizer sounds good, but I don’t know the full functionality of all the knobs, as you have to know what you’re doing to blend the different waves and patterns.” Link

“This is the Lintronics advanced Memorymoog. The version of the Memorymoog that really stays in tune. This is in tip top shape with everything working perfectly. As you can see in the pics it has a couple of dings on the wood other than that, it is ready for you in wonderful condition.” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 18 June 2017, “No Comments”

Great Condition for a Vintage Synth​​​​​​​
Fully Functional
Some Scratching the Top
​​​​​​​Keys are Still Nice & White
​​​​​​​Includes Hard Case & Power Lead” Link

“Roland CR8000 Analog DRUM MACHINE Midi-Individual Outs Tonal MODS
This great drum machine has had a major makeover and now works great and has had many enhancements.
All the switch buttons have been dissembled ,cleaned and the rubber contact coated with CailKote 44 so the all work perfect. All NEW capacitors on voice board and the other lower PCB.
Added 6 individual output jacks so you can route the instruments to were you want them to go.
Added 1/8 jack to the Audio out and to the trigger out so you can have a choice of what cable you need to use for your set up.
The best is the TUBBUTEC Midi Interface. See Pic for midi control of the interface PC and Mac available at TUBBUTEC
Allows you to trigger the CR8000 sounds from your midi setup. It also Syncs the drum machine to midi clock. The Midi INPUT jack is on the left side located with the 6 indivual outputs jacks , 3.5mm 1/8” Midi is standard 5 pin din jack.
When i got the CR8000 it was missing the the lower silk screened metal panel so i made one to fit from laminated laser print.
The other panel is original the one with the volume and accent controls.
Now the individual drum sounds tone mod section is just remarkable as it makes the CR sound like no other drum machine. Will send along the tone template panel i made as you may want to make you own. Will help you find what knob does what. Added a noise level, Offset and Bass drum decay so theres 18 knobs to use for sound editing. Massive 808 like bass drum decay.
New battery holder for 3 AA memory backup and 4 new rubber original feet from SYNTAUR.
The body has been repainted with 3 coats of KRYLON FUSION Semi Gloss black for a durable new finish.” Link

“Vintage Roland Compurhythm CR-8000

Very Rare Needs service

Powers On Unable To Test any further” Link


JUNO-106 is a compact 49-key type of DCO type of JUNO series, etc..

Panel without any such knob at that at the time the epidemic, panel switch only in a flat design.
At first glance it seems to be a digital synth, but the analog sound of the sound quality is 106 system.
Can play not a sound is packed only in JUNO twist the chorus.

works great, no issues with it” Link

“Works great. Deep scratch on right side wood panel. See pictures. Note: since picture was taken, missing slider caps have been replaced and broken key was replaced with OEM part.” Link

“This your chance yo own an original Roland Tr-808 . I am the second owner of this drum machine . Recently completely serviced , this machine is used but in excellent condition , with minor scratches , color missing on the level knob over maracas/clap and tiny crack on step 10 . None of these affect its playability . I will show in pics as well. As I said , I rectify had this machine completely serviced and gone thru by , “This old synth” a certified Roland technician”

“This is a Roland CSQ-100 Digital Sequencer. It is in VERY GOOD condition complete with original packaging and manual. I am also including the optional power supply with the purchase. I am the ORIGINAL OWNER. As far as I know, everything works on it, but I haven’t tested it recently as I took it out of my musical set-up a few years ago. I take very good care of all my equipment. Being sold as is.”

“I’ve recently been more into photography and need to sell some synths to buy a new camera. This is my Roland Juno 60 plus a JSQ-60 sequencer. The Juno works great and sounds amazing. Some normal wear and tear for a synth that is used but nothing bad. The wood ends have some dings and chips but I’ve seen and owned much worst. This one looks good.

The JsQ-60’s “stop” button doesn’t work..but I know what the problem is. I was cleaning it out and blasted some air in the whole and the little blue plunger thing blew out and into the carpet never to bee seen again. So it just needs that tiny blue rubber part (good luck). With that said, I use a start stop footswitch (not included) and it works perfectly that way…which if you’ve ever used one you know a footswitch is the only real way to start and stop a sequence on time.”

