Alesis @ 08 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Alesis A6 Andromeda 16-Voice True Analog Synth

Includes original box, Manual, Power cable & foot pedal. Also included is a custom made suede dust cover and pair of matching blue 1/4″ Cables so that you have everything you need to plug and play!

This synth is in EXCELLENT, MINT cosmetic and PERFECT working condition!

No issues or problems of any kind! Everything functions as designed! Purchased many years ago with intentions on using but I am no musician and ended up using it 3-4 times before storing in a closet.” Link

“This is a used 19″ rack mountable 6 voice polyphonic analog synthesizer in good condition. Only defects of note are the markings from installing and removing unit from rack. Comes with power cable and patch list (not pictured).” Link

“I just bought this OP1 under three weeks ago at Guitar Center, but it turns out I’m more interested in natural sounding music. So it’s for sale now! Perfect condition. Includes plastic overlay, and charging cord.” Link

AZ-1, Casio, Keytar @ 08 August 2017, “No Comments”

“This item lot is USED, as-is, as shown in the pics ….needs attention PROJECT
You set the value…bid accordingly. Whatever this item needs to work to your satisfaction, or meet your expectations… get to do. If it cannot…..or …..If you dislike any, or all of this…you still own it, and may do what you want with it…decor, donate, refurb, restore, re sell, repurpose, bedazzle, smash, part out, actually use…the possibilities are endless…totally up to you……….please bid accordingly.
All measurements are APPROXIMATE” Link

Casio, CZ-101 @ 08 August 2017, “No Comments”

“For auction is one Casio CZ-101. This thing is in great condition. The battery compartment looks good and when disassembled the board was nice and clean. I did not see any blown capacitors, leaks, or broken traces but the unit powers up with some lights remaining on (as seen in one of the photos) and the screen is blank. Not sure if it is an easy fix or not but the repair seems to be beyond my expertise level (or at least exceeds my free time). Anyways, I am selling this to make room for more projects or synthesizers… and a baby (I hope that last bit encourages some bids!)

Personally I love this instrument. While the CZ-1 is awesome, I found it much faster to produce sounds with this little guy and the sounds are just as great. While very similar, I have found some of the sounds I have created with the CZ-101 to be unique and could not replicate them with the CZ-1. I found my patches to be superior. This can be said for other Casio synths, like the HT/HZ series, which makes it much harder to buy just one. The CZ-101 is great for a pinch, the straps are nice, and if space is limited it makes for a nice MIDI controller (or for a source instrument. Just plug it in and tuck it away and use your favorite controller.)

No power supply is supplied. The lights in the picture are by 6 D batteries (not included).” Link

Doepfer @ 08 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Doepfer’s Dark Time step sequencer makes a great addition to the company’s modular synth gear, but you can use it in any type of vintage or modern setup, thanks to its USB port, MIDI sockets, and jacks for analog control voltages and gate signals. In spite of its digital circuitry, the Dark Time is very much an intuitive analog-style 16-step sequencer housed in a rugged sheet metal chassis with attractive wooden end cheeks, fitted with high-quality potentiometers with metal shafts throughout. Sweetwater modular geeks know that your system isn’t complete without a step sequencer. Juice your rig with the Doepfer Dark Time. Uses a 12vt AC 400ma adapter not included.” Link

Modular @ 08 August 2017, “No Comments”

“I’m continuing to sell off my modular collection. Here I have some used modules that are beautiful in their own peculiar way. A few of them are missing power cables, and they don’t have rack screws. But, I’m staring the auction for the lot at $30. Someone please give these guys some love!

Here’s what’s for sale:

Στοιχεῖα – (stoicheia) dual Euclidean gate sequencer
Λόγοι – voltage controlled clock divider and delay
Κλάσματα – single channel, voltage controlled Euclidean gate sequencer
The Ethanvar Patchchord
The ever popular A-125 VCP (phase shifter)
A100 slew limiter
And finally, a .mix with black knobs.

And… for the lucky buyer, a challenge! Make something using only these modules!” Link

Micro Q, Waldorf @ 08 August 2017, “No Comments”

“This is in good cosmetic condition – a scratch on the top panel, and barely visible rack wear, otherwise this synth looks pretty new! Since I used this remotely, all knobs and buttons have low wear and work exactly as they should, and all of the front panel lettering is intact. All inputs and outputs work as they should.” Link

“Oberheim Matrix 1000 Analog Synthesizer Rack Synth . Condition is Used.” Link

K1, Kawai @ 08 August 2017, “No Comments”

“A lightly used Kauai k1 was in my studio for years and am selling all equipment comes with a non Kawasaki power supply matched to synth thanks ” Link

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 08 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Vintage ESQ-1 digital wave synthesizer, comes with everything shown. Power cord, pedal, original manual, and 3 sound cartridges. I hadn’t played it in a number of years, and unfortunately when I did try it just won’t play. my loss is your gain if you know how to fix. Absolutely loved my ESQ1 when it was working.” Link

