# Moog Taurus

Moog, Taurus @ 20 February 2012

“These original vintage Taurus 1 pedals, from the early 70’s, are very rare- only a few hundred were ever made. They are generally considered far superior to the later Taurus 2 and the re-issue Taurus 3’s in terms of their sound, which is awesome. They are correspondingly more expensive than the others, but well worth it both musically and for collectebility, which will always help hold or increase their value. They were used and made famous by such prog-rock bands as Rush, Genesis, ELP, and Yes, but are useful for many different genres of music.
The pre set sounds are great, especially the “Taurus” preset, which Rush fans will recognize instantly (“wow, that’s how they get that sound”), and in variable mode, you can make your own sound from scratch, working off the controls above the preset buttons.
These work 100%- they were just serviced by E.A.R.S. / The Analog Lab, New York’s premier service center and an Authorized Moog repair center, so they are totally up to specs. No static or scratchiness when you move any sliders- they were just cleaned and are smooth and quiet. Unit was also calibrated and is in tune- ready to play! It is also in excellant condition cosmetically, as you can see from the photos. The only thing at all wrong is they are missing the plastic dust cover that fit over the control panel; otherwise near perfect.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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