# Moog Sonic Six

Moog, Sonic Six @ 11 September 2017

“MOOG Sonic Six Synthesizer

I purchased this instrument around 15 years ago and have had it in safe dry storage since. When purchased it had been fully overhauled and I expect it to be in the same condition.

I’ve powered it up and have tested it myself and will give you my findings. I’m selling as is, but believe it’s in very excellent condition inside and out and should be no major issues.

The Moog powers up just fine and main light goes on. Oscillators are working, Filters and resonance check out fine, pink and white noise check out well as well as ring modulator functioning fine.
The outputs seem to be in good shape however noticed that the l-r function seems to be noisy and may just be in need of some silicon spray. The unit operates on internal speakers as well as a monitor output, both checking out fine. Other than these functions, I’m unable to test further but, the moog sounds great.

Cosmetically the unit is in great shape on the inside. The outer case has a normal amount of wear but nothing unusual. ” Link

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