“PPG Wave 2.3 is nice condition but has no audio output. Cosmetically it looks great with just some light scratches on the top. It powers up and appears to function ok. All the knobs seem to work (I can turn them and see values change on the display). Display looks great. I just can’t figure out how to get any sound out of it. It does appear to be sending MIDI signals fine, as I was able to play another synth using the PPG. I’m hoping someone can breathe some new life into this guy. I bought it locally from the original owner. I was planning to repair it but it’s been sitting in its case for a year and I’ve just got too many projects. I’m moving soon so I really need to downsize.

It comes with two additional processor boards (plus there’s one in the synth…so basically you’re getting three). I did try each processor board but I still couldn’t get any sound output. Also comes with a handful of cassette backups (not pictured), and a custom flight-case that fits it very nicely. Between the flight case and the synth, this is very heavy. Local pick up in Chicago is fine. Otherwise, shipping is going to likely be somewhat high. As-is.” Link

zc “Perfect working condition Harvestman Zorlon Cannon MKII eurorack module that functions as a VCO (tracking 1v/oct perfectly with pulse-width aware square waves), an LFO a LSFR or any combination. It has the latest firmware V2 installed which provides a lowest note center at C just like the other Harvestman modules. There are 10 outputs for use in complex CV patches and you can self patch this like crazy for very interesting results. Light rack rash and only used in a smoke free studio. Included is the original box and quick start guide. Take a look at the harvestman website for more information or check out examples on youtube.” Link

Ionic @ 16 May 2017, “No Comments”

“This is a very rare vintage analog synth with internal click button patch matrix. 4 on board oscillators, with one that can act as an independent modulator. multiple wave forms. one low pass filter bank, that can also be converted to high pass. Unit also has ring modulator function, XY axis for alternative parameter settings on the fly. built in spring reverb, also on right keyboard panel are other effects as well. one ADSR, white noise generator. the keyboard oscillator can act tonally independent of the panel oscillators. Connection on back panel for connection to external sequencer. Has built in speakers, but can be connected to external sources as well. On back panel a modification was built to access external sequencer and disable the function of oscillator tracking. Synth comes in its own case with mint condition chrome legs that screw on bottom of case. Unit turns on but there seems to be a contact stuck inside transverse bus bar. Because of this possible interference of contact, the keyboard emits one tone only throughout the entire register. This should be able to be fixed by any keyboard technician. Otherwise is in excellent condition – all knobs in tact and the unit itself has no scratches and the metal face has no real signs of wear. Buyer must pay for shipping. Winning bidder will receive custom made sequencer built especially for this unit which is pictured under the Ionic Performer on the bottom shelf. There is a custom built toggle switch in back of the Performer that enables and disables the use of the sequencer.” Link

OSCar @ 16 May 2017, “No Comments”

“For sale here is a rare OSCar Oxford Synthesiser Company. Includes original manual. This OSCar has MIDI and is 100% fully functional. I also have the original manual and will include it (picture of that coming shortly).

It just got back from a full servicing checkup by Jeff @ The Analog Lab (work receipt can be provided to winning buyer). Analog Lab is probably the best place to get OSCars worked on here in the USA. It’s been recapped, cleaned up and connector boards soldered properly for safer travel.

Cosmetically it’s in excellent shape. On very close inspection you will notice some strips of tape on the front but it came that way from previous owner and apparently was like that from the factory and is original. It hardly shows up in the pictures. There are also minor imperfections to a couple of the keys. These issues might not even be something you notice except on close inspection, but just thought I would mention it so there are no surprises. Otherwise it looks really excellent all around.

The sound is AMAZING, with a huge set of features for the time, including programmable harmonic waveforms, patch memory, sequencer, an awesome arpeggiator, duophonic capabilities (yes you can play two notes at once) along with one of the best filters I have ever played, allowing for LP, BP, HP, overdrive capabilities. Huge bass, leads, effects unlike anything else. One of my favorite monophonic synthesizers of all time, & I’ve played them all, from Minimoogs to Arp Odysseys to Synton Syrinx. If I had to describe the sound I would say it’s instant Boards of Canada, smooth, bubbly, analog with an aggressive Aphex Twin side that can get gritty & rough. Check out the detailed pictures below. Operates at 220v, but will include the step transformer for operation in the USA. These Oscars rarely show up for sale, maybe only once or twice a year. Don’t miss out on this one!” Link

mmd “Minimoog Model D with original operation manual and case.
I’m sure you know exactly what you are looking at, so I will spare you the tech bio. This 1977 Minimoog is in amazing condition and is fully operational.
It would be nice to have local pickup, but I will ship it in the case with insurance to anywhere.
Good luck.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 15 May 2017, “No Comments”