“Here’s my Roland TB-303 up for sale.
It’s in perfect condition.
Since I’ve been an owner, it’s never been gigged.
Comes from a smoke-free home.

– official, original Boss/Roland PSU (110v North America)
– original carry bag
– printed quick start guide

Earlier this year the button switches were replaced, so no worries about
double trigger notes or missed presses. This 303 works like new.
Also, it was tuned and calibrated at the same time.
I must say, this 303’s resonance is amazing. ”

D-50, Roland @ 18 June 2017, “No Comments”

“In excellent working condition, showing some minor cosmetic wear, (SEE PHOTOS), one of the feet are missing, all factory sounds included, new internal battery” Link


Here is my Roland JX-8p synth with the Roland PG-800

The magic team !!

I had a new internal battery installed ..

Upon Stereo output I think the left side is 1 or 2 db louder then other side … who knows why

• Other then that both Roland items are in amazing working condition and excellent visually . This setup sounds so cool

• The pg-800 really opens up synth !!

• There is some tape on right bottom of side of Jx-8p synth

Pg 800 has all original carry case and connection midi cable.

Jx-8p has original power cable … ” Link

” Roland CMU800R Computer Controlled Analogue Sound Module

All Analogue with digital control Drums / bass / Pads & Lead sounds all at once very early multitimbral Analogue just stunning will control up to eight analogue synths with CV & gate outs.

Regular wear and tear on the product
The product does has marks and scratches on it
It works” Link

We made another super black custom 106!

We can adjust the power section to meet your country’s power conditions.

This is #3. It has the “full electronic restoration” on the inside , and the full cosmetic restoration on the outside.

Voice chips are socketed , perfect, and guaranteed .

The panel board has been completely rebuilt. The Sliders have been taken apart , de-oxidized, and lubed.

The CPU now has a removable battery and contains a copy of the “best of the best” sounds.

The power section has been rebuilt along with the addition of a new 3 prong receptacle and power cord.

The bender section sliders have been rebuilt as well, with a perfect volume pot. ( no scratchiness ) . 🙂 it now has a lighted bender!

The jack board has also been rebuilt for optimal output. ”

“You are bidding on a used (one owner) vintage Roland Juno 106 synthesizer [serial# 418569] with 61-key keyboard. This particular synth is being used more and more as the vintage synth sound is in-demand in many genres. A great touring keyboard, the sliders and other controls allow for sound adjustment on the fly during performance.

This unit had light studio use in the 80s and has been stored since. The low C key has been repaired (super glued … see photo) and except for a slight roughness long the glue seam it works fine. The internal watch battery is dead so it cannot hold patches in memory once the power is turned off. The repair requires a service technician to unsolder the old battery, and (hopefully) retrofit it with a battery holder that allows user service in the future. Alternately, patches can be sent/retrieved via MIDI using software (NOT PROVIDED). Otherwise the keyboard is in fine working order and was tested prior to listing. That said, the item is listed “AS-IS” and no warranties are offered or implied. Auction includes the manual and power cord but not the original Roland shipping box.” Link

Roland, SH-3 @ 18 June 2017, “No Comments”

” Nice SH-3 up for sale. This is Roland’s first non-preset synthesizer circa 1973. Shares many similarities with it’s bigger (and much more expensive) brother the SH-5 and SH-7. This early SH-3 has the Moog patented ladder filter as opposed to the subsequent model SH-3A. Rumors are only 300-500 units were manufactured because of the patent infringement. The unique feature of the SH-3 is the ability to hear several foot range (32′ to 2′) at the same time with different waveforms (square, pulse or saw like). The SH-7 has this same unique feature as well except waveforms are set to the square wave only. Includes original service manual. This unit is fully functional – guaranteed. Comes with integrated flight case. 120 Volt model, no power converter required. ”

Roland @ 18 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Roland D20 synthesizer is in great shape normal wear for being used. Comes with ac charger. Everything works fine” Link

