# Moog Taurus

Moog, Taurus @ 28 July 2014

“These Taurus pedals are in excellent condition but, like many Taurus 1s, they are missing the “Variables” window assembly. I have had them for many years but I seldom get the opportunity to use them anymore. As with all of my music gear, the Taurus 1 pedals have been housed in an environmentally stable, smoke free environment and have been well maintained; everything works as it should. I recently went through them and cleaned all of the contacts and all of the sliders and rotary pots and made sure that everything is noise free and moves freely. I recapped the power supply and recalibrated everything.The machine is very stable and sounds fantastic. These pedals have been gently treated as long as I have had them. This machine is a beast and should play and sound great for many years to come.

Externally, there are signs of wear, including the missing “Variables” window, which is to be expected considering the nature of the instrument and its age. Otherwise it looks great; all of the pedals are straight and the pedal covers are free from cracks or chips. ” Link

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