“We have on auction a vintage 1980’s REALISTIC Concertmate MG-1 MOOG SYNTHESIZER. Unit powers up and does appear to make some “tones” noises. However I do not believe it is working correctly. Watched a youtube video of a working one, this one doesn’t work right. Not all keys make a tone. I’m sure it needs work. Good for parts or repair. Sold “as is”. ” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 15 May 2017, “No Comments”

“Selling a rare REALISTIC MG1 Concertmate synthesizer created by MOOG MUSIC,
the synth is in excellent optical condition, complete,
but technically DEFECTIVE, and it will need to be repaired.
I got the synth in this condition, and as I am not a technician and I didn’t try to open and repair it myself.
I have no time to take care of it and I sell it as it is.
This is a 120V version. I plugged it of course with a 120V to 220V converter,
and you can hear a loud continuous annoying sound covering almost for complete
the sound of the synth. You can hear on the back a very thin sound of the synth when you play it.
The thin back sound of the synth also seems to react when you turn the synth knob parameters.
This synth is then sold as it is : defective, for parts or repair.”

“The Minitmoog is a dual oscillator touch sensitive synth. Very ahead of its time and quite a rare model too. Most of the touch sensitivity still works but the sync and mod i believe. The pitch bend all work. The modulation can be operated from the slider. But a fine example for age also been serviced recently. Sold as seen. Collection only on this”

“Offering for auction my Moog Liberation Classic keytar. I had hoped to be grooving out front with this beauty, but reckon as a performer I’m more Rick Wright than Rick Wakeman!!”

Moog, Source @ 15 May 2017, “No Comments”

“Moog Source Analog Synth

All lights, keys, knobs and buttons tested and work fine. No servicing ever needed. Original owner.

exceptions: volume knob is audibly “scratchy” when moved. Very minor dent on right side (above moog logo). Pitch and mod wheels rotate beyond what seems normal (but does not cause a problem when used). Pitch wheel is not as fluid as modern designs. Parameter knob has a very slight friction area. This does not reduce the smooth turning of it and can still be freely spun quickly.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 15 May 2017, “No Comments”

“This a Moog / Realistic Concertmate MG-1 in good condition. Recently serviced, everything works. Looks really nice — everything is bright and clear with no grievous scratches or wear. see photos for the best impression. Manufactured circa 1983.

The synth has three professional modifications:

1. The original RCA jacks have been replaced with 1/4″ jacks.
2. The external inputs feed the filter.
3. Octave switches added for each of the 2 oscillators to provide access to an extra low octave.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 15 May 2017, “No Comments”

mg1 “For your consideration is a very well kept used REALISTIC MG-1 created by Moog

I have recently cleaned it inside and out and painstakingly removed the foam that can ruin these. It is a beautiful synth and I really don’t want to let it go but have to take care of some more important things. It still even has the original headphone jack cover- see pics.”

“Roland MC-202 – Analog monophonic synthesizer and sequencer — In great condition! 100% functional!
All cosmetic issues shown in photos. No battery leakage. This one has been modded by Analogue Solutions and has the Analogue Solutions break out box which adds a lot of ins and outs for audio and CV.
Comes with recommended Boss power supply.” Link

“This is it !!! “the” original Roland GR-500 analog synthesizer unit from about 1978 or 1979. I have had this stored in a suitcase for about … oh 30 years. (maybe more) so… Time for me to part with all this stuff I have collected and never ever used so keep an eye on my other auctions in the near future but this one is a good start!
You know something is pretty cool when it has it’s own Wikipedia page. 🙂 check it out for more info on these!!!!

BRAND – Roland

MODEL – GR-500

FUNCTION – Analog Guitar Synthesizer

DESCRIPTION – This listing is for a Roland GR-500. serial #650829 This is the USA 110 Volt version

PHYSICAL CONDITION – Very Good as you can see in the photos. There is normal wear only (see photos). All controls & knobs and sliders are smooth and I am sure the pots need some spray. She does power up fine. I will leave that up to the new owner.” Link

“I pick this unit up in trade. The owner was not able to test it because he did not have the proper power cable. The unit “does not” come with a power cable. It seems to have one key replaced and a few missing screws, other than that it looks to be in original shape. All of the keys function but a few are more expressive than others. I do not know too much about this unit other than going through all the patches. It sounds great for a Roland. Cosmetically it has seen better days but it seems to have withstood the test of time. It will be packed very well.”

