# Moog Taurus

Moog, Taurus @ 11 November 2013

“This set of Taurus pedals was formerly owned by Ron Mayer (Bad Ronbo) of the Killer Dwarfs (a Canadian band) I bought them from him in 2005. Everything works except the Glide function and unit is in great cosmetic condition as you can see by the pictures, it comes with a 1/4″ ply Case and an Owners/Service manual. This set of pedals was professionally calibrated 7 yrs ago and with the exception of being pulled out for a couple of recording sessions and being moved across the country in 2011 has spent all of it’s time in the case in my Studio, aside from a recent contact cleaning and general line check this unit hasn’t seen the light of day. The Glide function has stopped working… the light comes on when you hit the button but there is no gliding sound between notes…. I believe a calibration will most likely solve that problem… calibration requires an Oscilloscope (which I do not own) and the procedure is in the manual that is included… at this time everything else is working normally.” Link

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