# Ondes Martenot System

Modular @ 17 August 2010

“This is a modern version of the Ondes Martenot, the legendary early electronic instrument.

The main keyboard is the French Connection made by the British synthesizer company Analogue Systems. It can be played either as a conventional monophonic keyboard, or as with an Ondes Martenot: Your right hand controls a ring on a wire which moves continuously along the keys controlling pitch, while the left hand controls volume with a spring-loaded wooden button. There is also a joystick next to the button which can be set to control any parameter such as timbre.

The keyboards control a modular synthesizer housed in an aluminum cabinet. The sound modules are 100% analog. They include:

* RS95e Oscillator (x2). (A.Sys). The highest quality analog oscillators. Very precise control over pitch. Sine, Square, Triangle, and Saw waveforms, plus many others available with the built-in waveshaping functions.
* A132-3 Dual VCA (Doepfer). A high quality unit for controlling volume on two channels. Exponential or linear response curve selectable.
* RS100 Low Pass Filter (A.Sys). A great sounding filter voltage controlled filter, similar to the classic Moog filter.
* A140 Envelope Generator (Doepfer). For controlling the contour of a sound. Big time range.
* A121 Multimode Filter (Doepfer). Pitch accurate filter featuring lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch.
* LFO-NZ (Analogue Solutions). A voltage controlled low frequency oscillator with white noise generator. Range: 0.01Hz to 32Hz.
* RS150 Sequential Switch. Several uses.
* A176 Fixed voltage source. Use in combination with RS150 and LFO for a 4 step sequencer. Control any parameter in the system.

Above the module cabinet sits a custom made 2 octave keyboard. The main electronics are from a kit by Doepfer. A few basic circuits were added by me to the panel, including a basic low pass filter used as a simple envelope. It is housed in stained Poplar wood, handbuilt by myself. Very sturdy and pretty. Has both analog and midi outputs.

Also included: Patch cables– 6″ (10), 12″ (15), 18″ (5), 36″ (3). Radioshack 42 range digital multimeter with frequency counter.

If you were to buy the electronics new today it would cost you about $4800 total. This does not include the carpentry for the small custom keyboard.

Shipping will depend on your location. If you are in Southern California, I can deliver for free. Otherwise, let’s discuss.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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