” Roland MKS 50 Synth Module + PG-300 controller. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.”

D-50, Roland @ 14 May 2017, “No Comments”

“Roland D-50. Original Owner (bought 1988). Original Power Cable. Original Advanced Manual. Home Studio use. Personal Rehearsal Studio use. Never been gigged. It has been in a closet for more than 3 years. There are two issues plus minimal cosmetic blemishes (see below). Otherwise the machine is in great shape.

Issues: Buttons 1 and 2 in the Patch Number row do not work. They were funky before the machine was stored in my closet. They currently do not respond. Patches are accessible through midi. The Patch Bank row works perfectly. Right part of screen (see Photo) is slightly dimmer than the rest but functional, fully readable, and the rest of the screen is strong. There are small scratches on the top middle (see Photo) and sides. That’s 30 years of existence at work. The rest of the wear and tear is negligible.

Everything else works as expected. The D50, in my humble opinion, still has the best feeling semi-weighted keyboard on any synth, new or old. Cleaner than most but not mint. Priced as it is because I know where it’s been.”

“For sale is my Roland Alpha Juno 1. This is a rare classic polyphonic vintage synthesizer with an awesome sound. This unit is in excellent shape and fully functional and LCS screen is very bright. All factory presets installed. Nearly mint condition. ” Link

“This MC 202 is in amazing condition. It is very clean, and works perfectly. You probably know exactly what it is and does so I won’t go into that!” Link

“For sale is my Roland MC202 synthesizer. The MC202 itself is in excellent shape, with some minor signs of wear. Overall looks really nice. Be sure to check out the detailed pictures to make sure you like. Everything is fully functional, all sliders work as they should and tunes up great. Battery compartment is working. Holds it’s tuning and calibration very well across all octaves. The MC202 is a super useful tool in any old Roland setup, as it has 2 din-sync outs to use with your TR808/TR909 setups. Feature/sound is like a mix between an SH101 with a TB303 sequencer style programming. Power supply is not pictured but one will be included. Don’t miss out on this classic Roland synth!” Link

“This is an excellent unit! All knobs and sliders in perfect working condition. There are a few scuff marks on the back edge, and the left side panel has some surface blemishes. The battery has been replaced, and all functions have been tested by a Roland certified tech. Includes power cable and original manual.” Link

“PERFECT working condition

This 303 is the perfect work!
Part of paint is peeling (back side). Please look at the pictures carefully!
Soft case is shrinking,there are some stickiness in the soft case.
AC adapter is not included” Link

“Ok, so this synth is in bad shape, but there is hope. First of all, as you can see the unit powers up. It does make sound. Several keys don’t play, and the outputs pretty bad (except the headphone jack works good). Also the MIDI works great, so it can be used as a sound generator. But obviously I’m selling as is for parts or repair because any of this could stop working at any point, just do to the fact that it’s in such bad shape. So, no guarantees, but know that I have successfully recorded midi tracks with this synth in the past. And I have cleaned it up too, when I got it, it was in worse shape. Unfortunately I am not including the power supply, it is just in the picture to show the synth powered on. It needs some tlc, but isn’t garbage. Once again- sold as a broken synth AS IS for parts or repair, and no power supply included, just the synth.” Link

“Vintage Roland JX-8P from 1985 for sale! Complete with Memory Cartridge (never used it, but it’s there).

In good condition cosmetically and functionally. Second owner, purchased in rough shape, keys have been cleaned and all buttons work. Have used this along with my Bass VI (also for sale) to record covers of The Cure, Depeche Mode, and a few other 1980’s bands. Will refrain from naming all the bands which have used the JX-8P live and in the studio. ” Link

“This is a very nice cr78 that I bought for a specific project a few years ago. I am a producer composer, and it was the right sound for the project

It was serviced by the previous owner, and functions as should.

I used some programmed beats, and sampled the sounds.

I don’t have the peddle but it should program fine. It was functioning when I bought it, and it’s just sat in a shelf in the studio.

Minor blemishes on the cabinet, the face place is perfect. A slider was a bit scratchy from sitting around, could be cleaned, but as I texted it more it went away.