“Just out of service

Red SH101 fully calibrated

pretty rare in red,

hairline crack down right hand side panel otherwise very nice condition” Link

Roland, SH-09 @ 18 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Roland SH-09 in perfect working condition with no crackly pots but as you can see, not good paint-wise! I’ve had it stored for years and it never gets used. ” Link

“ITS A BEAUTIFUL THING.! ,! CHECK OUT MY OTHER RARE KIT LISTED NOW & MORE TO COME ! It’s a very rare Roland sequencer upto four tracks ! Sister unit to the incredibly rare 808 drum machine if you lucky enough to own a 808 you need one of these to complete the set ! Nice condition see pictures UK mains edition . Control upto four separate analogue synths with cv & gate also Roland dinsync interface . Please see pictures & you will see one missing toggle switch however switch still works .” Link

“Poly 800, everything turns on and keys respond. No sound, needs new internal battery and wav file download. Selling as-is. Does not include cord, is running on C batteries.

Good overall cosmetic condition with original box.

Thanks!” Link

Korg, Polysix @ 17 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Not sure you can get a better PolySix than this.

KiwiTechnics ‘KiwiSix’ CPU Upgrade
KiwiTechnics brand new PSU
Custom power socket and midi connection panel.
Custom handcrafted solid oak case

The solid oak case is brand new, as is the cpu and psu upgrade. Aside from carrying out the upgrades I have fully serviced and calibrated the beast and she is ready to rock.

The KiwiSix CPU mod takes this synth into another dimension, it adds many, many new functions but most importantly gives the PolySix MIDI, and full MIDI CC implementation for complete external control, 4096 steps to each control also.. ” Link

Korg, MS-2000 @ 17 June 2017, “No Comments”

“For sale – superb condition Korg MS2000R. Completely functional, virtually zero rack rash and only minimal scuffs associated with age, believe me the condition of this unit is astounding and its never left the studio. USA smoke-free home, in original box with manufacturer manual & power cord.” Link

mp ” Vintage Korg Mono/Poly Synthesizer with light FLIGHT CASE in excellent condition. Recently serviced to original specs by Switched On in Austin, TX (see pictures of work order/documentation). OWNERS MANUAL and SERVICE MANUAL included. I am the original owner of this synthesizer and have owned it for 33 years. In all those years, I have done my best to take great care of the instrument. I’ve made the decision that it’s time to move on to new instruments and must let it go.

The instrument is in better shape than any typical instrument of its age – it is very clean! The guys at Switched On in Austin, TX were impressed by it’s cosmetic condition! It looks and plays great! There’s minor dings on the corners of the woodgrain sides near the bottom. It originally had rubber feet on the bottom of the unit that I removed at some point so that it would sit flat on a keyboard stand – those are missing. There’s one key that’s been broken and re-glued (see picture). This is a only a cosmetic problem. All keys play perfectly since being serviced!” Link

“Korg MEX-8000 Memory Expander

for use with many of Korg’s Mid-80’s analog synths.

compatible with the DW 6000, DW 8000, EX 8000, Poly 800 mkII, EX 800, and the DVP 1.

Basically, it has 4 banks of storage, with each bank capable of holding 64 additional patches for any of these synths, and can be used with several at once (for example bank A can store sounds for the Poly 800, and Bank B could hold patches for the EX 8000, etc.).

manual can be downloaded online.
uses standard 9V. 500mA – tip power supply (not included)” Link

DSS-1, Korg @ 17 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Korg DSS‑1 Sampling Synthesizer W/ Factory Memory Mod / FX Disc / Manual & HD

**This Unit Needs a disk Drive*** which is why I am listing it much cheaper than list.

Once drive is installed it is in perfect working condition and sounds amazing. ” Link

Korg, MS-2000 @ 17 June 2017, “No Comments”

“Second Hand.
condition; Excellent
There are some scratches.
The color of one keyboard is discolored ” Link

“Vintage Korg Poly 800 up for grabs
Cosmetically in really good shape
Untested, don’t have adaptor and haven’t tried batteries either” Link