“This synth is about as “like new” as it gets. It has been used <4 hours. No scratches/defects whatsoever. Everything that came with it is included as shown in the pictures. Comes in original box! All the keys are in PERFECT condition. Screen is in PERFECT condition -- no scratches." Link

MG-1, Moog @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“This auction is for a rare Moog Realistic MG-1 analog synthesizer. Has been tested and it powers up, but no sound. A couple of the buttons are broken and quite a few are missing there end caps. Definitely a parts or restoration piece.” Link

Moog, Prodigy @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Up for auction is an awesome sounding Moog Prodigy. Color is the darker honeyed finish (which is nicer than the lighter wood).” Link

Minimoog, Moog @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“1972 original Minimoog, serial number is #1442, the 442nd production model in April of 1972. It has the plexiglass pitch and modulation wheel from the Minimoog’s original design.

It features the original Moog 1st generation oscillators.

It has completed a complete overhaul, locally with extended warranty.
1) All the switches have been cleaned.
2) The oscillators have been stabilized.
3) The keyboard has been “re-bushed” and plays like factory new.
4) The busbar has been cleaned.
5) Every “engineering change order” has been completed.
6) All capacitors in the power supply have been replaced.
7) Voice cards now have 28 turn trimmers for fine tuned and calibrated.

It utilizes a Roland MPU-101 and a Studio Electronics midi’d modification done in 1987, and it can be played from a external midi keyboard, or sequenced from a computer. The modification includes the following:

1) BEND RANGE: Adjust the range of pitch bend on moog pitch wheel and “bend” input from midi. Full on equals one octave up and down. Moog pitch wheel is disabled when “bend in” is used.

2) DYN VCF: Adjusts amount of Velocity information sent to filter when “DYN VCF” switch is up. “Filter Cutoff” should be set very low since these controls both affect brightness.

3) LFO RATE: Adjusts speed of modified triangle wave LFO provided by midiready. New LFO is selected when “modulation mix” control is fully counter clockwise. Turning “MOD MIX” clockwise mixes in either noise or Oscillator 3, depending on the setting of NOISE/OSC3 switch.

4) DYN VCA: When up, allows midi keyboard dynamics to control volume of Minimoog. This Switch must be down if Minimoog is used without MPU 101.

5) DYN VCF: When up, allows keyboard dynamics to control filter brightness. Amount is controlled by “DYN VCF”.

6) MOD VCF: When down, Mod wheel on midi master controls Minimoog filter brightness, when up, mod wheel controls modulation. This has no effect on the the Moog mod wheel, it always modulates.

7) TOUCH VCF: When up. aftertouch from midi master increases filter brightness.

8) TOUCH MOD: When up, aftertouch controls modulation depth.

9) NOISE/OSC3: Controls which signal is applied to right side of “mod mix” control. When down, OSC 3 is selected and when up NOISE is selected. The selected signal may then be mixed with the new LFO to create some unusual modulation waveforms.

10) Included is a rare “Multi-Trigger” mod by Studio Electronics where the key you hit always triggers an attack sound.

It comes with a case to carry the Moog, and the Roland MPU, and a manual.
There is a splintered off wood trim piece on top.

I added in a picture of the card, and the production tag indicating the final assembly was April 10th, 1972.

This is an early version of this instrument, if you are interested in collecting. And it’s in top notch shape for playing, whether you use the reconditioned keyboard or midi.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Don’t know much about these , it works but no idea if it works completely . I have put a video on YouTube of it working search for “realistic moog synthesizer ebay xxx “. That should bring it up. Happy to try and answer questions bought it to have a play with but can’t use it think you have to be electronically minded.” Link

Moog, Polymoog @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“A Moog Polymoog 203a analogue synthesiser, 1977.

In perfect working order, this synth has been professionally stripped, cleaned, serviced and rebuilt.

Power supply calibrated and tested, all PCBs cleaned, hundreds of solder joints reworked, many ICs socketed and replaced. It’s now very reliable and hardened to original polymoog transport issues. It’s clean and free of dust or dirt inside and out. All screws are present and original… absolutely no short-cuts.

There are the usual marks due to use.

All keys, LEDs controls and presets work as they should.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Working Unit—Used not abused condition. Deficits: Two beauty caps on “Tone Sources” and “Master Volume” respectfully are missing. However
the controls work perfectly without the caps. See the “Polyphony” cap as an example. The toggle switch on “Keyboard Tracking” is missing.
Probably an easy fix. I tested all controls and modulation was had on each. Sold as working, not !00% because of toggle switch, and as is.” Link

Moog, Source @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“We got this out of a storage unit. Turns on, all the keys work. Programs/Buttons 1-11 work. Pitch and Modulation wheels work, as do the octave buttons. Filter Mod, Oscillator, Mixer, and Modifier bank section works. PLEASE NOTE, THIS NEEDS TO BE WARMED UP FOR ABOUT 20 MINUTES. If you just turn it on cold, even after 5 minutes trying to edit patches will sometimes cause a volume drop or completely cut it out. Changing patches don’t work. You will need to turn the unit off, then back on. ALSO, WHEN YOU ARE DONE, TURN IT OFF AND LET IT COOL DOWN BEFORE MOVING.