Really great drum machine. Sounds awesome, super collectable. Mics condition I just don’t need it any more. ”

” For sale is a rare Roland TB303. It’s in excellent near mint shape and fully functional. Only minor signs of wear on the unit and the bag. All the knobs turn smoothly, scratch free and buttons are all triggering properly. Super hard to find a 303 that performs are perfectly as this one. You won’t have any issues with buttons double triggering or requiring firm presses, programming on this is a breeze. No wear around the knobs which shows it hasn’t been used for intense filter or knob twisting action. No rust or grime or mildew funky smells either. Even the bottom looks great. I only found some minor signs of wear on the sides which was likely from rubbing against the bag over the years. Check out the detailed pictures to make sure you like it. The battery compartment is clean, no battery leakage anywhere. The 303 is a must have for acid, techno, dance, electronic, hiphop and more. Especially awesome when paired up with a TR606, TR909 or TR808. Don’t miss out on this classic synth!” Link

“Item is in perfect working order. Bender is a little misaligned, as shown. Bag not included, but a free voltage converter (100 to 120v) is included. See pics for details. Overall very good cosmetic condition.” Link

“This PolySix is in generally great condition for its age. There are very minor scuffs and scratches typical of a vintage synth: take a close look at the photos. The only significant cosmetic issue is that the Arpeggiator’s Latch switch has clearly seen some serious action over the years, and the panel silkscreening around it has worn off. You can see this clearly in photo #12. It’s a very small detail on an otherwise very nice synth, so I’ve been calling it “added character” rather than a flaw!

The original particleboard / veneer end-cheeks and front chassis were in rather scabby condition when I bought this, so I had them professionally replaced by Ben Rossborough at Cyberwave EMS as part of the overhaul (see below). The replacements are waxed solid wood and look really nice. I know we’re supposed to judge synths on their sound not their looks, but if you want a really cool-looking vintage centrepiece to your studio, here you go… 😉


The PolySix is in perfect working order. All of the electronics function exactly as they should (including loading and saving patches to tape, which you can do via soundfiles in your DAW if you’re adventurous!). The second Patch Select button requires a firmer press than the others, but that’s all. The synth has been checked through by Benn Rossborough at Cyberwave EMS; the power supply has been replaced and the new wooden chassis was fitted as part of this overhaul. It’s now in super condition and works flawlessly.” Link

EX 800, Korg @ 13 May 2017, “No Comments”

” I bought this module back in the late 80’s and stopped using it shortly after college. It’s been sitting underneath a sheet at my parent’s house for the past 25 years – they’re cleaning house so it’s time to get rid of my old gear…

The EX-800 is essentially a Korg Poly-800 without the keyboard. It’s a great little MIDI module that’s capable of some punchy analog sounds. This unit is in very good condition and everything works as it should.

I replaced the internal patch battery just a couple of weeks ago and restored the factory patches though the tape interface with a WAV that I found online. A PDF of the owner’s manual is also easy to find online. Rack ears and 9v power supply is included.” Link

900PS, Korg @ 13 May 2017, “No Comments”

“OKAY THIS SYNTH RULES! Here’s some things that do not rule about it though.

My touch bar doesn’t work. It’s totally playable other than that, but this neat feature that make this model unique does not work. Probably just a quick solder job but I was too afraid to crack this open to look at its guts.

The power button on the Synth itself is stuck pushed in. You can power on and off through the plug adapter though (built in cord does not fit USA plugs).” Link

“I took this unit is trade. It was serviced a couple years ago and has not been used since. All the keys function with the exception of a couple slightly scratchy ones. However, while testing it, that seems to be going away. It may need a couple of rubber contact replacements soon. There seems to be no battery leakage as far as I can determine. Some of the patches are funky as if they may have been edited at one time. I will send it in a road case that is missing the handle just for safe shipping. The unit is an older version and does not have MIDI. It is in very nice shape for its age cosmetically.” Link

Korg, Lambda @ 13 May 2017, “No Comments”

“Rare Vintage Korg Lambda ES-50 Analog Keyboard Synth String Ensemble. 100% fully functional and is in fair-good condition as pictured.” Link

“Up for sale is a Korg Poly-61 M synthesizer! This synth feature 6 DCO, Midi implementation and an arpegiator that can receive trig signal.

Take note that the wooden side show some wear particully on the left side. Make sure to look at all the photo to have a good idea of what i mean by that. Also the “write” and “6” button can be a bit sticky and sometime need to be pressed 2 or 3 times to work.

Other than those two small issues the synth is in really great condition! The front panel is very clean, everything works and it sound just amazing!” Link

800pk “KORG POLY 800
with modding
i did buy it like this
all mods do sothing extra, but i cannot name what exactly.
probably, knobs are filter/resonance/FM/ external input,
switch changes waveform and noise/ext in.. but, i can’t say for sure.” Link

“• unit sold as is for repair, needs new internal battery” Link