# Moog Taurus

Moog, Taurus @ 30 July 2012

“Here is the Taurus you have been waiting for! This amazing piece of equipment was assembled on April 25th, 1975, which was within the first few months that Moog began producing them! The serial number is T1217. If I’m not mistaken, the first Taurus ever produced was given serial number T1001. That’s vintage! All sliders, pedals, contacts, and six of the seven push buttons are 100% original! Aside from a couple of screws that have been replaced over the years, the only non-original part of this synth is the push-button relay switch for the “Tuba” preset, which was just recently replaced. I can include the original, defective one, if you’d like. I don’t think you’ll ever see a Taurus this old that is in this fantastic of condition, unless of course, you’re in a museum! Sure there are a few surface marks here and there, but this thing is over 37 years old and built like a tank! No playability issues whatsoever. I recently had this Taurus looked over, cleaned, and serviced by Dean over at 5-Star Engineering in Mesa, AZ. Dean once worked on one of Geddy’s Taurus’ back in the 70’s while working for Wonderland Music in Michigan, so you know this Taurus was in good hands! I have owned this Taurus since 1998 and while I used it occasionally for a RUSH tribute band I was in for a short time, most of its life has been spent in its case on the floor in my bedroom closet. If you know anything about these synths, then you know their value has been appreciating steadily for years. It’s time for me to pass my investment on to someone else. There is a good reason why there are already so many Taurus 3’s available on eBay for hundreds less than their original selling price. You just can’t beat the incredibly fat tones or sheer cool factor of the one and only, original Moog Taurus! I know the price is pretty steep, but after all, this Taurus was made during the first production run. ” Link

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