Now the bad news:
Buttons 12-16, all don’t seem to work. Also, the level 1 and 2 buttons don’t seem to work. Because those buttons don’t work, I can’t test the sequencer.

The volume knob is scratchy and jumps. Sometimes when I turn it up it suddenly jumps up quite a bit, but once it’s set it’s fine. I believe the previous owner edited the patches and there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to do a factory reset.” Link

Moog, Source @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“For sale is this vintage early-’80s Moog The Source analog synthesizer. This example, serial number 4154, is in good original condition with the original owner’s manual. It does display moderate wear, and one piece of wood detailing, adhered under the keys, is no longer attached nor included. The underside of one key is chipped. It works perfectly, sounds great, and with No Reserve, will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price! Professional Global shipping to all countries is available. All photos below are of the actual item being sold. ” Link

“Roland Alpha Juno-1 (1986) analog/digital synthesizer in good working order as used in a smoke-free studio. Shows some signs of wear and a few scratches and has a very small crack but in good condition.” Link

JX-8P, Roland @ 06 August 2017, “No Comments”


JX-3P, Roland @ 06 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Roland JX-3P Synthesizer. Purchased from original owner at estate sale. I tested unit to the best of my ability. The owner said “it works fine” as well. Comes with a Roland Pedal. There is a scratch on the top right corner and on key has a mark. (See red arrows) Shipping will be $38. ” Link

JP-8000, Roland @ 06 August 2017, “No Comments”

“For sale is a used Roland JP-8000 Analog Modeling Synthesizer.
It’s in very good condition and functions flawlessly!

The internal battery has been replaced 2 weeks ago. It’s always been treated with love, and used in my smoke-free home studio. I’m sad to see it go, but I have to pay some bills. I am the second owner, and I bought it from a friend about 12 years ago.

There are a few very minor cosmetic scuffs, which you can examine in the high resolution pictures provided. The only one that is really obvious is a scratch by the effects bass knob.” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 06 August 2017, “No Comments”

“the mc202 is cosmetically in good condtion,ie pads are white no missing knobs silders etc,one of the back screws is different as there is a repair to one of the screw posts inside see pic 2
also there is a number etched into the back which you can see in pic 2
also comes with an rare old guide to mc 202 synhesizer features maual (not the main manual just a run down of the basic features)” Link

Roland, TR-626 @ 06 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Roland TR-626 Rhythm Composer. Used, but in great condition. Comes with Roland cable and one midi cable. Works great. Always ran handy pad thru midi in and sounds decent. ” Link

“For sale is this vintage 1980s Roland Axis midi controller keytar. In good working condition and average cosmetic shape, this unit includes the power supply footswitch and a non-original Anvil case. High bid wins! No Reserve!” Link

“Really well kept Roland Alpha Juno 1 with manual and music stand included. Just trying to clear space after owning this beauty for a good while. I feel bad that I just don’t have more time to play and compose. So, hopefully, its new owner will make better use of it. Will package professionally.” Link

MC-202, Roland @ 06 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Fantastic condition, lightly used in smoke-free home studio, well taken care of. DC power supply not included, batteries included.”

Juno 6, Roland @ 06 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Hi! You are looking at a complete JUNO-6 synthesizer. Has NO sound. Otherwise in excellent condition without any damage to note. Typical vintage gear but a very good clean example. All toggle switches, push buttons and turn knobs are good and move freely but still firm. Keys all intact and spring perfectly. Couple chips here and there on sides and center panel but you have to look hard to see imperfections. Its been stored in my studio for months with the intention to fix but I don’t have the time and now I’m moving so it’s got to go! I’m mostly a guitar guy anyway. But this keyboard caught my eye and I made a swap for it. It’s NEVER been opened/worked on in my hands nor can I see visible evidence of the backing screws being turned. Previous owner was a very cool bassist lady with some awesome gear. Time to let someone love this beauty. I’m not a synth expert but will answer any questions you have. I’ll ship it where needed. Collection and viewing also welcome, either is ok. No Reserve no refunds, so it’s going. Sold as seen so please refer to pictures. Please understand that the unit has no sound (or at least I can’t make it happen). It powers up and lights up like normal but no sound. ” Link

“Here is a Roland Jupiter 6 synth. It looks pretty good but needs work. It had a power failure that blew though some chips. Sold AS IS for parts or repair. Please see pics for details.” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 06 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Fully functional. However I don’t have an ac adapter to include with it.” Link

CR-5000, Roland @ 06 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Here is a Roland CR 5000 drum machine in great shape. Looked over by my local tech, looks and works great! ” Link

“the Amazing Roland VP330 Vocoder Plus Keyboard Synthesizer

one of the best vocoders ever made, just few left in this great condition.

has just been professional serviced, works great !!” Link

Juno-106, Roland @ 06 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Here is a Roland Juno 106 synth, great shape. Recently serviced with all voice chips working great and IEC power jack installed. ”